How to increase Inbound Campaign results


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Awesome presentation from Sean Culhane on the need for real-time decisioning and ARTIM.
Created for the Melbourne Breakfast Seminar series.

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  • I’d like to take a quick poll….Q) Show of hands…How many of you do some form of inbound campaigns? Or even have an inbound marketing strategy?FOLLOW-UP…Q) How do you do this? Q) What would you like to improve?-- What does inbound marketing mean to you?-- What does Real Time / NRT mean to you?
  • We all want to acquire more customers and retain them, while delivering an awesome experience. Regardless of the industry, it’s TOUGH out there!acquire, retain, grow
  • Traditional outbound campaigns and channels are becoming more expensive and are easily dismissed. This simply isn’t enough.
  • Weneed to get in to the head of our customers…
  • We need to Know WHAT CUSTOMERS LIKE
  • …and what they DISLIKE--context--
  • Who came into your store or branch? (or didn’t)
  • Visit your website?What did they do?What did they NOT do?
  • How do they visit your site?How do they interact with you? Over 50% of emails now opened on mobile devices
  • We know their transaction history.
  • The events they attended
  • We know WHERE people areAre we leveraging everything we know about our customers to create next-best offers?
  • We know so much about our audience….Despite all we know, we seem to have trouble obtaining and retaining attention!
  • Offers need to be relevant, tailored, presented in context to break through.
  • Ask yourself how many of these do you have?
  • Virtually everyone has an online presence or identity these days. The majority of B2C audience and now B2B are now growing in their adoption of Social Media.Sometimes breaking through can just be about good old fashion retention
  • THE REALITY IS…..But people really Don’t like sitting on phones, let alone calling people – we are all time poor and want effective communicationWant meaningful, relevant interactions when they make the effortDon’t’ care if the conversation jumps channels, don’t want to be told which channel to useWe don’t like sitting on phones, let alone calling people!Example: how many people in the audience have a mobile phone?Follow-up: how many of you enjoy calling your provider?
  • Sitting in a café, have a bad experience, provide direct feedback to the manager or just post on FourSquare or Yelp?Last year alone, social media campaigns in Australia increased 1000% over the previous year
  • When people finally call, they expect the person on the phone to use ALL the information known about them to answer there produt query, take there order or upsell them as quickly as possibleTo differenciate….To be recommended…You must treat the person uniquely and special
  • YET How do you rise to this challenge? With shrinking budgets AND increased competitionHOW do you use all the information you have available to make the best offer, the ‘next best offer’ relevant to the specific individual
  • In the beginning, there were post-it notes!
  • Progressed to a basic “Campaign of the month”!
  • ..And then IT got involved and things improved.. A bit..
  • IT automated our call center software, Offers got a bit smarter, rendered in systems…Refreshed over a period anywhere from 24 hours to 30-60-90 days..Incorporated models and scoring
  • We even presented offers to people on web sitesWhy Real time?Right message, right channel, most opportune moment, in contextLIFT!Learn!What’s important with an inbound solution?Ease of use, scalability, flexible, easy integration with channelCentralised control of rules/drivers/strategy and logic across all channelsEase of tuning, shifting priorities, fine tuning arbitration, nimble response, blah blah blah  JT says no “arbitration” or “paradigm”Flexible deployment, Cloud-basedWhat does awesome look like?Real time (sub-second)Contextual (relevant to the conversation, situation)
  • Inbound marketing has come along awayIt’s a lot more than just Search Engine Optimisation or Lead Generation
  • To Increase conversion rates, you MUST go the next step and market to the individual.
  • Stress the importance…Challenge yourself, does every outbound campaign you have:Have a call to actionHave an associated inbound marketing campaign?
  • Add image for ARTIM??? Or just keep logo?
  • Context is king!
  • The benefits of creating a more intimate customer experience speak for themselves.- Introduce ARTIM, emphasize differentiators-
  • Complete profile information, forfeited by socialAdvanced qualification rule and business logic capabilitiesRelentless, always-on self-learningSub-second response timeDead-simple user interface
  • Role based, dashboard reporting - customisable
  • Manage tasks and activities
  • Gartner is the world leading advisory groupMagic Quadrant is published to independently guide decision makersAbility to execute vs leadership
  • Avoid these, however sometimes there are good reasons to look at them
  • Leaders in all 3 Gartner Magic Quadrants for marketingHave been leaders for 8 yearsIts this strength….over 500 customers
  • How to increase Inbound Campaign results

