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  1. 1. WePeopleValueYourPeople updated 2012Apr16
  2. 2. who we are We are your partner focused on People and on their Development. Through the specialization of our business units, we promote synergies aggregating the competencies of our professionals, envisioning the deliver of services and multi disciplinary solutions that, undoubtedly add value to our Clients. We base our activity in solid values, as the Commitment with the Client Success, the Specialization and Excellence of our organization and processes, the Talent, the Commitment and the Entrepreneurship of our professionals, and the Partnership with other companies and professionals, of recognized merits, performance and specialization. Developing your business through qualified people and efficient operations2
  3. 3. main areas of competence .: Human Resources Consulting :. Resources Attraction and Detection Human To increment the notoriety of the company (Employer Branding) in the Resources Consulting labour market, increasing its capacity to attract the best resources, through solutions to create preferable and successful relations with distinct Management recruitment sources. Services Training Welcome and Integration Welcome and Integrate the new Employees in the best way possible, so to reduce their adaptation period and related costs, promoting their BPO HR Recruitment productivity, by the implementation of creative and effective solutions. Technical Management and Selection Motivation, Retention and Development Guarantee the productivity levels, promoting the capacity to retain, develop and access the Talent . • Development and Appraisal; Career Plans; Competencies Model and Management; Internal Communication; Coaching and Mentoring; Salary and Benefits Policies3
  4. 4. main areas of competence .: Human Resources Consulting :. Optimization and Support to Management Human Resources Consulting Assessment Management Services Training Instruments and Processes the help the organization obtaining management information, achieving results and competitive advantages through people. They are used in the different stages of the Human Capital cycle: selection, integration, training and development, performance appraisal and BPO HR Recruitment transition. Technical and Selection Management Auditing and Processes To guarantee the existence and compliance with the best management processes • Documentation and Description of Procedures/Processes • Organizational diagnose and auditing • Human Resources Auditing • Internal Communication Systems, Tools and Methodologies • Quality ISO Certification4
  5. 5. main areas of competence .: Training :. Training and Development Management • Identification and Documentation of Training Needs Human Resources • Planning, Conception and Organization of Training Actions Consulting • Development of Training Actions • Training Plan Evaluation Management Services Training • Organizational Training Model and Plan Management • Mentoring and Coaching Plans Main Training Areas BPO HR With the objective of endow professional with the necessary competencies Technical Recruitment and Selection and skills for their performance within their role, in line with the Management organization objectives • Behavioural Training • Technical and Specific Training • Indoor and Outdoor techniques Training and Incentive Events • Team interaction and strengthening • Communication and Leadership • Development and Motivation5
  6. 6. main areas of competence .: Recruitment and Selection :. Recruit and Select in strict accordance with the real needs of the Organization Human Resources Consulting • Description and Validation of functions and job descriptions Management Services Training • Adequate selection of recruitment sources and methods • Quality and effectiveness in publicising opportunities • Adequate selection of promotion channels BPO HR • Coherent and efficient Selection Techniques Recruitment Technical Management and Selection • Support in the conception of proper work contracts, and in their management • Support in contracting, welcoming and integrating • Activity supported by advanced information systems shared with the Client • Satisfaction guarantee6
  7. 7. main areas of competence .: BPO HR Technical Management :. Added Value • High quality, rigour and trustworthy service Human Resources • Relevant efficiency gains, through the compliance of all organization’s Consulting requirements and legal obligations, at a lower cost • Release the resources to organization’s essential business areas Management Services Training Main Characteristics • Full HR Technical Management Solution BPO HR • Control of all HR flows Technical Recruitment and Selection • Guarantee of fulfilment of all legal obligations Management • Issuing of Management Maps • Full adaptation to specific organization’s cycle and methods • Employee Hotline • Online Employee File7
