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Examen de bachillerato 3

  1. 1. 2 SELECCIÓN ÚNICA Read the text below and choose the correct option to complete each idea. 1) The Horse Parade is a (n) ____________ event. A) disorganized B) organized C) dressed D) closed 2) Horse riders are from __________________. A) the streets of San José B) all around Costa Rica C) Central Avenue D) Spain 3) A great number of horse riders wear ___________ clothes. A) Costa Rican typical B) western C) eastern D) parade Thousands of riders from all parts of the country invade the streets of San José In an orderly parade to display their best equine specimens. The parade starts near the Hospital San Juan de Dios, then passes along Central Avenue to the end on the east side of the city. All along the road people settle down, filling the sidewalks during the four to six hours of parade. Most of the horsemen dress in western-type outfits or in the way Spaniards dressed during the Colonial period. Very few take this opportunity to dress up in Costa Rican typical outfits. To be honest, it is important to mention that traffic in San José becomes really chaotic during the horse parade on Central Avenue. It is closed because there is a real congestion of cars.
  2. 2. 3 Read the text below and choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence. 4) This is the ______ time that Costa Rica has qualified for the Olympic Games. A) first B) third C) second D) twenty-third SOCCER QUALIFIES FOR OLYMPICS Reasserting its position as the toughest kid on the block, Costa Rica’s Under-23 National Soccer Team defeated Honduras 2-0 Tuesday in Guadalajara, Mexico, to qualify for first place of the CONCACAF for the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. The victory marks the first time Costa Rica has qualified for the Olympics since the 1984 Games, and is only the third time in history the Ticos have qualified. Costa Rica, despite being outplayed by a tough Honduran squad for most of the match, was kept in the game by extraordinary goaltending by Tico goalkeeper Adrián de Lemos, who protected the net with high success. With the reflexes of a cat on speed, De Lemos, who plays club soccer for Heredia, leaped, dived and caught in front of every Honduran attack, blocking 10 shots at the net –any one of which could have changed the outcome of the game.- Adapted from The Tico Times
  3. 3. 4 5) Costa Rica qualified for the Olympics after playing in ________________ . A) Mexico B) Athens C) Honduras D) Costa Rica 6) The most outstanding player of the match was the ________________ . A) diver B) Greek C) goalkeeper D) defeated one 7) Costa Rica’s goalkeeper was as skillful as a (n) _______________ at the net. A) cat B) club C) shot D) attack
  4. 4. 5 Read the text and choose the correct alternative to answer the questions. Like parents with newborns, emerging artists are introducing their works to art lovers in Visitas Guiadas (Guided Visits) at the Costa Rican Art and Design Museum. Since January 29, the museum has offered the public the opportunity to learn about the works of the winning artists of the first Emerging Artists Contest held last year. The idea of the exhibit is to provide a springboard for the work of the region’s new artists. The show is displaying 66 works by 52 emerging Central American artists. At no cost, these artists take visitors through the museum in groups of no more than 15 people, and explain the creative thoughts, muses of their own works. The tour takes about one hour and 40 minutes. Taken from The Tico Times 8) How many pieces of art is the museum exhibiting? __________________ . A) Fifteen B) Fifty two C) Sixty six D) Twenty-nine 9) Who will guide the tours inside the museum? The ____________________. A) parents B) visitors C) artists D) public
  5. 5. 6 10) What is the objective of this exposition? To ___________________. A) promote the new artists of the region B) to select the best works and muses C) choose the winner of a contest D) like their parents 11) How do artists interact with the visitors? By ____________. A) making them work for the region’s new artists B) giving them tours and explanations C) winning the contest held last year D) providing them a springboard 12) How many persons can be guided at the same time? _______________ . A) Fifteen B) Fifty two C) Sixty six D) Fifteen groups 13) What is the most coherent title for the article? _______________________ . A) Expensive Visits B) Guided Art Tours C) Museum of Design D) Parents and Newborns
