Make The Most 1st 2 Years Feedback 2011


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Make The Most 1st 2 Years Feedback 2011

  1. 1. +MBA ConsultingCurriculum 2010-11:Continued Feedback Make the Most of Your First 2 Years Dinner & panel J-P Martins Associate Director Consulting Careers April 2011
  2. 2. + Summary n  The event was well received n  100% of respondents would strongly recommend the dinner and panel event to next year’s successful autumn hires n  This is an annual event – a dinner and panel aimed at celebrating success in the consulting hiring process, networking with consulting alumni and passing on practical tips for early career success n  A large panel of 6 alumni representing a range of tenures and firms took Q&A for about 30 minutes, followed by a sit-down dinner with at least 1 alumnus on each table (ratio approx 5:1 students:alumni) n  Students would like more alumni, and longer for Q&A
  3. 3. + Quantitative survey data
  4. 4. + Make the Most of Your First 2 Years: all respondents would recommend it strongly 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% The format and content of the session were 3 11 excellent The panelists were engaging and 5 9 informative The event was well organised - logistics 3 11 and venue were appropriate I would strongly recommend this event to next years second year MBA consulting 6 8 hires Disagree Strongly Disagree Agree Agree Strongly Response rate: 12/43 (28%)
  5. 5. + Comments
  6. 6. + Room exists to improve format Format and Content n  Im not sure that I really took away anything significant or new from the event, but it was good to hear some topics reinforced, meet some of the alumni, and catch up with fellow students entering consulting n  It was good, not excellent n  Need more general Q&A. At my table, there was one consultant, and one classmate monopolised all conversation with that consultant throughout he course of the evening n  Breadth of firms +ve but downside was generic answers with little firm specific context n  Too short time for Q&A n  Great timing of the panel and dinner - would be great i we could have a quick drinks mixer wither before or after the panel spoke to speak with the guests not at our table
  7. 7. + Little comment on panel or logistics… Panelists Organisation – venue and logistics n  At least 4 years xp to 9 years xp was n  No comments useful
  8. 8. + …And a couple of general comments General n  Perhaps not strongly n  As a celebration of success and chance to get a broad view on future plans yes - frankly though, im doing firm specific research into the how to make the most of the next two years already. Perhaps too early a start and this event can be a platform to get people thinking
  9. 9. + Alternative Internship Pathways: What should we do differently? n  Have a little more time for an open Q&A (x 4 comments) n  The panel should last a lot longer and the dinner can be reduced to a cocktail reception. Bring someone from McKinsey to the panel n  Invite more panelists (specifically recent MBA grads -1, -2, -3 years) (x 3 comments) n  Invite more alumni......mainly to keep that connection with LBS strong so they continue to encourage LBS recruitment at their firms..... n  Better ratio of reps to students - need to avoid the old milkround nightmare feeling of jostling to get air time! Venue felt a little stuffy n  I think the event is stuck in the middle. not enough time for a proper panel with questions, but not enough consultants to have a proper chat with privately, the dinner is sort of halfway too. i might scrap the sit- down dinner and just have some heavy duty nibbles so people are free to roam and talk to people. with 2 external guests per table there wasnt that much useful chat at tables n  This was a fantastic event organised by JP and June and illustrates the systematic way in which they approached consulting recruiting. However, there should be longer general Q&A, and it should not be moderated by career services. Students should be allowed to ask what is on their minds. This will result in more efficient information transfer, and its unlikely that someone in this crowd will ask a truly stupid question which reflects poorly on LBS. n  Quick mixer after panel speaks (from #1) n  Perhaps putting people in the same table as consultants from the company theyll work in. But I realise that it is not very feasible n  Nothing
  10. 10. + Alternative Internship Pathways: What should we keep the same? n  Format & hour & drinks! n  The dinner and seating structure was well organized I think, and I liked that the different panelists/alumni moved around tables as well n  Overall it was good though - I think there is a lot of anxiety about the requirements of the job and this addresses it very well n  Everything else n  Format and initial progression of questions to panelists n  Dinner and Drinks makes it seem as a celebration n  Encourage mixing after dinner n  Venue and logistics were very good n  It was a really nice dinner! Very valuable and fun! n  Food was excellent! n  Good mix of firms and good mix of experience levels n  Ratio of panelist air time v/s individual discussion time Panelists to comprise of MBA alumni n  Everything else