Managing generational diversity v.2
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Managing generational diversity v.2






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Managing generational diversity v.2 Managing generational diversity v.2 Presentation Transcript

  • Managing Generational DiversityJohn Sclafani
    Generational Diversity
    Leading and motivating different types of people
  • Agenda
    • A Favorite leader
    • Why picking the right team is so important View slide
    • Generational diversity View slide
    • Motivating different people
    Discussion: How do you motivate and build your team and team culture?
  • Best In Class – Getting the Right Team
    Waiting it out to hire the right person is better than paying high cost to hire the wrong person
    Diversity is essential - important not to hire someone just like yourself
    Managers need to continuously improve and educate themselves in the people selection process
  • Three categories of employees:
    Engaged— These employees are loyal & psychologically committed to the organization. They are more productive, more likely to stay with their company for at least a year, less likely to have accidents on the job and/or steal.
    Not Engaged— These employees may be productive but they are not psychologically connected to their company. They are more likely to miss workdays and more likely to leave.
    Actively Disengaged— These employees are physically present but psychologically absent. They are unhappy with their work situation and insist on sharing that unhappiness with their colleagues.
  • How
    can we
    Do I belong?
    Engagement Levels
    Moving up the engagement pyramid
    Opportunities to learn and grow
    Progress in last six months
    Coworkers committed to quality
    Mission/Purpose of company
    My opinions count
    Encourages development
    Supervisor/Someone cares
    What do I give?
    Recognition last seven days
    Do what I do best every day
    Materials and equipment
    What do I get?
    I know what is expected
  • Retaining Engaged Employees
    Establish and clearly communicate goals
    • Promote diversity and inclusiveness
    • Promote individual growth and development
    • Address under-performers
    • Reward over-achievers
  • How do and motivate diverse people?
    We first must understand them
  • Generational Diversity
    Leading different types of people
  • The Generations
    Gen X
    Gen Y
  • The Veterans
    Youngest individuals are
    67 years old
    • Born 1922-1943
    • Seminal Events
    • The Depression
    • Hitler
    • Pearl Harbor
    • Korean War
    • Heroes
    • Superman
    • FDR
    • MacArthur/Patton
    • Babe Ruth
    • Joe DiMaggio
    • Ted Williams
    Generations: The Veterans
  • Boomers
    Ages 64-46 years old
    • Born 1943-1964
    • Seminal Events
    • Vietnam
    • Assassination of King & Kennedy brothers
    • Man on the Moon
    • Woodstock
    • Heroes
    • Gandhi
    • John Kennedy
    • Martin Luther King
    • John Glenn
    Generation Boomers
    • Optimism
    • Team orientation
    • Personal gratification
    • Health and wellness
    • Personal growth
    • Work
    • Competition
    • Success
    • Inclusion
    • Fight for a cause
    • “Show me”
    • Youth
    Boomers’: Core Values…
  • It’s All About
    Boomers’: Known As…
    • What Veterans say that boomers are…
    • They talk about things they shouldn’t
    • They think only of themselves
    • What Xers say that boomers are…
    • They are self-righteous
    • Talk the talk but never walk the walk
    • What’s the fad this week?
    • Clueless
    • What Y Gen say that boomers are…
    • Pretty cool but they work too much
    Boomers’: What Others Say…
  • Boomers’: At Work…
    • Assets
    • Driven
    • Go beyond call of duty
    • Want recognition and willing to please
    • Good at teamwork
    • Work at relationships
    • Liabilities
    • Self-centered
    • Judgmental
    • Sensitive, particularly to non-positive feedback
    • Too much focus on process, not result
    • Hesitant to disagree with peers
  • Generation X
    Xers1965 – 1980
    Ages 45-27
    • Born 1965-1980
    • Seminal Events
    • Watergate
    • Personal computers marketed
    • Massive layoffs from US corporations
    • Ronald Reagan as President
    • Fall of the Berlin Wall
    • Heroes
    • none
    Generations: The Xers
    • Diversity
    • Techno literacy
    • Balance
    • Fun
    • Informality
    • Thinking globally
    • Self-reliance
    • Creativity
    • Independence
    • Information
    • Feedback
    • Entrepreneurial Spirit
    • Cynicism
    Xers’: Core Values…
  • Skeptical
    Xers’: Known as…
    • Wary of Institutions
    • Highly Self-Reliant
    • Addicted to Information
    • Dependent on Immediacy
    Xers’: Four Themes
  • What Veterans Say about X ers is…
    • Uneducated with no respect for authority, experience, procedures, or hard work
    What Boomers Say about X ers is…
    • Slackers with a rude, laid back attitude
    • Unwilling to wait their turn
    What Generation “Y” Say about X ers is…
    • “Cheer up!”