  6. 6. 7 Read the article and choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence. FAST FOOD Fast food is the food people sell in many inexpensive restaurants. The food is called “fast” because you get it quickly. Often, you can go in the restaurant, order your food, eat it, and leave the place, all in 20 minutes. The kind of food you get in fast food restaurants is hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, French fries, and fried chicken. Other kinds of fast food like the pizza are not prepared so fast. To drink, you get sodas or milkshakes. Since families like to come to these restaurants, they are also called family restaurants. Fast food is a big business in the United States and many countries because it’s cheap, fast and popular. Every day, more than 48 million people visit these restaurants. They are, mainly, people who don’t have time to cook at home. In the past, fast food restaurants worked from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., so they were a good choice for lunch, a coffee break or dinner. At present, most of them are usually open 24 hours which includes snack breaks and breakfast. Business people say that one important aspect about fast food restaurants is that they have the chance of buying the food in the restaurant, but eating it somewhere else. That’s called the “to go service.” Another possibility is to stay home and order by means of the “express service.” Taken from PRISM 14) Another name people give to fast food restaurants is _____________ restaurants. A) expensive B) business C) popular D) family
  7. 7. 8 15) It is impossible to order ______________, eat it, and leave the restaurant, all in 20 minutes. A) a cheeseburger B) fried chicken C) a hot dog D) a pizza 16) In the past, it was impossible to enjoy ____________ in a fast food restaurant. A) lunch B) dinner C) breakfast D) a coffee break 17) People can use _________________ if their time is too limited to stay in the restaurant. A) the family B) a good excuse C) a big business D) the “to go service” 18) In the past, fast food restaurants had a shorter _____________ . A) soda B) schedule C) kind of food D) breakfast time
  8. 8. 9 Read the information. FOURTH OF JULY This year, the cities of Bartlesville and Dewey said “Happy Birthday, America” in style on Tuesday night, putting on fireworks extravaganzas for a full afternoon and evening of entertainment and fun. Mother Nature cooperated with gorgeous weather, keeping storms to the south and east of the area. In Dewey, last year rains forced officials there to move some of the events in Don Tyler Park. City Manager, Bill Atkinson said some grassy areas of the park were saturated with water. The stage ceremony which usually is located near the volleyball area was moved to the parking lot. The children’s games were moved to the basketball court area. Craig Epps, one the organizers of the annual Dewey celebration, said the event had a lot of entertainment this year, not only for adults but also for kids. One of the most eagerly awaited events of the Dewey Fourth festivities is the annual merchant water balloon toss, won last year by city employees. “We’re very pleased with the number of people who showed up in the park. We know that a lot of people like to watch the fireworks from their homes, and this year a lot more people came out to the park,” Epps added. Adapted from Bartlesville Examiner Enterprise.
  9. 9. 10 Choose the appropriate alternative to complete each sentence from the previous text. 19) The ________________ made the organizers move some events. A) fireworks B) dry weather C) water balloons D) rainy conditions 20) The organizers planned entertaining activities for _____________________. A) kids and volleyball players B) employees and organizers C) organizers and officials D) adults and children 21) Last year, the winners of the water game were ___________________ only. A) children B) Bill Atkinson C) city employees D) all the organizers 22) The ______________________ were moved to a court. A) basketball games B) games for the kids C) officials of the events D) grassy areas of the park
  10. 10. 11 Read the text and choose the correct alternative to answer the questions. HONEY BUTTER FROSTING You will need: 3 oz (85g) butter 7 oz (200g) icing sugar 1 tbsp honey 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 sponge cake Procedures: Beat the butter, which should be at room temperature, until soft but not oily. Gradually, shift in about 6 oz (170g) icing sugar. Mix well Add the honey and beat again. Add the lemon juice and beat again. Take the sponge cake you bought or baked (or other cake suitable for frosting) Carefully cut the cake into two layers. Spread your frosting on top of the bottom layer. Put the top layer back on and sprinkle icing sugar over the cake. Taken from Play and Learn 23) How many ingredients do you beat when preparing the frosting? ____________ . A) All of them B) None of them C) Four ingredients D) Only two ingredients 24) What kind of texture should the butter have? ______________ . A) Liquid B) Juicy C) Soft D) Icy 25) Which ingredient is used at two different moments in the recipe? __________ . A) Lemon juice B) Icing sugar C) Honey D) Butter
