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Hello, my name is Jason Peterson. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule, to learn about my professional background.

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  • Hello, mynameis Jason Peterson. Thankyoufortaking time out ofyourbusyschedule, tolearnaboutmy professional background.
  • My professional life in Germany began in 1991, after searching for and finding a job at the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt/M., where I spent the first year focusing on night audit and as the general cashier (bookkeeping). Then I moved to Accenture where I spent 20+ years learning and growing, typically in lead roles, within the internal Finance and Capability Development business practices. For the first five years, I was responsible for back-office management accounting for our eastern European offices, working with two different mainframe systems.
  • During the next five years, I built and managed a back-office client accounting team for Europe and Africa, supporting internal finance, developing and enhancing Lotus Notes databases, internal processes and service-level agreements. When Accenture began implementing SAP R/3 internally, I began focusing on training development and delivery and identified my passion for the development of eLearning content, performance support sites, procedures and internal communications – this led me into the larger area of capability development, knowledge management and social media for learning.
  • My strengths and skills are established and driven by my natural affinity and enthusiasm for technology, in concert with focus on process and project management, development and packaging of learning content, a very strong customer service focus, in concert with a great attitude and, very important, people. Human interaction as a team, a project lead or member (live or virtual) must be present to feel as though my work has purpose and meaning. Working with and mastering programs, systems and back-office processes (as a project consultant or manager) professionally fulfills me, as well as developing and maintaining technical and process-related documentation, job aids, presentations, learning material and performance support sites.
  • As a freelancer today, I offer standard and customized eLearning development services (e.g. Rapid eLearning) as well as individual training on authoring programs. I also enjoy working on national and international change management / ERP (or related) projects where I can exercise and enhance my strengths and skills – equally interesting is a mixed role in the area of back-office operations for short and long-term contracts. I would be pleased to introduce myself as well as meet with and present to you, some example work from my past portfolio. Thank you!
  • 90 Second Spot

    1. 1. 90 Second Spot (Professional Introduction)
    2. 2. July 1991 – September 1997 • Professional Life in Germany began in 1991 – Marriott Hotel, Frankfurt am Main – Night Auditor and General Cashier • 20+ years at Accenture – Lead roles in the finance and capability development business practices – Back-office management accounting – Eastern European offices – Two different mainframe systems Copyright © 2011 Jason Howard Peterson
    3. 3. October 1997 – June 2013 Copyright © 2011 Jason Howard Peterson • EMEA Client Accounting Team – Back-office support for internal finance – Lotus Notes databases, processes and SLAs • Learning Content Development & Delivery – Rapid eLearning (e.g. Articulate, Adobe Captivate) – Performance support sites (e.g. SharePoint) – Procedural documentation (SAP R/3 FI/CO) – Internal communications • Capability Development & Knowledge Management – SAP, Technology Architecture, CMS/LMS, Certification • Social Media for Learning
    4. 4. Strengths, Skills & Interests Copyright © 2011 Jason Howard Peterson • Affinity and Enthusiasm for Technology – Back-office processes – Project management – Rapid eLearning development • Customer Service-Centric Focus – Positive attitude – People skills, empathy, sensitivity • Mastering Programs, Systems and Processes – Job aids, presentations and learning material – Performance support sites, tools and processes
    5. 5. Professional Focus Today Copyright © 2011 Jason Howard Peterson • Rapid eLearning Consulting and Development • Change Management ERP Projects • Back-Office Operations Contact me with any questions. WordPress XING LinkedIn Google+ Twitter YouTube SlideShare LinDion Services Facebook Freelancermap