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Exalt  august 2012
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Exalt august 2012


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Overview of Exalt Communications backhaul solutions

Overview of Exalt Communications backhaul solutions

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Understanding Backhaul for Critical Infrastructure August 23 2012Entire PresentationExalt Communications Inc.Confidential & Proprietary ©2009 Exalt Communications Inc. All Rights Reserved.
  • 2. Critical Infrastructure Applications> Video Surveillance - Water Utility reservoirs and sensitive areas - Electric Utility Generation plants and Substations - Pipelines - Petro Chemical plants - Traffic Intersections and Rail Crossings - Schools - Borders> Redundancy for Fiber and leased line backup> Two-way Radio backhaul to Dispatch> Interconnectivity between fire and Police Stations> SCADA Backhaul> Military Communicationspage 2
  • 3. Considerations for Critical InfrastructureBackhaul> Native TDM and Ethernet connectivity> All-Indoor radios AES Encryption> 4.9GHz First Responders band> 4.5GHz Federal Band> Licensed Bands = security> Products made in the US> 1+1 Hot Standby> GigE speeds for fiber backup> Vendor with strong financial footing> Warranty-minimum 2 years> Support of products in the US> Hardened devices- Temp, EMI, 3
  • 4. Exalt Introduction WORLDWIDE Presence in all regions YOUNG TRUSTED Founded 2004 1,300+ Silicon Valley customers INNOVATIVE Unique technology platform GLOBAL NIMBLE World bands 160+ unique 2 – 43 GHz systems FOCUSED Backhaul is our only businesspage 4
  • 5. What’s driving our business?Mobile computing Rural broadband SmartGridMassive subscriber growth Anytime, anywhere connectivity New servicesBusiness critical applications Mission critical applications Global connectivityIT cost-effectiveness Homeland security No one left behindpage 5
  • 6. Snapshot of Exalt’s 1300+ Customers by Market Public Safety Government Utilities/Energy Enterprise ISP/WISP Exalt Communications 6 Confidential & Proprietary
  • 7. Exalt Products – 150+ Models All physical configurations All Indoor All Outdoor Split Mount All frequency bands 2 – 11 GHz 2 – 43 GHz 6 – 43 GHz All interfaces 10/100BT, GigE, nXT1/E1, DS-3, nXDS-3, OC-3, STM-1, 2XSTM-1page 7
  • 8. Exalt Platforms ExtendAir® ExploreAir® ExtremeAir™ Up to 100 Mbps Up to 1 Gbps 1 Gbps-plus 4.9 – 43 GHz 5 – 43 GHz 5 – 43 GHz Last mile Middle mile Core Access Access, ring, mesh Access, ring, mesh EX (-i, -r / rc, -s) Up to 1 Gbps 2 – 43 GHz Last mile, Middle mile, Core Access, ring, meshpage 8
  • 9. Licensed FCC Portfolio $25K to EX-i GigE (6, 11 GHz) $50K All-indoor $17K to ExtremeAir (dual-carrier 11, 18, 23 GHz) $20K All-outdoorBase List Price per Link ExploreAir LR (6, 11 GHz) < $15K All-outdoor $13K to EX-s GigE (6, 11, 18, 23, 38 GHz) $30K Split-mount Four Platforms $10K to ExploreAir (6, 11, 18, 23, 28 GHz) EX $12K All-outdoor ExtendAir ExploreAir ExtremeAir $5K to ExtendAir (11, 18, 23 GHz) $8K All-outdoor 200 400 600 800 1000 Maximum Full-duplex Layer 2 Throughput (Mbps) per Terminal page 9
  • 10. Multiple Capacity Regimes License-Exempt and Lightly Licensed Three Platforms EX ExtendAir EX-i GigE (5.8 GHz) ExploreAir All-indoorBase List Price EX-r GigE (4.5, 5 GHz) All-outdoor EX-i, EX-r (2.4, 5 GHz) All-indoor, all-outdoor ExtendAir (4.5, 4.9, 5, 24 GHz) All-outdoor 100 200 300 400 500 Maximum Aggregate Layer 2 Throughput (Mbps) per Terminal page 10