  11. 11. 12 Read the text and choose the correct alternative to answer the questions. “El Niño” A string of natural disasters left Ticos hard-hit as mudslides, heavy rainstorms and tornadoes attacked Costa Rica last year. The capricious effects of “El Niño”, the cyclical warming of the Pacific Ocean currents that affects weather worldwide, were blamed for much of the destruction. Last August avalanches in the Atlantic slope community of Alto Loaiza de Orosí, left seven dead and 400 residents forced to evacuate, as homes lay buried under as much as 15 meters of mud. Mudslides had been warned of as early as last year for the mountain community, due to excessive deforestation and lack of a regulatory plan for the area. Also at the end of August, 50 families had to evacuate Río Chiquito de Tilarán in the northern province of Guanacaste and several others lost their homes. Residents in Ujarrás, in the eastern province of Cartago, and in La Florencia de Guatuso in the north, also experienced extensive flooding, and some lost homes. Several tornadoes also hit San José in September, tearing off the roof of the soccer stadium in Heredia and damaging houses and power lines in San Rafael de Escazú. Taken from The Tico Times, 2004 26) Which statement best defines the weather phenomenon called “El Niño”? ___________________ . A) Periodical warming of currents in the Pacific Ocean B) Lack of regulatory plans of reforestation C) Excessive deforestation D) Extensive flooding 27) Where did people die due to the effects of “El Niño”? In _____________. A) Alto Loaiza de Orosí B) San Rafael de Escazú C) Río Chiquito de Tilarán D) La Florencia de Guatuso 28) What kind of disasters did “El Niño” provoke in Costa Rica? __________ . A) Avalanches and power lines B) Mudslides and avalanches C) Floods and reforestation D) Tornadoes and caprices 29) What was one of the main causes of the avalanches in Orosí? The _____________. A) existence of regulatory plans B) excessive deforestation C) evacuation of families D) mountain community
  12. 12. 13 Read the text. CORAL REEFS Coral reefs are one of the most complex and colorful tropical ecosystems, rivaling rain forests in their richness of life. Coral reefs organisms build massive and intricate physical structures that are home to some of the most fascinating plants and animals in the world. Coral reefs are one of the most spectacular and fragile of underwater environments, covering less than one percent of the ocean floor but supporting an estimated twenty-five percent of all marine life. Even though they are located in the tropics, coral reefs can benefit people and the natural world far beyond their boundaries. Adapted from P Z Guide Costa Rica. Choose the appropriate alternative to complete each question according to the text. 30) Coral reefs are important ______________ . A) artificial worlds B) ocean currents C) ecosystems D) rain forests 31) Coral reefs are the habitat for _____________. A) a great variety of aquatic plants and animals B) three different species of land creatures C) many animals which live on land only D) a few organisms 32) Coral reefs benefit ______________ . A) the unnatural world B) people, plants and animals C) only life within their boundaries D) sea creatures of the tropics exclusively
  13. 13. 14 Read the ad. Choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence. Computer Network Administrator Seeks experienced computer technician for maintenance and administration of Internet servers and customer service work stations. Must have experience with high traffic, mission critical servers. Must be available 24 hours, 7 days a week for emergency response. Windows NT Server experience is a MUST. Linux experience is desired, but not required. English speaking is a MUST. La Aurora, Heredia. Sent resume to carycomputer@sol.racsa.co.cr 33) One of the requirements for the job is to be able to ___________________. A) speak English B) serve technicians C) critique internet high traffic D) desire internet and its servers 34) The technician has to be available to work _____________ week. A) 24 hours every day B) 7 emergency days C) 7 hours of a week D) 24 weeks 35) The technician must be qualified to work with __________. A) traffic B) customers C) administrators D) windows NT server 36) The applicants are asked to send their resumes by _____________. A) fax B) car C) mail D) E-mail
  14. 14. 15 Read the text carefully. Select the appropriate option to complete each sentence from the text above. JOIN A PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARI IN KENYA Choose a vacation that provides you with memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Our photographic safaris, which last two weeks, are designed for different levels of expertise. A beginner? Land package A: $ 2,500. For your first safari experience, choose the package which includes the most comfortable accommodations available, deliciously prepared meals, motor transportation, guides and an expert photographer to advise you. Experienced? Land package B: $1,800. For your next safari experience, choose the package that provides you with a true challenge! You’ll build your own shelter, prepare your own food, and track your animals on foot. Guide included. Call Adventure Travel Service at 1-800-555-8452 today. Our agents are available for consultation from 9 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. every day except on Sunday. Adapted from Grammar Strategies and Practice.
