Planetary Jeopardy
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Planetary Jeopardy






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Planetary Jeopardy Planetary Jeopardy Presentation Transcript

  • Welcome To Planetary Jeopardy
    • Enjoy Planetary Jeopardy
    • Choose players or groups - Individuals or Teams can play!
    • When a player knows an answer, he or she is to raise a hand to answer if playing in a group, or say “Beep” and answer if playing with one other person. Player #1 or Team #1 chooses a category and question dollar amount first.
    • Teacher or MC reads the “answer” completely , then contestants can respond.
    • After a response is given by a player, click anywhere on the slide to see the correct response.
    • Scores can be recorded by the teacher or MC.
    • Then, click “To Game Board” and continue the game until all categories are finished.
  • Game Board $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Final Jeopardy $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 Don’t Moon Me Houston, we have a problem Take a Spin Roman Gods Can You Planet?
  • The smallest of the planets $100
  • What is Pluto? $100 To Game Board
  • Separates the inner and outer planets $200
  • What is the asteroid belt? $200 To Game Board
  • Has a giant red spot believed to be storms $300
  • What is Jupiter? $300 To Game Board
  • The hottest of all planets $400
  • What is Venus? $400 To Game Board
  • Has the largest volcano in the entire solar system $500
  • What is Mars? $500 To Game Board
  • Named for the Roman god of time, our 6 th day is derived from this name $100
  • Who was Saturn? $100 To Game Board
  • Name for the winged messenger of the gods, known for his speed $200
  • Who was Mercury? $200 To Game Board
  • Named for Gaia, who gave birth to the sea and sky $300
  • What is Earth? $300 To Game Board
  • He was god of the underworld $400
  • Who was Pluto? $400 To Game Board
  • His symbol is a lightning bolt and his Greek equivalent is Zeus. $500
  • Who is Jupiter? $500 To Game Board
  • It takes approximately 23 hours, 56 minutes to make one complete turn on its axis. $100
  • What is Earth? $100 To Game Board
  • It has a day most similar to that of Earth. $200
  • What is Mars? $200 To Game Board
  • Until 1999, these planets had changed orbits $300
  • What are Pluto and Neptune? $300 To Game Board
  • One year on this planet equals 248 Earth years. $400
  • What is Pluto? $400 To Game Board
  • The planet that turns the slowest on its axis, creating the longest day in the solar system. $500
  • What is Venus? $500 To Game Board
  • The Viking spacecraft showed that its atmosphere is mostly carbon dioxide and that life as we know it probably never existed. $100
  • What is Mars? $100 To Game Board
  • Satellite maps showed a hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica. $200
  • What is Earth? $200 To Game Board
  • Only the Hubble Telescope has sent back pictures of this far away planet. $300
  • What is Pluto? $300 To Game Board
  • Pioneer 11 sent back information about its giant red spot. $400
  • What is Jupiter? $400 To Game Board
  • Launched by the Soviets, Venera 7 was the first spacecraft to land on this planet, or any other planet $500
  • What was Venus? $500 To Game Board
  • Luna $100
  • What is the name of Earth’s moon? $100 To Game Board
  • Ganymede, belonging to this planet, is the largest moon in the solar system. $200
  • What is Jupiter? $200 To Game Board
  • Phobos $300
  • What is one moon of Mars? $300 To Game Board
  • Its single moon is almost as large as the planet itself. $400
  • What is Pluto? $400 To Game Board
  • This planet’s moon orbits the planet backwards. $500
  • What is Neptune? (Triton) $500 To Game Board
  • Final Jeopardy Category: _________ Final Jeopardy Click for “Answer”
  • This was the first planet to be discovered with the use of a telescope. Click to see the correct response!
  • What is Uranus Exit Game
  • Thank You for Playing Acknowledgements: Graphics: Microsoft Office Clip Art and Media Jeopardy Template: B. Burkett October 2003 _______ Jeopardy!
  • Be Curious… Read & Learn More about ________!