  8. 8. main areas of competence .: Management Services :. Outplacement • Placing of professionals in accordance with their profile and Human Resources competencies, through our global network Consulting • Our assessment services contribute to the best professional carrer alignment Management Services Training • Our presence in several and different areas and markets, benefits the placement of professionals Outsourcing BPO HR Technical Recruitment • Services of qualified professionals in the different specialization areas of Management and Selection Human Resources • Professionals for short and long duration • Professionals with distinct ranges and levels of competencies8
  9. 9. managing partner joão nuno ferreira bogalho Born October 1969 Academic Background Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração – Lisbon Post-Graduate – Human Resources Management and Strategic Development Graduate – Human Resources Management and Strategic Organization Current Positions Managing Partner of PeopleValueTM Advisory Board Member at O.V. – Portuguese Association of Sales Professionals Main Past Positions Dec.99 – Nov.04 Company: NOVABASE, SGPS Job: External Consultant Quality Assurance System – Human Resources Job: Talent Management – Associate Manager Photo @Revista_Exame Job: Employee Care Manager Aug.95 – Nov.97 Company: NOVAPONTE ACE Job: Project Management Team – Services Manager Jun.92 – Nov.94 Company: INTERCON – ACE Job: Project Office Manager Job: Office Manager “On-Site” Published Articles 2011 Human, 34, October, Opinion, “Old? Why?” 2011 Human, 31, July, First Opinion, “After 40...” 2011 Human, 27, March, First Opinion, “The High Performers and the Others” 2010 OJE, Golf Supplement, All In One; “The Golfer and the Worker” 2010 Exame, 317, September, “They Are Changing Management”, 20 Years Later 2010 Human, 18, June, “Recruitment & Selection Project at Aquapura Douro Valley: A Challenge by the Douro” 2009 Human, 9, September, “Human Resources Management at Benfica Group – A Change Project” 2000 Vida Económica, “The Human Capital in the New Economy” 2000 Sensus – FCT-UNL, “University/Companies: Proximity and Complementary Relation”9
  10. 10. main achievements GRUPO BENFICA2005-2009 Client (Sport Lisboa e Benfica; Benfica Estádio; Benfica SAD; Benfica TV, and other) Business Sports Club, over 600 employees Define and implement a Human Resources Management Model, in line with the Presidential Project to Benfica, and Mission to supply Benfica with an appropriate team and department of Strategic Human Resources Management. Actions Under direction of the CEO, and in coordination with the Human Resources Director: . Identify, Define and Describes all Jobs and Functions within the Benfica organization; . Build the functional organizartional chart, with the intersections of all differente entities within Benfica universe; . Define, Implement, Educate, Coordinate and Fine Tune of the Assessment, Appraisal and Development Model; . Define, Implement, Educate, Coordinate and Fine Tuning of the Training Model and Plan;; . Define, Implement and Coordinate the Policies an Tools for Internal Communication; Internal Assessment and Reporting to the Board; . Job Description, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Coaching of the Strategic Human Resources Management Team, and . Support and Coach to Human Resources Direction, transferring competencies and responsibilities, to the newly created team, so that the Consultant could leave the Project.2007-... Client SUN PLANET Portugal Business Sun Glasses Selling, in Shops within Shopping Malls, over 120 employees Mission BPO Human Resources Administrative Management and Contract Management Actions Totally taking over the role of the Human Resources Manager, and under direct coordination of the Country Manager: . Processing Entries, Terminations and Transfer of Employees; . Guarantee of full compliance with all legal and taxes obligations; . Payroll and inherent legal and taxes obligations; . Support to management, through data mining and reporting; . Contract Management, Contracts Issue; Termination and Experimental Periods Management; . Coaching to Regional Coordinators, in their teams and over 30 POS management; . Support to Recruitment and pool maintenance, due to hgih takeover in this business sector, and . Support to Strategic Human Resources Management.