  15. 15. 16 37) For both tours, the company offers __________________. A) guide’s help B) the same price C) experienced travelers D) the same accommodations 38) Package A will include ________________________. A) adequate accommodation B) building your own shelter C) tracking animals on foot D) just air transportation 39) One difference between packages A and B is _____________. A) the currency used to pay B) the company in charge C) the included guides D) the price 40) If you are interested in getting information, you should call ___________________. A) before 7:00 p.m. on weekdays B) any time after 7:00 p.m. C) before 9 a.m. D) on Sunday
  16. 16. 17 Read the ad and choose the alternative to answer each question correctly. 41) What kind of accommodations does the company offer? ______________ . A) Lodging B) Hot water tub C) Air conditioning D) Holiday Inn Hotel Costa Rica Sun Tours specializes in nature and adventure travel with guided tours to all National Parks and Wildlife Preserves. Explore a virgin rain forest, rich in birds and other wildlife, beautiful waterfalls, and jungle. Among the tours: Monteverde Cloud Forest Preserve One day light-tackle river fishing on both coasts White Water Rafting Tortuguero Jungle Cruise Pacific Island Cruise Sun Tours also operates two remote lodges. TISKITA LODGE A tropical paradise along a virgin beach south of Corcovado National Park. ARENAL VOLCANO OBSERVATORY Overlooking Lake Arenal, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, with its nearly constant eruption and great streams of lava. Ask about our “Last Minute Club” discounts (space available) Costa Rica Sun Tours, P.O. Box 1195-1250 Escazu, Costa Rica Ave. 7, between Calles 3 and 5, 1 block north of the Holiday Inn Hotel Telephones: (506) 55-3418 / 55-3529; Fax: (506) 55-4410
  17. 17. 18 42) Which activity can you enjoy on a Costa Rican Sun Tour? ______________ . A) Hunting B) Ecotourism C) Visiting museums D) Space observatories 43) How can you contact this company? ______________ . A) At the Holiday Inn Hotel B) By mail exclusively C) By phone and fax D) Strictly by phone 44) How much time do tourists have to go fishing? ______________ . A) Whenever they want B) One single day C) Two weeks D) Two days 45) Where can you surely get discounts? __________________ . A) At the Arenal Observatory B) In the “Last Minute Club” C) In the Holiday Inn Hotel D) At Tiskita Lodge
  18. 18. 19 Read the article and choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence. RARE MALARIA HITS BEACH Three people in the last three weeks have been diagnosed with plasmodium falciparum, a rare and extremely dangerous form of malaria. All three patients had recently spent time at popular Herradura Beach, just north of Jacó, on the Central Pacific coast. “It’s not the type of malaria we’re used to; it’s much more severe,” Health Minister María del Rocío Sáenz warned Tuesday. “Though all the cases were diagnosed in San José, they were picked up in the Herradura area. Falciparum malaria is the deadliest of the four varieties of the disease and is responsible for 40% of all malaria- related deaths worldwide, Sáenz said. This variety of disease is extremely rare in Costa Rica. Taken from The Tico Times 46) The people diagnosed with malaria first visited ____________. A) San José B) northern Jacó C) the Minister of Health D) the north Pacific coast
  19. 19. 20 47) Plasmodium falciparum is a ______________. A) very common type of malaria B) extremely dangerous patient C) rare and dangerous area D) deadly kind of malaria 48) The ______________ provoke 40% of deaths in the world. A) different types of malaria B) Falciparum malaria C) Health Ministers D) three patients 49) There are _________ kinds of malaria. A) four B) forty C) thirty D) three
  20. 20. 21 Read the article and choose the correct alternative to answer each question according to the text. HEADACHES Doctors say there are several kinds of headaches. Each kind begins in a different place and needs a different treatment. One kind, which starts in the arteries in the head, is the migraine headache. The arteries swell and send pain signals to the brain. Migraine headaches continue with a change in vision. The person sees wavy lines, black dots, or bright spots in front of the eyes. This is a warning that a migraine is coming. The migraine occurs on only one side of the head. Vision is blurred and the person may vomit from the pain. These headaches are more frequent in women than in men. Sleep is the best cure for them. Cluster headaches, which also start in the arteries, are called clusters or groups because they occur for two or three months, and there are no more for several months or even years. A cluster headache lasts up to two hours and then goes away. At the beginning of the headache, the eyes are red and watery, and there is a continuous pain in the head. Taken from Cause and Effect
