Asap For Teachers
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  • 1. ASAP
    Web Teacher Attendance
    Do it on line!
  • 2. On the Internet . . . .
    (click on the link for
    Web Attendance)
  • 3. User ID – (your first name initial followed by full last name. Eg. jmiller)
    Password – (your full first name. Eg. joann
    First name initial full last name
    Full first name
  • 4. Click on your Section Number
  • 5. Make sure you are logging attendance for the right date.
    Click attendance for everyone using a single click .
    Deselect or “Reset” to remove attendance for individual students
    Don’t forget to SAVE CHANGES
  • 6. When attendance is logged for the week scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the last report.
    Print it.
  • 7. Signature (on the space provided)
    Turn in to the Serra Campus/Attendance
    This step is important in validating your online entries.
  • 8. Additional Options:
    Print sign-in sheets to facilitate attendance.
    Explore which sign in sheets work best for you.
    Use the sign in sheet as a worksheet when entering attendance online.
  • 9. Sign in Sheet (Blank Template)
  • 10. Sign-in Sheet
  • 11. TIPS
    • Print Sign-in sheet (weekly)
    • 12. Print Sign-in sheet (weekly; blank template)
    • 13. Manually track hours of attendance for each student on these sheets.
    • 14. Write in any students who do not appear on your list on the spaces provided.
    • 15. At the end of the week login to ASAP.
    • 16. Make sure you select the correct date.
    • 17. Refer to your sign-in sheets when applying attendance.
    • 18. Remember you can quickly enter attendance by using the “Check All” button. To remove attendance for an individual student click on the “Reset” icon for the student to clear the hours.
    • If a handwritten student does not appear on your online roster wait a few days and check again. Wait a maximum of two weeks – after that, turn in your signed printed attendance with the handwritten entries to Serra/Attendance. Discrepancies will be reconciled by a clerk.
    • 19. Do not forget to print the Attendance Report (last report on list) sign it and turn in to Serra/Attendance.
    For assistance:
    Joann Miller (510)215-4666; extension 206 (M-Th8a to 4p)
    Carolina Popocatl (510)215-4666; extension 206 (M-F 9a-2:30p)