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See how this powerful program allows all your hard earned money work for you!

See how this powerful program allows all your hard earned money work for you!

Published in: Economy & Finance, Business
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  • Transcript

    • 1.  
    • 2. Money Merge Account Program Orientation United First Financial & The Money Merge Account
    • 3. How Do We Stop The Insanity? 3 Mathematical Principals 1 . No Stagnant Money Your Money Working For YOU! 2. Interest Cancellation Effect The Banks Money Working For YOU! 3. Open End Versus Closed End Loans Using Simple Interest to Negate The Power of Compound Interest
    • 4. People who understand interest earn it….People who don’t pay it! The most wealthy and successful people in the world were polled and asked what was the #1 focus in achieving wealth. Over 75% answered that minimizing and eliminating debt was the key. Success Magazine / Forbes Magazine
    • 5. 2005 Money Merge Account ™ Program 2005 - 2006 Denver Test Market 2006 United First Financial In 24 months…UFirst grew from ten Agents to thousands of Agents 1997 Accelerated Equity Founded by Skyler Witman and John Washenko in Draper, Utah One of Utah’s fastest growing companies for 3 years. In 2002, hired a group of experts to create a program to help homeowners pay off mortgage debt more effectively with little to no change in lifestyle.
    • 6. See What the Experts Are Saying
    • 7. What the experts are saying…
      • Endorsed by Andrew Waite, Publisher of PERSONAL REAL
      • ESTATE INVESTOR MAGAZINE. Quote: " The Money Merge
      • Account is a great product with outstanding customer service!”
      Winner of Editors Choice Award by PERSONNAL REAL ESTATE INVESTOR MAGAZINE . Featured in two different issues! Endorsed by Brad Farris, CEO of Farris Mortgage (oldest mortgage company in Southwestern Missouri) and a 10 year host of a syndicated radio mortgage talk show – “The Farris Mortgage Hour”. Brad is also a United First Financial associate.
    • 8. What the experts are saying…
      • Endorsed by world-famous Success Trainer and Guinness world-record author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, Mark Victor Hansen. Mr. Hansen is an MMA client and a United First Financial Associate. Quote: "United First Financial and the Money Merge Account will save America from debt! United First Financial is a kick-butt opportunity!" He publicly stated that the Money Merge Account will be saving him over $639,000 in interest!
      Endorsed by Glenn Beck, syndicated radio and TV talk show host, of FOX News. Quote: "United First Financial will clearly show people how to pay off debt while accumulating wealth." Quote: " United First Financial will allow Americans to reclaim our great country !" Endorsed by Douglas Andrew financial expert and well-known, NY Times best selling author of MISSED FORTUNE, MISSED FORTUNE 101, THE LAST CHANCE MILLIONAIRE and MILLIONAIRE BY THIRTY.
    • 9.
      • Cover/ feature article by
      Cover/ feature article in MORTGAGE PLANNER MAGAZINE
      • Has alliances and preferred lender programs w/ Bank of America, US Bank, Chase, Wells Fargo, National City Bank, Key Bank, Regions Bank and many other banks across the nation.
      • United First Financial has and will be featured on over 237 cable TV stations and on over 150 major market local TV stations.
    • 10. U First was the cover story in a recent issue of Broker Banker Magazine “Outstanding Company of the Month” Brian Topor, " As an experienced mortgage originator and Founder/ Publisher of BROKER BANKER MAGAZINE, I've come across every imaginable product designed to help mortgage originators generate more business. Some have been great, most have not. I have never personally and/or publicly endorsed any product. However, I'm endorsing this one. It's the Real Deal."
    • 11.