  21. 21. 22 50) What is a symptom clearly associated to migraine headaches? A) A person’s vision suffers alterations. B) Pain lasts for about two hours. C) People’s eyes get watery. D) The eyes turn red. 51) Who is most often affected by migraine headaches? A) Persons with red eyes B) Doctors C) Women D) Men 52) How do headaches start? They start __________________. A) with inflammation in the arteries B) after taking different treatments C) with black dots and wavy lines D) after sleeping
  22. 22. 23 Read the text and choose the correct alternative to answer the questions. Oscar Arias Confirms Reelection Proposal Former President and Nobel Peace Laureate Oscar Arias (1986- 1990) this week formally confirmed his intent to run for a second term as president in 2006 as a National Liberation Party candidate, the daily Al Día reported. “Yes, yes. The answer to your question is I have made my decision,” Arias responded, with a smile on his face, after being cornered outside his house by reporter Pablo Guerén on Wednesday. Near the end of March, Arias will announce his candidacy to the Costa Rican public on national television. His statement came one day after his immediate predecessor and fellow party member, former President Luis Alberto Monge (1982-1986), announced he would endorse* Antonio Álvarez Desanti as National Liberation Party’s candidate during the 2006 elections. Arias and Desanti will meet during the party’s primary elections next year to define who will be the party’s candidate in 2006. Taken from The Tico Times *Endorse: give help or support
  23. 23. 24 53) What did Oscar Arias declare to the press? His wish to ___________________. A) run for a second time as a president B) support his immediate predecessor C) be cornered outside his house D) report a fellow party 54) Whom is former president Luis Alberto Monge supporting? ________________ . A) Oscar Arias B) Pablo Guerén C) Antonio Alvarez Desanti D) The Nobel Peace Laureate 55) Who are two possible National Liberation’s pre-candidates? _______________. A) Monge and Arias B) Arias and Guerén C) Alvarez and Arias D) Alvarez and Monge 56) How will Oscar Arias confirm his decision publicly? _________________ . A) On national television B) During the 2006 elections C) Being cornered outside his house D) Coming one day after his predecessor
  24. 24. 25 Read the text. CELINE DIONCELINE DIONCELINE DIONCELINE DION Certainly, I love my lifestyle. I am always busy, but I just enjoy life as much as possible. My husband René and I usually get up at six o’clock. I hate to sleep late. Next, I take a shower and give a shower to my baby. She loves that a lot and plays with water during that time. I sing her songs such as “A New Day Has Come,” “Super Love,” and “The Greatest Reward.” During the morning, I go to the recording studio. In the afternoon, if I’m not on a tour, I almost always practice tennis with my husband. He is very loving. By the way, he’s an excellent tennis player. On weekends, I don’t do anything special. I usually get up early. I take a shower and give my baby hers. My husband and I enjoy visiting friends. We also read, watch TV, or listen to music; however, sometimes we listen to my own songs. Some of them are addressed to him and my daughter. I love my life and everything that has happened to me. I am never bored. Choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence, from the previous text. 57) The couple likes to _____________. A) read magazines and walk B) read and listen to music C) watch movies and run D) sing and watch TV 58) This singer ____________________. A) gets up early in the morning B) gets up late on Sundays C) runs for five hours D) is always bored 59) Celine Dion and her husband ____________________. A) sing to their baby B) like to visit their friends C) give a shower to their baby D) like to write their own music 60) An activity Celine dislikes a lot is ________________. A) playing tennis with René B) listening to music C) practicing tennis D) sleeping late