  • 11. Key Features of All Exalt Systems Native TDM and Native Ethernet Embedded user manual Upgradable via software license keys Highest level of data and Built-in spectrum analyzer A rich set of data management networking features securitypage 11
  • 12. ExtendAir & ExploreAir Unique Feature Single-SKU Sparing Field- > Radio covers full bandreplaceable diplexer > Field-replaceable diplexer defines sub-band > Enables a single SKU spare for each band All-outdoor ExtendAir® and ExploreAir™ page 12
  • 13. Spotlight – ExploreAir Platform ExploreAir Highest LR capacity L o n g e s t range Lowest cost of ownershippage 13
  • 14. ExploreAir Long Range (LR) All-OutdoorUltra-High System Gain @ 6/7, 11 GHz > Highest capacity in a single carrier, 740 Mbps full-duplex L1 @ 80 MHz, 512QAM > XPIC-ready for 2+0 > Fiber/SFP data with DC power over coax > Field-replaceable diplexers > High system gain: 94.5 dB @ 256QAM, 11 GHz, 40 MHzpage 14
  • 15. What makes ExploreAir LR Different? Industry’s System gain – 93.5 dBm Smaller antennas highest Longer distance Higher availability Industry’s Single channel fastest common carrier system Higher spectral efficiency Faster time-to-market Industry’s Tower leasing only 80 MHz channel Licensing Lower costs Installation Expansion Maintenance Industry’s only Field-replaceable diplexers Sparingpage 15
  • 16. Same distance….or go twice the distance! Solution D needs antennas twice the size 6 miles ExploreAir LR 2-ft Antennas Solution D 4-ft Antennaspage 16
  • 17. ExtremeAir All-OutdoorWire Speed Without Compromise > The highest capacity sub-60 GHz all-outdoor radio in the world: 1000 Mbps > FCC: 11, 18, 23 GHz > Channel bandwidth: 30, 40, 50, 80 MHz > Upgradeable 400 – 1000 Mbps full-duplex Layer 2 throughput (non-compressed) > XPIC for single-channel dual-carrier aggregation (built-in) > Single cable simplicity: PoE on CAT5 ExtremeAir > Built-in Layer 2 switch with optional 4x10/100/1000BaseT, 4xT1, SyncE/1588v2page 17
  • 18. Exalt – Ahead of the Curve Again! FCC approves 80 MHz channels at 11 GHz! Double the backhaul capacity for the same CAPEX! Available TODAY only from 18
  • 19. See the Difference in Maximum Data Throughput Exalt ExploreAir® and ExtremeAir® systems provide twice the single-carrier capacity achievable before the ruling – without the need to buy additional hardware. *Throughput based on theoretical maximum over the air data rates. ExploreAir, ExploreAir LR, ExploreAir HP, and ExtremeAir radios support the 80 MHz channels now available in the 11 GHz frequency band ExploreAir LR, also supports the 60 MHz channels now available in the 6 GHz Lower bandpage 19
  • 20. ExploreAir Licensed LR at a Glance ExtendAir ExploreAir ExploreAir HP ExploreAir LR ExtremeAirFCC Bands (GHz) 11, 18, 23 11, 18, 23, 11 6L, 6U/7, 11 11,18, 23 28, 31Max throughput 108/108 633/500 633/500 1484/1200 XPIC 1000/986(Mbps L1/L2 FD) 742 / 600 64 QAMMax system 98 101 105 108.5 96gain (dB) 256 QAM - 93 98 102.5 88 512 QAM - - - 95.5 -Ethernet ports 1-3 FE 1-3 GbE 1-4 GbE 1 GbE copper 1-4 GbE copper copper copper 1 GbE SFPDC input PoE PoE PoE PoE or DC Coax PoECapacity aggregation External External External Embedded or Embedded ExternalPolarization Single Single Single Single or dual Embedded dual pol XPIC XPIC page 20