    1. 1. Melbourne Breakfast SeminarHOW TO INCREASEINBOUNDCAMPAIGN RESULTS TO IMPROVE SALES AND BE MORE RELEVANT Sean Culhane Inbound Marketing Specialist Aprimo
    2. 2. a quick poll…
    3. 3. 3
    4. 4. Traditional Campaigns havegrown less effective
    5. 5. Who dropped by the shop?
    6. 6. Who paid a visit online?
    7. 7. How did they visit?
    8. 8. We know transaction histories..
    9. 9. The events they attended..
    10. 10. We can ID their location
    11. 11. Data isEverywhere!
    12. 12. Yet your Audience is moreDistracted than Ever!15
    13. 13. How do we break through?16
    14. 14. My Klout Score is Zero 017 I don’t even exist.
    15. 15. I have 1,847,920 followers. 99 Fix my problem,18 or I’ll broadcast.
    16. 16. Customers dislike calling…19
    17. 17. 20
    18. 18. ..But they will talk! 10.9 million 1.8 million 3 million Facebook Users Twitter Users LinkedIn Users 6.6m Check Daily 11 million 1.1 million YouTube Users Google+ Users 63,000 470,00021 Foursquare Users Pinterest Users
    19. 19. When we do reach out, we22 expect to be unique & special
    20. 20. 23
    21. 21. Evolution ofInbound Marketing
    22. 22. Sell!Sell! Call Judy Sell! Sell! Sell! Cust. Sell! Always Sell! Sell! Right! S Be Friendly! Sell! Sell! Sell! Sell!
    23. 23. “Campaign of the Month”26
    24. 24. Offers piped in…27
    25. 25. 28 Copyright © 2011 by Teradata Corporation
    26. 26. 29
    27. 27. These approaches work wellBUT…there is a better way!
    28. 28. Aprimo’s 4 Tips forIncreasingInboundResults
    29. 29. 1) Leverage all you Knowabout the Individual32
    30. 30. 2) Market to the Individual ..Not the segment33
    31. 31. 3) Leverage Inbound to improveROI for Outbound Campaigns “Call to Action”
    32. 32. 4) Use a Real Time DecisionEngine built for Marketers
    33. 33. don’t takemy word forit...
    34. 34. Suresh Vittal, Senior Analyst, “Technologies That Enable Inbound Marketing” Inbound Marketing can fail if: – Offers are irrelevant – The overall relationship is ignored – The Purpose of interaction is compromised  Context is King.37
    35. 35. Observations from Gartner
    36. 36. A Winning Inbound Solution..  Leverages complete customer profile  Embraces Social Platforms  Responds to shifts in context, behavior  Returns in less than a second  Tracks multiple level of responses  Learns relentlessly  Designed Specifically for Marketers  Empowers39
    37. 37. Aprimo Real Time Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager Interaction Manager Customer Touchpoints Utilizes existing touchpoint applications to display messages. Aprimo Real- Time Interaction ManagerBusiness Users (Browser) Responses
    38. 38. Organizational View Of Organisational View of the The Interaction Interaction• Customer • Revenue experience • Retention• Contact • Loyalty management Corporate Marketing Customer Channels • Quality• Satisfaction • Cost of service • Other SLAs
    39. 39. Aprimo Real Time Interaction ManagerEligibility Contextual Contact History Arbitration•Customer does not •Interacting with an •Has not rejected the •Prioritize messages by already own product agent who has sales offer in the last 60 days expected revenue•Customer value is at training •Has not seen any •Prioritize retention least medium •Transaction type related offers in any messages higher than•Customer has good •Call reason is not channel in the last week cross-sell credit complaint •Maximize customer •No open cases satisfaction Cross-Sell Up-Sell Retention Informational Best Messages
    40. 40. Multidimensional Improve Continuously & Learning Analytics Automatically • Analyze real-time information to make optimalMessage Responses predictions $ • PredictCustomer Metrics – Likelihood to accept – Amount deposited / bought – Operational impact (AHT)Operational Impact – Customer satisfaction – Net promoter score (NPS) • Provide insight on the attributes driving customer behavior • Make effective predictions with low maintenance overhead
    41. 41. Integrated MarketingApplication InterfaceManagement
    42. 42. Message Repository45
    43. 43. Message Detail
    44. 44. Strategy Management47
    45. 45. Strategy Management Likelihood Interaction Length Business Value48
    46. 46. Gartner’s MarketingIntegratedMagic QuadrantManagement Ability to Execute Niche Players Visionaries
    47. 47. Gartner’s MarketingIntegratedMagic QuadrantManagement What your Predecessor Ability to Execute brought Niche Players Visionaries
    48. 48. Gartner’s MarketingIntegratedMagic QuadrantManagement What your Predecessor Ability to Execute brought Avoid These Niche Players Visionaries
    49. 49. Gartner’s MarketingIntegratedMagic QuadrantManagement What your Predecessor Ability to Execute brought What you Avoid want to buy These (but your boss won’t let you) Niche Players Visionaries
    50. 50. Gartner’s MarketingIntegratedMagic QuadrantManagement What your Predecessor Buy Ability to Execute brought These What you Avoid want to buy These (but your boss won’t let you) Niche Players Visionaries
    51. 51. Integrated MarketingAprimo: a Recognised LeaderManagementMulti-Channel Campaign Marketing Resource Integrated Marketing Management (MCCM) Management (MRM) Management (IMM) May 2012 January 2012 October 2011
    52. 52. Copyright © 2012 by Teradata Corporation