  25. 25. 26 Read the text and choose the best alternative to complete the sentences Television “Hypnotizes” Tico Kids Television has become the proverbial electronic babysitter in Costa Rica. Teachers interviewed lamented what they saw as the lack of control by parents over what goes on in the child’s home, and of parents allowing their children to be in “hypnotized” of television. They criticized the intrusion of the medium on time that could be more productively spent studying. A University of Costa Rica study last year found that the average child spends some six hours per day watching television, longer than they spend in school. Officials surveyed cited the almost complete lack of educational programming available in the afternoon when students return home from school. Though many students surveyed by Al Día admitted to studying a maximum of one to two hours in the evening as exam time neared, most tuned in to cartoons and soap operas. 61) Television is considered a babysitter because ______________. A) children watch fewer cartoons B) there are TV sets in every house C) they like to watch a few soap operas D) children spend a lot of time in front of the TV 62) According to some teachers, __________ responsible for this problem. A) the University of Costa Rica is B) principals are C) students are D) parents are 63) Most of the programs the students watch are considered ________________. A) suitable for the student’s age B) very educational programs C) non-educational programs D) excellent programs
  26. 26. 27 Read the following information. Advantages and Disadvantages of Hydropower Hydro-electricity is electricity generated by the energy of running water. Advantages: Recreational and wild life refuges are often created by hydroelectric power projects. Dams also allow river navigation to be more manageable, provide hydroelectric power, and create lakes for fishing and recreation. Dams are important because they provide us with water for industry and irrigation. Dams can also help to reduce or prevent damaging floods. There is no chemical residual, toxic waste disposal or air pollution as a result of a plant in operation. Disadvantages: The ecology of the project area can be disturbed. Large areas of land upstream flood when a mayor hydroelectric dam is built. A project like this can diminish the water flow downstream. Fish migration to natural breeding grounds might be disturbed. Adapted from P Z Guide Costa Rica.
  27. 27. 28 Choose the appropriate alternative to complete each sentence, according to the text. 64) One problem caused by hydroelectric power is ____________________. A) air pollution B) chemical residuals C) recreational refuges D) only fishing activities 65) Dams become very important because they ___________________________. A) make river navigation easier B) increase damaging floods C) obstruct river navigation D) flood land upstream 66) Dams can ____________________________. A) provoke chemical contamination B) diminish recreational fishing C) prevent disastrous floods D) promote pollution 67) A negative consequence of dam constructions is that ______________________. A) the habitat of some fish may be changed B) the amount of water flow increases C) men can use water for irrigation D) it provides drinkable water
  28. 28. 29 Read the article and choose the correct alternative to complete each sentence. WOMEN AND CHANGES In the last fifty years, many countries have approved a series of regulations to improve the conditions of women in the world. Though there’s still a long path to walk before giving women their fair place in society, here are some promising statistics. Ninety percent of all countries now have official organizations to improve the lives of women. More than half the countries have laws to protect the rights of women. Ninety percent of the countries have passed laws to give women equal pay for equal work. World Health Organization and UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) have programs to improve the health of people in the Third World countries, especially women and children. Half of the women in the world now have birth-control methods available. Forty percent of children in school now are girls, a big change from the past, because in many countries education was not available to girls. Unfortunately, changes come slow and, even today, only six percent of positions in government are held by women, and an alarming sixty percent of the people who can’t read and write around the world are women. Taken from Cause and Effect
  29. 29. 30 68) The ____% of women in the world have access to birth-control methods. A) 40 B) 50 C) 90 D) 95 69) Now, ________ of the countries in the world protect women’s labor rights. A) 90% B) 50% C) 40% D) 10% 70) The _________________________ have changed significantly in last decades. A) legislation that protects women B) World Health Organization C) role of women in politics D) level of literate women