      • “ Mortgage Companies are now training all of their loan officers to use the Money Merge Account System TM as a tool to destroy their competition when competing for a clients business. “
      • Broker Banker Magazine
    • 12. Moving in the Right Direction Don Jorgensen, Skyler Witman Jonathan E. Bonnette, Matt Lovelady and John Washenko
    • 13. DO YOU KNOW WHO ERNST AND YOUNG IS?? Ernst & Young is one of the Big-4 global accounting and auditing firms with its origins dating back over 100 years · Providing clients services in audit, tax and business advice · In 2008, worldwide revenues were $24.5 billion up over 16% · With offices in over 130 countries, E&Y has over 135,000 employees · E&Y’s clients include 85% of Fortune Global 500, 73% of S&P 1200 and tens of thousands others E&Y’s Entrepreneur of the Year® program takes place in 135 cities across 50 countries and has been held 22 years now culminating in an annual worldwide event.
    • 14. WE WELCOME YOU TO CHECK OUR IMPECCABLE CREDENTIALS Please feel free to use reliable and credible sources such as: Better Business Bureau Dun & Bradstreet Chamber of Commerce Federal Trade Commission Attorney General In regard to due diligence : blogs, chat rooms, forums and web sites used as sources some 75% of web searchers fail to determine the source of information they seek. Anyone can write a “blog”, but can you “Trust” their advice? USA Today
    • 15.
      • NOT a Bi-Weekly Program
      • NOT a Debt Rolldown Program
      • NOT a Debt Consolidation Program
      • NOT a Reverse Mortgage
      • NOT a Concept or Theory
      Money Merge Account™ Program
    • 16. Money Merge Account (MMA)
      • Software:
      • Functions as an account register
        • Wants to know how much money is coming in
        • Wants to know how much money is going out
      • Tells you specific dollar amounts to move
      • When to move it
      • From what account to which account
      • Tracks your monthly budget
      • 10-20 minutes per month to update
      • Continuous customer support and coaching!
    • 17. The Money Merge Account TM What’s In It For Me?
      • Potentially saves you tens of thousands of dollars in INTEREST
      • Pay off your mortgage in a fraction of the time!
      • Increase your cash flow and financial flexibility
      • Create an emergency cash fund and/or reserve
      • Potentially increase your credit scores
      • Potentially greater tax benefits
      • Less Stress!...Lower your debts!
      • Create better family relationships because of less stress
      • A workable financial plan and budgeting tool
      • Eliminate all debt and start accumulating wealth much sooner than later
      • Allows you to become the bank…
      • … Never have to refinance your existing mortgage again!
    • 18. Our System teaches you to make every dollar you make either earn interest or cancel interest!
    • 19. Bank Like a Bank Sounds simple, but it is millions of lines of codes and multiple math algorithms hard at work. Ever since banks opened their doors, they have relied on math and timing to make money work. Now it’s your turn to bank like a bank. CANCEL INTEREST Computes the optimal time to leverage money to pay off your debts and cancel interest.
    • 20. Five Key Money Saving Principles
      • Interest Accumulation
      • Interest Float
      • Interest Cancellation
      • Strategic Payoff
      • Time Value of Money
    • 21. John and Rebecca Jones Liability Structure Debt Amount Rate Payment Term Mortgage $200,000 6% $1199.10 360 Credit Card $0 12% $0.00 240 Income Structure Income Expense Discretionary $5,000 $4,800 $200
    • 22. Month 1
    • 23. Month 1
    • 24. Month 1
    • 25. Month 1
    • 26. Month 1
    • 27. +$12 @3% -$199 1. Interest Accumulation Month 2
    • 28. 0% 2. Interest Float Month 2
    • 29. $3,789 Month 2
    • 30. Funds Transfer 3. Interest Cancellation
    • 31. $200,000 Principal Balance 6% Interest Rate 30 Years $1,199.10 Monthly Payment Year 5 Effective Interest Rate =116% Principal Interest Balance Equity Paid Month 1 Month 2 Year 1 Year 5 Year 10 Year 21 Year 30 $199.10 $1,000 $200.10 $999 $210.33 $988.77 $197,543 $2,457 $14,389 $267.22 $931.88 $186,108 $13,891 $71,946 $360.44 $838.66 $167,371 $32,628 $143,891 $696.23 $502.89 $99,877 $100,123 $302,173 $431,677
