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  1. 1. Created by Julie Hodgson, year 13 ICT student Using a calendar in a form To insert a calendar1.1 Create a new form in design view.1.2 Find the toolbox which looks like this:If it does not open automatically, click on this button1.3 To insert a calendar to your blank form click on this button which is called more controls.Scroll down the list and click on ‘Calendar Control 9.0’. You will have to click anddrag the mouse button over the area where you wish your calendar to be placed.When you are happy with the size of the calendar take your finger off of the mousebutton and this should appear: If you are unhappy with the size of your calendar, click on the black boxes and resize until you are satisfied. If you are unhappy of the position of your calendar click the top left hand black box and you will be able to move thecalendar to where you want on the form.To use a text box in conjunction with a calendar in a formFollow the whole of stage1, now you should have a calendar on a form looking likethis:To add a text box you may have to make the form bigger, if so click on the edges ofthe form and resize.To insert a text box:2.1 Find the toolbox again, and click on the text box button.
  2. 2. You will have to click and drag the mouse pointer over the form itself until you arehappy with its size. When you have taken your finger off of the mouse this willappear:To update the box with the date from the calendar3.1 Right click anywhere on the calendar. This will bring up a list, on which you need to click on properties.You should always rename objects within a form through the properties menu.To rename this calendar, the ‘name’ box should be highlighted in the ‘all’ tab, if notclick on it.Replace the name ‘ActiveXCtl0’ with ‘calendar’3.2 Then right click the text box and go down to properties, and do the same. This time the name in the text box should read ‘text1’ rename the box ‘textbox’, note that there are no spaces in the ‘textbox’ name.Quick hints • When making multiple text boxes or calendars, you should name them all differently. I suggest you number them. E.g. text box 1, calendar 2. • You can rename the objects within a form anything that you want to, but to perform macros and other difficult processes it is easier to keep the names simple as then they are easier to remember.3.3 Right click the calendar again and go to the ‘build event…’ option. You will be presented with a screen that looks like this:This is where you will need to type in a code that will update the text box with a dateevery time you click on a date on the calendar.
  3. 3. This means that the database will perform the task when you click on the calendar3.4 The codeThe code itself is: Me!textbox=calendarWhat this code does is tells your database that you want the text box value to equalthe calendar value.Breaking down the codeThe code is made up from your calendar name and text box name.‘Me!’ Tells your database that when you click on the calendar it is supposed to perform a task.‘Text box’ would be the name of your text box‘=‘ This tells the database that you want the two objects to have equal values‘Calendar’ would be the name of your calendarYou need to type the code in here:Type the code in without the use of capital letters, then after you have typed in thecode press enter. If the ‘me’ turns into a ‘Me’, then you have typed in the codecorrectly.Now when you have the form in form view click on alternate buttons on the calendarto see if the text box is updated each time. The calendars box should turn grey and the text box should update itself