  30. 30. 31 Read the article and choose the correct alternative to answer each question. COMPUTERS Computers are machines that help people find answers to their questions. There are many kinds of computers. Some are very large, others are so small that we can put them in our pockets. The two basic, main kinds of computers are analog and digital. Computers can do many things. They can solve mathematics problems, record airline reservations, help in space flights and direct nuclear weapons. They can even speak and make translations from one language to another. Computers are becoming more and more popular. Many small businesses such as shoe stores and restaurants are using small office computers. These businesses use computers for jobs, such as keeping inventory (counting how many shoes they have sold, and counting how many and what kinds they still have.) These computers can help the business-people make decisions about what to order, buy, deliver and so on. Home computers are also very popular. Everyone in the family can use these small, inexpensive devices. Children enjoy playing video games, like Pac-Man and River Raiders, on them. In addition, they can use these aids to learn and review schoolwork. Adults often use these computers to help with the household budget, amount of money to spend. These versatile machines can also type letters. Taken from The Ability to Risk 71) What do children use computers for? For _________________________. A) making more money B) keeping records of their video games C) playing games and doing school work D) keeping records of their family budget
  31. 31. 32 72) How do computers facilitate communication? By ___________________. A) directing nuclear weapons to other countries B) playing Pac-Man and River Raiders alone C) putting them in our pockets D) translating languages 73) How do office computers help business people? By ____________________. A) keeping updated sales inventories B) ordering from small restaurants C) promoting the delivery of shoes D) buying in small stores 74) Why are computers getting more and more popular? Because they _____________. A) serve humans in many fields B) are getting larger everyday C) represent money to spend D) can be analog 75) How many kinds of computers are there? There are ___________________. A) three: office, home, and letter-typing ones B) only two, analog and digital C) only large and small ones D) many sizes and kinds 76) How are computers used in war and defense? To ______________________. A) guide nuclear weapons B) reserve tickets in airlines C) control the household budget D) know the amount of shoes in the stores
  32. 32. 33 Read the text. Choose the correct alternative to complete the sentences. Relax in Classy Casitas Italian cuisine -some say it’s the best in the Manuel Antonio area. Breakfast and lunch are served, and the friendly bar is open late. Hotel Casitas Eclipse is only one km from the National Park. It’s a pleasant stroll downhill to get there, and there are plenty of buses to bring you back up later in the day. While staying at the hotel, you can choose whitewater rafting, sport fishing, sunset-cruising, surfing, horseback riding, biking in the park, or just spending the day with a good book in the shade by the pool. The owner says some people spend 15 days at the hotel and never get bored! Rates at Hotel Casitas Eclipse start at $95 for a single room and go up to $225 for a casita suite which sleeps five. Prices drop considerably in the rainy season, from mid-April to mid- December. GETTING THERE: A direct bus leaves the Coca Cola terminal three times a day. You can also take a San José-Quepos bus, which has frequent departures, and hop on the local bus once in Quepos. SANSA flies to Quepos twice a day and provides a shuttle service on both ends, $35 one way. Call 221-9414. 77) You can enjoy ____________ in the water. A) horseback riding B) a pleasant stroll C) a suite D) rafting 78) The rates at Hotel Casitas Eclipse __________ during the rainy season. A) go up B) go down C) remain high D) stay the same 79) Tourists can get to Quepos by __________ from San José. A) horseback riding and swimming B) train and plane C) bus and plane D) boat and bus 80) Hotel Casitas offers the tourists _____________. A) buses and planes B) drinks and eclipses C) flights and horseback riding D) meals and several room fares
  33. 33. 34 ITEMES DE LA ESPECÍFICA 1) 10 9) 44 2) 19 10) 52 3) 20 11) 55 4) 27 12) 59 5) 28 13) 67 6) 30 14) 68 7) 31 15) 72 8) 37 16) 77