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  • Content Marketing - A marketing technique of creating and distributing relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience - with the objective of driving profitable customer action. The essence of this content strategy is the belief that if we, as businesses, deliver consistent, ongoing valuable information to buyers, they ultimately reward us with their business and loyalty.
  • Quality over quantity
  • Curator’s code a suggested system for honoring the creative and intellectual labor of information discovery by making attribution consistent and codified, celebrating authors and creators, and also respecting those who discover and amplify their work.
  • Ask people to join
  • Like Twitter, Digg is a venue of “content discovery,” which posts the most interesting articles to the front page of its website.
  • See google doc for more “ The thing about information is that information is more valuable when people know it.” - “Attention is a currency, just like many others. We understand time and money as two interchangeable things. But attention is just as much something that needs to be arbitraged and disconnected from a 1:1 value. Said another way, ‘Attention costs me time and time is worth money, so attention by extension is worth money.’ ”
  • Susan McKittrick Twitter Bio: Consultant and analyst at Patricia Seybold Group. Content curation, marketing technologies. Customer and market analysis that yields improved business results. She wrote the article from where we took this info.
  • Curation101 final

    1. 1. #Curation101 #NewhouseSM4 Team Presentation1
    2. 2. #C u r a t i o n 10 1 2Te a m Jeanine Stanislaus Cristina Nogueras @j_stanis @cmnoguer Alex Perez Mabel Marte @AlexP255 @mabel_marte
    3. 3. 3 W h a t is C o nte ntC u r a t io n ?
    4. 4. W h a t is C o n t e n t 4C u r a t io n ? Sean Carton  “The act of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a coherent way, organized around a specific topic(s).” @sugarcartoon
    5. 5. W h a t is C o n t e n t 5C u r a t io n ? Oliver Starr  “Content Curation is the collection, virtual warehousing of information in a digital or physical format.” @OWStarr
    6. 6. 6How does it fit with content marketing?Wha t is C o n t e n t M a r k e t in g ? The art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling. C u r a t io n a s a c o n t e n t m a r k e t in g s tra te g y
    7. 7. C r e a t io n VS . 7 C u r a t io n P ros  P ros  Easier access  Evidence of knowledge &  Faster experience  Less threatening  Recognition  Original content  C ons  Lack of original contentC ons  Copyright problems  Time consuming  Creativity & originality needed  Content overload C r e a t io n C u r a t io n
    8. 8. Th e C u r a to r s 8C ode  Keep it legal  Link to original content  Credit authors and creators  Don’t take too much  Balance between creation & curation
    9. 9. C o nte ntC u r a t i o n To o l s 9
    10. 10. C u r a t io n t o o l o n it ss im p le s t f o r m … 10
    11. 11. 11Content organization platform which utilizes a “pearling” tool to takesites from the internet chosen by the user for compiling informationabout a particular topic.
    12. 12. 12Oliver Starr @OWStarr
    13. 13. 13A v is u a l-b o o k m a r k in g s it e O v e r 8 0 % o f p in s a r e a c t u a lly r e -p in sPros:• Clean visuals & User-friendly• Simple images grouped together in one board• Leading referral traffic generator for retail brandsCons:• Predominantly female users• Copyright policy restricts and violates *
    14. 14. Syracuse University’s Pinterest Page 14
    15. 15. Easily Publish Gorgeous MagazinesMarc Rougier  Why we curate  Filter incoming data flow 15  Generate outgoing data flow  “Publication by curation” President and  Engaging in the long run Co-founder  Content marketing@MarcFuseki  “Humanrithm”
    16. 16. 16
    17. 17.  The journalistic curation tool17  Progressive stories  People love stories
    18. 18. User driven social content website  Content discovery  Easy for users to navigate 18  Strong community  One stop place to find out the latest news    Directs them back to businesses website
    19. 19. 19
    20. 20. W h y C u r a t io n M a tte rs  Helps make the internet a more organized place20  As a marketer - It will allow you tap into and respond to what people are searching for, what they like to read and share, what influences their buying decisions and so on.  Everyone can talk, who gets heard?  “Attention is a currency.” - @chrisbrogan
    21. 21. Wha t C o nte nt C u r a t io n C a n D oSusan McKittrick  Build trust 21  Establish traffic for a specific website which can then be leveraged for other marketing purposes  Create active channels of funneled@ssmck conversations  Building an audience that eventually buys
    22. 22. 22 @OWStarrW h e r e is it g o in g ? Photo sharing will be key. “Telling stories with other peoples stories.”
    23. 23. 23W h e r e is it g o in g ? Curators contribute to put human sense back into the internet. @MarcFuseki More of it, different methods, tools and objectives.
    24. 24. 24Special thanks tofor giving us the tools to prepare our presentation!
    25. 25. 25