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Assignment4 instructions 1

  1. 1. Assignment 4 InstructionsImage Research:How to find textures for Assignment 4Type a key word into the search bar on GoogleSelect >images in the menu that appears at the top of the screen.Select >search tools , in the drop-down menu under “any size” select large.Select an imageSelect “View original Image”On a Mac hold the controlkey down while clicking theimage.From the drop-down menuselect “save image as.”Save the image as texture_#_colorCreate a folder on your flash drive called “Textures.” Inside of that folder create a folder called “Native.” Native means original. This is where you will keep all of your original unmodified textures.Find and save ten different textures this way. 1
  2. 2. Photoshop InstructionsCreating a New Document:Open PhotoshopSelect >File >NewChange the width to 6 and the height to 6. Make sure the drop-down menu to the right says inches.Change the resolution to 300 dpi (this will make sure that your collage prints clearly when you print).Name the file > name_assign4_collage# and save to your flash drive. 2
  3. 3. Creating the Black and White Texture Files:In order to create the black and white texture files you will open each file in Photoshop separately and save them.First, in your textures file create a new file entitled "Black and White"Next go to >File >OpenChoose your texture file from the "Native" folder.Go to >File >Save As > texture_#_BW and save the file in your "Black and White" Folder.Then go to >Image >Image SizeDeselect "Resample Image" and change the resolution to 300 ppi.Then go to >Image >Mode and choose >Grayscale. Photoshop will then ask you if you want to discard the colorinformation. Select yes.Do this for all of your texture files.Creating Different Values:Open each texture file and apply the Curves tool. Click anywhere on the line in the curves menu to create a point.Go to >Window >Adjustments >Curves. Click and drag to change the value. 3
  4. 4. Creating the CollageOpen the collage file that you made.Go to >File >Place and select one of the black and white textures that you made.The texture file will appear in your document.Do this until you have at least 3 texture documents.The textures will appear as layers in your document.Select each layer and hold the control key while clicking it.This will bring up a drop-down menu.From the drop-down menu select >Rasterize layer. Now your textures are ready to manipulate into a collage. You can use the eraser tool, cut tools, or masking tools to alter the shapes of the images on each layer. 4
  5. 5. Photoshop Shortcutscommand z = undo 1 actionoption + command + z = undo previous actionsoption + click and drag = duplicatecommand + click = toggle between layers (so you can select objects that are on top of eachother. You must beclicked on the move tool).command + t = transform (this will select your object so you can rotate or resize).command + D = deselectE = eraserV = move toolL = lasso toolC = crop toolI = eyedropper toolT = type toolTutorialsUsing the marquee and move tools – the selection/masking tools – on selection tools – 5
  6. 6. Photoshop Tools 6