  11. 11. main achievements 2007-2007 Client AQUAPURA DOURO VALLEY Business Hotel 5* Luxury with Spa, over 70 employees, Douro region Recruitment and Selection of the entire hotel Staff, over 70 positions Mission New hotel concept, with no benchmark, with 3 months from project kick-off to hotel opening Actions Under Aquapura CEO dependence, and in Coordination with Hotel Manager (only position already on-board): . Identification and Full Job Description of the 72 positions to Recruit and Select; . Define Recruitment Descriptions, Selection Tools, Assessment Tools; Psychometric and Specific Functional Tests to apply; communication materials and media release; . Construction of a specific Recruitment Site, to explain the concept, present the positions and collect applicants; . Construction of a SharePoint Portal, to manage all applications and the entire Recruitment and Selection process, and to allow interaction of the entire team, located in different areas; . Selection of the entire team and its allocation, including client management, project management, IT support, legal support, recruitment consultants, human resources consultants for hotel management, and administrative support; . Screening of over 4000 applications, over 700 job enterviews and assessment tests; . Short-Lists and presentation to the Client; . Support in contracting and definition of legally standardized contracts for all jobs, and . Creation and Maintenance, during over 9 months, of a Replacements Pool, due to the high turn-over in this sector and due to the specific location othe hotel. 2010-2010 Client VORTAL Business Electronic Transaction Platforms, over 100 employees Mission Code of Culture and Procedures Manual Actions Under the dependence of the CEO and in coordination with the Human Resources Department: . Diagnose the Organizational Culture of the Company; . Identification od sensible areas within the organization; . Definition of Vortal Ideal Employee; . Identification of all Procedures and Processes, considered to be crucial to the Human Resources and to the Administrative Management of Vortal; . Document existing processes, and create respective support tools and documents; . Define, Approve, Document and Implement the new Procedures and Processes, and related support tools and documents, and . Present and Implement the new Code of Culture and Procedures Manual.11
  12. 12. footprint Training on Human Resources Management BPO HR Technical Management (Project of Consulai, partnership with Psicotec) Contract Management Recruitment and Selection Coaching to Coordinators Recruitment and Selection Training Outsourcing of Senior HR Consultant Job Descriptions Recruitment and Selection Opening Douro Valley Code of Culture Recruitment and Selection Procedures Manual Recruitment Team-Building Events Strategic Human Resources Consulting Global HR Management Model Training Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection12
  13. 13. footprint BPO HR Technical Management Recruitment and Selection Potential Evaluation for Shops Coordinators Strategic Management Consulting Recruitment and Selection Training Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection Recruitment and Selection Strategic Human Resources Management Recruitment and Selection Strategic Human Resources Consulting13
  14. 14. media presence Magazine Human, nº 9, September 2009 Magazine Human, nº 27, March 2011 ”Human Resources Management at Benfica Group – First Opinion A Change Project” “The High Performers and The Others” Cover article, on the project of global change on the The axes of crucial for high performance, in work and in Human Resources Management Model for the entire Group, life. The concern with health, physical and mental, as carried out by PeopleValue. new need in competencies management. Magazine Human, nº 18, June 2010 Magazine Human, nº 31, July2011 “Project of Recruitment and Selection at First Opinion Aquapura Douro Valey: A Challenge at Douro” “After the 40’s...” Case Study, on the project of Global Recruitment and The changes that happen in people, statistically, between Selection by PeopleValue, from the Job Descriptions up to 40 and 45, already is implying new approaches by the contracting of the 78 Employees, for the opening on marketing. It is essential to incorporate this reality into the the scheduled day. In 3 months. HR Management policies. Magazine Exame, nº 317, September, 2010 Magazine Human, nº 31, July2011 20 Years Later, 2010 First Opinion “They Are Changing Management” “After the 40’s...” On Exame’s invitation, 20 years later, now on an analysis of The problem of the persons over 40 have finding a job. the evolution of management and leadership, 20 years Mainly women. This against the strategic error that this later. represents on the companies side. Newspaper OJE, 2010 Golf Supplement, All In One Column “The Golfer and the Worker” About the professional posture, the individual responsibility and self productivity, compared with the posture and commitment of the golfer.14
  15. 15. contacts João Nuno Ferreira Bogalho Managing Partner e m +351 966781384 +351 916509845 +351 937094979 e w PeopleValue_PT Developing your business through qualified people and efficient operations15