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Sasuke Uchiha Inglés
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Sasuke Uchiha Inglés

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  • 1. SasukeUchiha.
    Is a main character in the series and anime, Naruto. he is one of the protagonists.
  • 2. Sasuke in hischildhood:
    him as a child and his childhood was a loving boy, happy and carefree. He lived happily with his family.
  • 3. After losing his family:
    After the death of his entire clan at the hands of Itachi, Sasuke hated itachi with all his might, transforming his character.
  • 4. He leaves the Hidden Leaf Village:
    He decided to leave the villa tempted by Orochimaru, later he becomes in a cold person , impassive and obsessed with his objectives.
    Two and half years after he left shows an even more dismissive and arrogant than before, aware of his great progress.
  • 5. Coldperson.
    Sasuke is a cold person, but he was a little more empathetic through Naruto, Sasuke, however, decides to break up their ties and becomes an obsessive person.
    As a funny fact: Some people name Sasuke as an "emo boy" because of his cold personality.
  • 6. Very secure of himself
    He is very sure of himself, thinks he knows all and can see everything through his sharingan.
    He is very confident of what he knows, and skills that has trained a long time.
  • 7. Unfriendly.
    He is characterized by being very unfriendly to his teammates Naruto and Sakura and very distant from hisallies, although it was a little more empathetic by Naruto.
  • 8. Confident
    He is not a talkative person and outgoing, but likes to have serious and timely dialogues, speaks what is just and necessary.
    In his spare time, he likes walking and practicing moral teachings, he dislike be the center of attention and make a fool.
  • 9. Serious and quiet.
    He is a cautious and critical person, almost never smiles, is serious.
    He is usually quiet and calm, does not show many emotions
  • 10. Competitive and capable.
    Sasuke has always been able to grasp most ninja abilities with facility.
    He has been very consistent and hard working, loves to train to be stronger.