Speech for 2 novels


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Speech for 2 novels

  1. 1. A very good morning Mdm Farida and fellow classmates! I would like to share the novel that I have read with you. The novel is entitled “hostage” by Robert Crais.<br />Why you like this novel:<br /><ul><li>I like this novel as:
  2. 2. The story is very enticing and it shows true sacrifice of a loving father and husband to his family. </li></ul>b. Get pictures of sceneries and people of the country in which the story is set.<br />The story is set in USA (America).<br />These are pictures from the film “hostage” which is adapted from this book.<br />c. In about 50 words, write about the author. Get the picture of the author if possible.<br /> Robert Crais is the author of twelve previous bestselling novels. He has won the Macavity and Anthony awards and been nominated for an Edgar. He lives in L.A. with his wife and daughter. Previous titles include: The Monkey’s Raincoat, Stalking the Angel, Lullaby Town, Free Fall, Voodoo River, Sunset Express, Indigo Slam, L.A. Requiem, Demolition, The Last Detective, The Forgotten Man.<br />d. For descriptions of:<br /> (i) Place<br />They were in a dense garden surrounding a tennis court at the rear of a palatial home.<br />A big swimming pool was directly in front of them with the main house beyond the pool.<br />A big-ass two-story house with lots of windows and doors, and one of the doors were open.<br />d. For description of:<br />ii. People<br />A young guy, tall and rectangular with a protruding Adam’s apple.<br />Officer Mike Welch, thirty-two years old, married, one child.<br />Junior, a second-generation Korean-American.<br />d. For description of:<br />iii. Feelings<br />Talley climbed back into the car, keeping his head low and the driver’s door open.<br />His father’s eyes danced insanely beneath the lids as his body trembled.<br />Tears blurred her eyes as unseen hands lifted her away.<br />e. List 10 words you learnt in the novel<br />These are the 10 words that I learnt in the novel<br />Quivering – tremble or shake with a slight rapid motion<br /> That being Kevin, wearing his chickenshit face: eyeballs crawling over the top of his head, darting eyeballs, and quivering punkass lips.<br />Boulevard – a wide street in a town or city, typically one lined with trees.<br /> The minimart was on Flanders Road, a rural boulevard that linked several expensive housing tracts.<br />Hunkered – squat or crouch down low<br /> A fat Chinaman was hunkered behind the counter, so low that all Dennis could see was his head poking like a frog playing submarine in a mud puddle<br />Felon – a person who has committed a crime regarded in the US and many other judical systems as more serious than a misdemeanor.<br /> For the first time in his career, he might come face-to-face with an actual felon.<br />Palatial – resembling a palace in being spacious and splendid<br /> They were in a dense garden surrounding a tennis court at the rear of a palatial home<br />6. Retch – make the sound and movement of vomiting.<br />His mouth went dry and something sour flushed in his throat that threatened to make him retch<br />7. Raspy – Make a harsh, grating noise.<br />Her Father’s breathing was Raspy.<br />8. Stucco – fine plaster used for coating wall surfaces or molding into architectural decorations<br />Dennis couched on the ground beneath the oleander, his back pressed to the high stucco wall.<br />9. Omission – someone or something that has been left out or excluded <br />Another negotiator was depending on him, and Talley was lying by omission<br />10. Ultimatum – A final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations.<br />“ What happed, Dennis? Did he give us an ultimatum?”<br />Jody Tjo (6)<br /> 1/7<br />Legend: = The sentences I am going to say.<br />