Twitter Chats: Interacting with others in Real-Time


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There are hundreds of Twitter chats online that you can participate in. Learn why you should participate in these chats, and how to properly interact in the,.

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Twitter Chats: Interacting with others in Real-Time

  1. 1. Twitter Chats: Interacting with others in Real-Time James T. Dabbagian Follow me on Twitter: @JTDabbagian By James Dabbagian -
  2. 2. What is a Twitter Chat?A Twitter chat is a group of people joined by and conversing on a common Click here for an interest or trait using a hashtag, such as #thischat. up-to-date listing of There are hundreds of Twitter chats! Twitter Chats occurring on the social network, many happening simultaneously By James Dabbagian -
  3. 3. Reasons Why to Participate1. Network with many individuals like you.2. Learn from other Twitter users, or from an expert in the field.3. Demonstrate your expertise in your subject area.4. Build your reputation.5. Learn the newest trends and areas of interest in your field. By James Dabbagian -
  4. 4. Examples of Twitter Chats#blogchat – Chat about things #leadershipchat – Chat dealing related to blogging with effective leadership#speakchat – Dedicated to techniques as well as issues. discussing the speaker profession#CSRchat – Chat for community managers By James Dabbagian -
  5. 5. Prepare to participateUse a website designed specifically for following Twitter chats such as Tweetchat or Twebevent. Desktop software Tweetdeck also allows for monitoring a chat.Show up at least 20 minutes before the start of the chat so you can get your bearings. By James Dabbagian -
  6. 6. First steps1. Determine who the chat moderator is. In many cases, the moderator is often the one who asks the questions in the chat.2. Determine if there’s a guest host included in the chat. Often times the questions are directed toward the guest.3. Follow both the host and guest (if present) on Twitter. (TIP: Tweetchat lets you “Feature” users so they stand out more. Use this on the host and guest.)4. Determine the theme of the chat. Most Twitter chats have themes for each one, and they’re usually announced before the chat starts. By James Dabbagian -
  7. 7. Interacting with others 1. Introduce yourself before the chat starts: Who are you and what do you do? 2. Reply to others directly with an “@” instead of commenting in chat. This ensures they see your comment. 3. Track mentions and replies made to you. The best way is to keep a Twitter page open next to your chat on the “Activity” tab. 4. Be sure to use the question/answer format prescribed by the chat. For instance, if the host uses Q1, Q2, etc, respond with A1, A2, etc.BE SURE TO PUT THE HASHTAG IN ALL COMMENTS YOU MAKE, OR THEY WILL NOT BE SEEN! By James Dabbagian -
  8. 8. Be careful!Some Twitter chats go fast. REALLY fast. So fast that you’ll be mid-stream in a reply and all of a sudden the topic has changed. Slow down the refresh rate if you’re having issues, and be sure to REPLY, REPLY, REPLY! By James Dabbagian -
  9. 9. Faux Pas to avoid1. DO NOT link to any sites in the chat while it is progressing. This is seen as spamming, whether legit or not. Instead, backchannel users with a mention, do not use the hashtag.2. Do not get hostile if someone tries to troll the chat. Just block them.3. Do not take the chat off-topic.4. Never announce that you are late. This is completely disrespectful and makes it seem like the chat isn’t important to you. If you do show up late, simply join the conversation as if you were there from the beginning. By James Dabbagian -
  10. 10. Additional RulesSome Twitter chats may also have additional rules or regulations that you should abide by. For example, some chats frown on linking to other sites, and others don’t allow you to comment while a guest is talking. Be sure tocheck with the Twitter chat’s website for more information. By James Dabbagian -
  11. 11. After the chat1. If someone said something particularily thoughtful or memorable, Favorite it.2. Follow the users that interacted with you the most. While you don’t need to follow profiles of other people who simply follow you, you should at least check them out.3. Feel free to continue the discussion with others after the chat is done. You can even use the hashtag. By James Dabbagian -
  12. 12. In between1. Follow-up on someone that you gave advice to in the chat, see if they are still having trouble or have questions.2. Check up on the host to see what’s going on with them. They’ll also eventually announce the theme of the next chat as well.3. Use the hashtag for any content you find or create that was relevant to the chat, so others can see it. By James Dabbagian -
  13. 13. More things to do1. Make a list of the people you chat with the most on Twitter. You can use this to check up on people you talked to, and people you want to work with.2. Partake in other Twitter chats, being sure to note if other people you chat with are part of the conversation.3. Propose topics to the host if you notice something that you think needs to be covered.4. Favorite Tweets you liked in a chat, then use a content program like Storify. Upload to your blog to let others know you liked what they said. By James Dabbagian -
  14. 14. Like what you saw? Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!What do YOU like the most about Twitter chats? Was there something I forgot? Tell it in the comments! By James Dabbagian -