    Xers’: What Others Say…
    • Assets
    • Technology freaks
    • Independent
    • Flexible
    • Innovative
    • Un-intimidated
    • Liabilities
    • Cynical
    • Impatient
    • Task oriented
    • Poor interpersonal skills
    Xers’: At Work…
    • Change the paradigm—they are not slackers.
    • Value them as individuals
    • Keep open lines of communication
    • Provide and be willing to receive constant feedback
    • Set clear deadlines and precisely defined outcomes
    • Give them the freedom to excel and psychological space to thrive
    Xers’: To Motivate…
    • Delegate well
    • Flexible
    • Multi-task
    • Ask the difficult questions
    • Focus on results
    • Distaste for discipline
    • “Expect” things to be done
    • Hard time with authority/corporate
    • Little tolerance or understanding of other generation’s needs
    Xers’: As Managers…
  • Gen Y
    Ages 27 and under
  • Generation Y -- The Nexters
    • Born 1980-2007
    • Seminal Events
    • Oklahoma City bombing
    • Schoolyard shootings
    • Internet
    • Death of Princess Diana
    • Clinton/Lewinsky
    • 9/11
    • Heroes
    • Michael Jordan
    • Mark McGwire/Sammy Sosa
    • Bill Gates
    • Mia Hamm, Tiger Woods
    • Firefighters, Policemen, Special forces in the Military
  • Nexters’: “Current” Core Values…
    • Optimism
    • Civic Duty
    • Confidence
    • Achievement
    • Sociability
    • Morality
    • Diversity
    • Street Smarts
    • Technology
    • Money
  • Gen Y: At Work…
    • Assets
    • Optimistic
    • Tenacious
    • Heroic
    • Multi-tasking
    • Techno savvy
    • Liabilities
    • Need structure, supervision, and help with people issues
    • A knack for collective action when wronged
  • It’s okay to have several right
    Nexters’: Philosophically…
  • “Clash points”
  • Clash Point: Job Changing
    • Veterans: Job changing carries a stigma
    • Boomers: Job changing puts you behind
    • Gen X: Job changing is necessary
    • Gen Y: Job changing is part of my daily routine
    Source: Millennials Rising
    • Veterans: No news is good news
    • Boomers: Feedback once a year, positive with lots of documentation
    • Gen X: Hey, how am I doing?
    • Gen Y: Feedback whenever I want it at the push of a button.
    Source: Millennials Rising
    Clash Point: Feedback
  • Clash Point: Rewards
    • Veterans: The satisfaction of a job well done
    • Boomers: Money, Title, Recognition, the corner office
    • GenX: Freedom
    • Gen Y: Work that has meaning
    Source: Millennials Rising
  • Clash Point: Career Goals
    • Veterans: Build a legacy
    • Boomers: Build a stellar career
    • Gen X: Build a portable career
    • Gen Y: Build parallel careers
    Source: Millennials Rising
  • Communicating with Gen Y
    • Use action words
    • Challenge them
    • Tell them why
    • Don't talk DOWN to them
    • Encourage risk taking
    • Don’t take yourself or them too seriously
  • Communicating with Gen Y
    A totally different language…
    • MYOB! GTG. TTYL.
    • LOL!! BRB
    • Mac vs. PC
    • Fist bumps
  • How
    can we
    Do I belong?
    Understand there are differences.
    Do your best to bridge differences.
    Build a culture to move your employees up the engagement pyramid.
    What do I give?
    What do I get?
  • Understand these differences AND build a culture
    So with so many different styles, how do you build a team?
    How you communicate differently with different groups
    What to do for fun. How do you bridge difference
    Share one success you have had