  • 21. Product Selection: How to Choose Band Capacity Configuration Interface System Gain DC PWR Input HW 11 GHz 2+0 redundant No 7 GHz Integrated or No 6, 7 or 11 GHz 1+0 or 2+0 SFP High power PoE or Coax HW redundant PoE Requirement 6 GHz 1+0 Integrated Yes Yes Coax No Yes Port 512QAM Tower or port Max Sys Gain upgradeable term No Tower Yes Yes SFP ExtremeAir User 1RU No Fiber/PoE END END ExploreAir LR END END END END User 1RU Fiber/PoE ExploreAir HP END END END ENDpage 21
  • 22. 6GHz Capacity Expansion with 5GHz License-exempt 200 Mbps Ethernet 4 to 16xT1 Exalt Exalt Exalt Exalt Exalt Exalt Exalt Exalt EX-5i, EX-5i, Capacity Capacity Capacity Capacity EX-5i, EX- EX-5i, EX- EX-5i-16 or EX-5i-16 or Expansion Expansion Expansion Expansion 5i-16 or 5i-16 or EX-5i-DS3 EX-5i-DS3 Module Module Module Module EX-5i-DS3 EX-5i-DS3 Licensed nxT1, nxDS3, OC-3 6 GHz 6 GHz 6 GHz 6 GHz Licensed Licensed Licensed Licensed Radio Radio Radio Radio > Provides connectivity to 6 GHz Part 101 licensed6GHz Licensed radios allowing instant DS3, Ethernet and T1 capacityRadio upgrades using Exalt 5 GHz tri-band systems > Systems only use 1 to 1.5 rack spacesExalt EX-5i > Does not require licensing > Can usually be installed in less than 1 hour per end > Provides maximum flexibility > Provides less than 1dB impact to existing licensed radio > Costs much less than other alternativespage 22
  • 23. What if 5 GHz Is Too Crowded?ExtendAir 24 GHz: The 5 GHz AlternativeLicense-exempt operation in an interference-freeenvironment24 GHz UL band operation NewBand supports three 64 MHz channels200 Mbps aggregate Layer 2 throughput Up to 5 miles at 99.99% w/ 2’ antennaHigher capacity, shorter range alternative to ExtendAir 5GHzpage 23
  • 24. Customer Case StudyCity of Garland, Texas Garland, Texas is home to more than 200,000 residents. The City’s network links 30-plusfacilities, and supports computer-aided police/firedispatch systems, public safety radio traffic, VoIP systems and office productivity applications. Challenges  Replace T1 lines to eliminate recurring monthly charges  Rapidly increase network capacity for critical applications  Minimize network latency for public safety radio and VoIP applications “If we want more bandwidth it’s just a Solutions license upgrade with Exalt. With a lot of  Deploy Exalt all-indoor 11 GHz and the other vendors’ systems, you’re 5 GHz microwave radio systems stuck – if you want more bandwidth you  Configure Exalt radio systems to have to replace the whole radio.” deliver 27 Mbps of Ethernet, upgradeable via software license keys Jonathan Morgan to 100 Mbps City of Garland, Texas  Use Exalt native TDM to minimize latency for delay-sensitive applicationspage 24
  • 25. Customer Case StudySouth Texas Electric Cooperative (STEC) STEC, headquartered in Nursery, Texas provides wholesale electrical power to eight member cooperatives serving more than 150,000 members in 33 South Texas counties. STEC generates power from a variety of fuels, including natural gas, diesel and hydro- electric. Challenges  Increase IP and T1 capacity with the ability to scale higher  Eliminate truck rolls for configuration and frequency band selection “We had deployed Exalt backhaul  Ensure complete reliability radios at other sites, and we consider Solution Exalt to be a leader in the wireless  Exalt all-indoor microwave backhaul systems backhaul industry because of some of delivering 16 T1 lines and 200 Mbps Ethernet their technical capabilities and other  Exalt SNMPv3 web-based management system features.” for remote configuration Warren Buckhorn Communications Technician  Exalt managed failover feature eliminates South Texas Electric Cooperative risk of outagespage 25
