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  • 1. “another league compared with How to Interview... Finance”
    MiM Consulting Curriculum 2010-11:
    ‘Problem Solving for Case Interviews’ Presentation
    J-P Martins
    Associate Director Consulting Careers
    October 2010
  • 2. Contents
    Quantitative survey results
    For one new MiM consulting event – 1 hour 15 minute ‘Problem Solving for Case Interviews’ presentation
    Collected and processed within one working day of the event
    Using Survey Monkey and Career Central’s email facility
    Comments attached to quantitative survey questions
    Note – compared to last year, this year crammed 3-4 hours’ worth of material into one hour and a bit presentation
  • 3. 98% of respondents would recommend it strongly
    Response rate: 40/85 (47%)
    Timing and Content
    I think some more time was needed in order to get through the presentation in some more details, but it was good anyway
    Did well considering how hard it is to add value to a class of 40+
    I specially liked the various ways to analyse the case studies were explained
    Maybe more time at the end for questions would be beneficial, but the presentation as such was very well timed
    I really enjoyed today's presentation because it was very relevant and provided useful examples of how to tackle a case interview; the presentation itself was very comprehensive and focused on case solving
    Covered exactly what I what I wanted to know
    He tried his best to inform us through the presentation but also by answering all the questions. He even brought casebooks with him for us..!!
    Enjoyed it
    I think the presentation was very good, certainly for people who have not thoroughly investigated all application procedures from the consultancy firms
    The content was great. Very to the point and also relating to issues that we may experience.
  • 5. Comments (contd.)
    Organisation, logistics and venue
    Ideally, receptionist at RCOG should have been informed about the correct venue
    It was helpful and I would strongly recommend it for next year's MiMs
    If you have no idea what business case is, then it's very useful
    I think it was informative but with such a huge group there is only so much depth you can go into. I look forward to the smaller group sessions!
    A must have early in the preparation process for consulting companies
    I would definitely recommend this presentation. It was another league compared with How to interview... Finance. This was so helpful and insightful. I think also the people that are not sure could have benefited greatly.
    Very useful presentation!