    • 32. Pre payment Example $200,000 Mortgage 6% For 30 Years $1,199 First Monthly Payment $5,000 Additional Principal Payment (Under The Mattress Money) $6,199 Total First Payment
    • 33. Prepayment Savings Example $195,000 New principal loan balance 6% Interest rate $ 1,199 Monthly payment 337 Months $231,677 Original interest paid $203,373 New interest paid $ 28,304 -$ 5,000 Additional principal payment $ 23,304 Total Savings
    • 34. Strategic Payoff
      • Looks at the characteristic’s of each debt including
      • Amount owed
      • Length of debt
      • Interest rate
      • Calculation of Payment
      • Adjusting Rates
    • 35. Factorial Math Fair Isaac* reports the average consumer has 13 active creditors on their credit report. Over 6 BILLION *
    • 36. Can You Guess the Combination? 6 Variables Possible Combinations? 720
    • 37. How Would you Pay this off? $10,700 7% Installment Loan $4,800 12% Credit Card $8,000 9% Credit Card $20,000 5% Auto Loan $200,000 6% Mortgage 1 2 6 24 120
    • 38. John and Rebecca Jones Liability Structure Debt Amount Rate Payment Term Mortgage $200,000 6% $1199.10 360 Credit Card $8,000 9% $72.00 240 Credit Card $0 12% $0.00 240 Loan $10,700 7% $125.00 120 Auto Loan $20,000 5% $377.00 60 Income Structure Income Expense Discretionary $5,000 $4,800 $200
    • 39. Month 1
    • 40. Month 1
    • 41. Month 2
    • 42. $3,789 Month 2
    • 43. Strategic Payoff $4,800 $3,989 $4,800
    • 44. Financial Education Features-TVM
      • True Cost
        • Lets you see the true cost of using your money for an impulse purchase instead of paying off your debt
      • Best Time to Buy
        • Helps you time your purchases to avoid extra interest charges
      • Accurate information helps you shape your goals and avoid making backward steps
    • 45.
      • Have you ever charged a balance on your credit card?
        • What was the interest rate on that credit card?
      • What if you paid the balance in full at the end of the month?
        • What would the effective interest rate be for that exact same card?
        • You have just created an interest cancellation account!!!
      What is an Interest Cancellation Account?
    • 46. MMA Deposit / Facilitating Accounts
      • Program can operate with
        • Line of Credit
        • Checking Account
        • Savings Account
        • Credit Card (Min. $300 Limit)
      • Provides solution for clients with
        • Limited credit
        • No mortgage
        • Frozen HELOCs
    • 47. Making the Right Decision If you choose to override the system, it will immediately tell you what the impact of your emotional decision will be
    • 48. Financial GPS
      • It guides you to:
      • Pay off debts
      • Save for retirement
      • Stay Focused
      • Track success
      The Money Merge Account™ Program Is Your Financial GPS
    • 49. $121,855 Total Interest Saved with the Money Merge Account John and Rebecca Jones Conventional Program Money Merge Account TM System 40 Years Old 40 Years Old 30 years to zero 15.3 years to zero $247,764 in interest $125,878 in interest
    • 50. After 2 years we have changed our customers’ lives with Over $355,000,000.00 In Principal Paid Down All you have to gain is Financial Freedom START CHANGING YOUR LIFE TODAY Results as of April 1, 2009
    • 52. Unlock Your Financial Future Schedule your free analysis today to see how the Money Merge Account™ program can change your life.
    • 53.
      • United First Financial, its Agents and subsidiaries provide Internet, Web-based software and support services. United First Financial does not provide accounting, tax, legal, real-estate, mortgage, or investment advice. Interested parties should seek and consult with persons or entities licensed and qualified in those areas for advice relating to those matters. United First Financial is not liable or responsible for claims or representations made by any party which are not included in the Money Merge Account™ Limited Guarantee.
    • 54. Thank You