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Oral communication and Pronunciation 3   2014-1
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Oral communication and Pronunciation 3 2014-1


Information for the students of the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

Information for the students of the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica

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  • 1. Universidad Latina de Costa Rica José Manuel Campos Noguera English Teaching manuelcampos@englishpost.org Oral Communication and Pronunciation III http://englishpost.org/ Chronogram Session 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Week Communication III Pronunciation III January Introduction on Communication and Classification of Vowels , 14,2014 Pronunciation Consonants and Diphtongs January Express your views and opinions (Key Classification of Vowels, 20, 2014 Vocabulary) Consonants and Diphtongs Analyze a topic and provide solutions: Transcription of Words starts on January 27,2014 February Individual Presentation:5%Bullying 03,2014 Reference : stopbullying.gov February Individual Presentation : 5% 10,2014 The ten harder drugs to kick February Making predictions (Will , may and 17,2014 might and more) February Midterm Oral Exam:15% Midterm Written Exam: 15% 24,2014 Debate on Marihuana Legalization (Brush up your Pronunciation) March Group presentation:15% Phrasal 03,2014 Verbs March Asking for clarification 10,2014 (Key Vocabulary) Transcription of Words Weak and strong forms Weak and strong forms Stress , Rhythm and Intonation Stress , Rhythm and Intonation
  • 2. 10 11 12 13 14 15 Presentation: 5% March Child Pornography , Prostitution and 17,2014 Pronunciation of “s “ Endings Pornography March Making Generalizations (Broad 24,2014 Statements) March Expressing agreement or 31,2014 disagreement (Key Vocabulary) April Pronunciation of “ed” Endings Presentation:5% Games and Violence Expressing desires and expectations 07,2014 Video Presentation:5% Death Penalty April Making comparisons (Superlatives , 14, 2014 Comparative and more) April Final Oral Exam 15% Final Written Exam 15% 21,2014 Debate on Same Sex Marriage (Brush up your Pronunciation) Review of the information Guideliness 1. Make sure you visit cambridge online dictionary to corroborate meanings and phonetic transcription at the following address http://dictionary.cambridge.org/ 2. Set the dictionary to use the british online dictionary as it is consistent with the book transcriptions. 3. Use the International Phonemic Alphabet program created by the British English Council available for windows at https://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/phonemic-chart