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Digital Stormwater Data



Stormwater Data Collection presentation made at IECA Great Rivers Chapter and City of Omaha MS4 Conference

Stormwater Data Collection presentation made at IECA Great Rivers Chapter and City of Omaha MS4 Conference



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Digital Stormwater Data Digital Stormwater Data Presentation Transcript

  • Omaha Digital Data Solutions for Stormwater Management Jesse W. Poore, CFM Felsburg Holt & Ullevig
  • Introduction to Permix & PIRT
    • Facilitate New Post Construction Stormwater Requirements, BMP Locations, Documentation
    • Expedite Public Improvement Plan Review
    • Enhance the Grading Permitting and Inspection Process and Oversight Capabilities
    • Monitor and Report Environmental Commitments for CSO Projects
    • AND Tie Permitting Processes to Each Other
  • Benefits and Opportunities
    • Standardize & Centralize Application Information
    • Track Decision Making Sequence
    • Minimize the Paper Pushing Process
    • Retain Important Design Assumptions
    • Streamline Communication Between Parties
    • Enhance Accountability to Stakeholders
    • Control Circulation of Important News and Info.
    • Geographic Referencing to Interact with GIS
  • Permix Modular Framework
  • Permits Tied to Projects
  • Sequential Review Process
  • Post Construction Stormwater Module
    • Start with the Applicant
    • Log In To the Website
  • Step 1: Account Log-in
  • Step 2: Project Initiation Request
    • Name and location of the project as well as responsible parties
    • Grading: Disturb at least one (1) acre of soil (Yes) (No) Tied to an existing grading permit (Yes) (No)
    • Post-Construction : Will at least 5,000 square feet of surface area be disturbed (Yes) (No) Benefitting from a previously approved Post construction permit (Yes) (No) 
    • Public Improvements : Will the project require public improvements as part of a subdivision or development agreement, building permit, or other approval (Yes) (No) Provide information regarding existing agreements, permits, or approvals already in place for this project.
    • Building : Will the project require a Building Permit from the City (Yes) (No) Tied to an existing building permit (Yes) (No)
  • Step 3: Request Permit Number
  • Step 4: Complete Application
  • Step 3: Request Permit Number
    • Grading Permit Numbers
      • SAR20100830-777-2
    • Post Construction Permit Numbers
      • BEL20090215-222-P
    • Omaha Public Works Permit Numbers
      • OPW51699
    • These numbers are required for application forms, plans, and other documents submitted
  • Step 4: Upload Supporting Info
  • Step 4: Submit Application
  • Applicant Project List Status
    • Kicked over
    • to the Reviewer
    • City or Natural Resource District
  • Reviewer Project List Status
  • Reviewer Project Screen
  • Document Commenting Screen
  • Multiple Reviewer Comments
  • Summary Comment List
    • Kicked back to the Applicant
  • Step 5: Comments Summary List
  • Step 5: Review Comments
  • Step 5: Review Comments
  • Step 5: Upload Revisions
  • Step 5: Upload Revisions
  • Step 6: Resubmit with Responses
    • Kicked back to the Reviewer
  • Reviewer Assesses Responses
  • Satisfactory Review Complete
  • Submit Approval and Comments
  • Electronic Approval Notification
    • Waiting for Applicant to Certify the Project
  • Step 7: Certify BMPs & As-Builts
  • Next Steps for Permix
    • Incorporate Public Improvement Projects
    • Migrate Grading Permits and Inspection Tool
    • Address CSO Environmental Commitments
    • Kick Out BMP Inspection Reports
    • Generate Programmatic Summary Reports
    • Integrate BMP Locations into GIS
    • Model Water Quality Benefits of BMPs
  • Migration from PCWP Site
  • Match Capabilities to PIRT
  • Site Information Questions
  • Current BMP List Screen
  • PIRT BMP 1 Data Entry Screen
  • Current BMP Maintenance Screen
  • PIRT BMP Findings Screen
  • PIRT BMP 2 Data Entry Screen
  • Some PIRT Benefits
    • Tracking and Trending Data for:
      • Communities : Watersheds : Inspectors : BMPs : BMP Problems : Enforcement : Other Priorities
    • Functional and Educational Interface
    • Improve Consistency of Findings and Corrective Actions by Project and City Inspectors
    • Tied Back to Permix for Permit Dependancies
    • Comments or Questions