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    • Mike Clark Mike Clark The reason for the way I describe outcome is due to the fact this is how people speak. If you ask anyone to justify a purchase they will naturally say because I will be "able to" (outcomes), push them a bit more and they will give you some benefits of having this (be able to reduce or increase something). Finally they will give you the value. The reason this approach works so well is that it breaks down the issues of language, and focuses on how people actually speak, and describe outcomes. It forces people to be precise, and gets to things people want to be able to do, and why. In terms of the definition, well I actually based it on the English dictionary, for example, if we implement this mobile device what will be able to, this is the consequence of this action. I take your point on consequence, but sadly people do not speak this way. A result is something would relate to, but at the moment outcomes seem to land well, so we shall see how this continues to evolve :-)  2 days ago
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