  • 26. Microwave BackhaulSystems Designed, B uilt & Supportedpage 26 in the USA
  • 27. No. America Enterprise Sales Team-May 2012 Ken DuBuque VP of Enterprise Canadian Region Sales, Americas Tim Adlington O: 617-886-9128 Regional Sales M: 617-510-8991 Manager, Canada T: 519-301-4455 Sheila Kuri Sr. Dir., Channel Sales AK Western Region North America Leslie Green (Temp. OOO) M: 949-636-7466 Regional Sales Director Western Region YT M: 831-236-0686 Western Region Stephen Kim NT NU Acting – Reg. Sales Dir. M: 425-802-5335 Eastern Region Paul Vallesteros Systems Engineer – Central & West NL Russ Cook CAN Regional Sales Manager Western Region, Plus M: 603-247-1931 AZ, UT BC QC AB M: 408-561-3717 SK MB QC PE Glenn Garbinski ON NB Senior Systems Engineer – East CAN NS Eastern Region, Plus Central Region ME Brett Bonomo WA East CAN ND VT Regional Sales Director MT MN NH MA M: 303-317-4449 OR WI NY CT RI O: 443-567-6226 ID SD WY MI PA NJ M: 443-655-8282 NE IA DE MD OH IN Mike Duke NV UT IL WV DC Systems Engineer – CO KS VA Southern Region MO KY Central Region, Plus HI CA NC Todd Ishee TN Regional Sales Manager AZ OK SC Central & West NM AR O: 256-829-9219 CAN MS AL GA M: 256-520-7965 Southwest Region TX LA T: 515-422-4924 Matt Musial Mark Kullberg Regional Sales Manager Systems Engineer – FL Bruce Glick M: 512-284-3777 TX, OK, NM System Engineer – T: 817-283-0957 Southern RegionExalt Communications Inc. M: 817-703-2883 M: 404-242-3687 page 27Confidential & Proprietary
  • 28. No. America Carrier Sales Team-May 2012 Canadian Region Fred Corsentino Sheila Kuri Sr. VP, North America Sales Tim Adlington Regional Sales Sr. Dir., Channel Sales T: 516-624-0714 North America M: 516-353-1299 Manager, Canada T: 519-301-4455 M: 949-636-7466 AK Western & Central CAN Mike Duke Systems Engineer Western Region YT T: 515-422-4924 Eastern Region Chris Ramirez NT NU Daryle SmithDir. Strategic Carrier Accts, RSM Regional Sales Manager M: 805-448-6083 T: 215-402-0834 NL M: 215-219-1013 Paul Vallesteros Systems Engineer – Western BC Glenn Garbinski Region, excluding NM QC Senior Systems Engineer – AB M: 408-561-3717 SK MB QC PE Eastern Region, Plus ON NB East CAN NS East CAN ME Central Region WA O: 443-567-6226 Daren Jackson MT ND MN VT NH M: 443-655-8282 Regional Sales Manager OR WI NY MA CT RI ID SD MI M: 214-668-5388 WY PA NJ Southeast Region DE NE IA OH MD & Puerto Rico IN DC NV UT IL WV VA Dave Smith Mark Kullberg CO KS MO KY Sr. Regional Sales Manager Systems Engineer – CA NC M: 770-331-5104 TN Central Region, Plus OK SC AZ AR NM MS AL GA NM HI Bruce Glick TX LA T: 817-283-0957 System Engineer – M: 817-703-2883 Southeast Region FL Kevin Renaud Caribbean M: 404-242-3687 Director of Strategic Accounts Paul Moubarak Exalt Communications Inc. O: 314-837-1300 Regional Sales Manager Caribbean Islands Confidential & Proprietary page 28 M: 314-378-1090 M: +525584217720 (Bermuda, Bahamas, Haiti, DR, PR, Jamaica, Cayman, VI, etc.)
  • 29. QUESTIONS ? Entire Presentation Exalt Communications Inc. Confidential & Proprietary Thank 29