Year End Catalogue


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Year End Catalogue

  1. 1. For this new year, we are giving away cash vouchers worth RM50 * * for every RM250 spent excluding shipping costs, you get one RM50 voucher for your next purchase ( Valid from Dec 2008 to CNY 2009 ) New Year Special prizes: For every RM100 spent (excluding shipping costs), you will be entitled to one chance to win.. 1 st prize: 3 pieces of free clothing of your choice 2 nd prize: 2 pieces of free clothing of your choice (period valid: Dec 2008 only, winners 2b announced in blog on 1Jan2009) From now till CNY: 10% off storewide on all new arrivals Merry X’mas and Happy New YEAR
  2. 2. Cotton white long Tee with belt included, RM50
  3. 3. Pink top with satin strips and crochet details, chiffon, RM48
  4. 4. Chiffon ¾ sleeved dress with lace hem side zip up. RM58 Colour: lilac only
  5. 5. Softest cotton dress with bead design and Satin pleated hem RM55 Colour: Pink
  6. 6. 2piece top: inner halter tube top with polka dot satin tie RM49 Outer sleeveless with white frills Colour: Green
  7. 7. 2piece top: Inner lacey cotton slip plus outer chiffon in vneck setting RM56 Colour: rice white
  8. 8. Cutie Winnie The Pooh long Tee with side pockets RM38 Limited edition Colour: Light Pink
  9. 9. Wide neck off shoulder loose cotton Tee with side gathering RM40 Colour: White
  10. 10. Long top with lace pleated hem and 2 ribbons on back, Cotton. RM40 Colour: Black
  11. 11. Girly Tee with sequin and lace detail RM39 Colour: Blue
  12. 12. 2piece: Inner slip plus Chiffon square neck button down shirt with lace hem RM45 Colour: Grey, lite
  13. 13. Cotton button down collared long shirt with waist tie RM49 Colour: Yellow
  14. 14. Cotton tee in 3 tones Colour: Light grey/Pink
  15. 15. 2piece delight: Polka dot chiffon cropped top with long lacey inner slip RM50 Colour: Black polka dot
  16. 16. Striped cotton skirt, country style with buttons RM40 Colour: Black polka dot
  17. 17. Grey halter top with chiffon ribbon neck tie Colour: Grey
  18. 18. Fake 2 piece Tee with puff sleevees and inner striped top RM38 Colour: Blue
  19. 19. Cute striped Tee with Satin ribbon RM38 Colour: grey
  20. 20. Japanese inspired knitted striped top RM50 Colour: yellow
  21. 21. Knitted grey top with front lace white bib and frills RM50 Colour: grey
  22. 22. Long cotton top with lace lining and chiffon polka dot hem Colour: grey
  23. 23. Bright Pink knitted striped top with ribbon details RM49 Colour: Pink
  24. 24. Long cotton top with satin ribbon and pleated satin hem RM53 Colour: white
  25. 25. Grey Tee with round lacey bib RM38 Colour: grey