1,000 most frequently used words (Englishpost.org)


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1,000 most frequently used words (Englishpost.org)

  1. 1. Instant Words 1,000 Most Frequently Used WordsThese are the most common words in English, ranked in frequency order. The first 25 make upabout a third of all printed material. The first 100 make up about half of all written material, andthe first 300 make up about 65 percent of all written material. Is it any wonder that all studentsmust learn to recognize these words instantly and to spell them correctly also?Source: The Reading Teacher’s Book of Lists, Fourth Edition, © 2000 by Prentice HallAuthors: Fry, Kress & Fountoukidis FIRST HUNDREDWords 1-25 Words 26-50 Words 51-75 Words 75-100the or will numberof one up noand had other waya by about couldto word out peoplein but many myis not then thanyou what them firstthat all these waterit were so beenhe we some callwas when her whofor your would oilon can make itsare said like nowas there him findwith use into longhis an time downthey each has dayI which look didat she two getbe do more comethis how write madehave their go mayfrom if see part
  2. 2. SECOND HUNDREDWords Words Words Words101-125 126-150 151-175 176-200over say set trynew great put kindsound where end handtake help does pictureonly through another againlittle much well changework before large offknow line must playplace right big spellyear too even airlive mean such awayme old because animalback any turn housegive same here pointmost tell why pagevery boy ask letterafter follow went motherthing came men answerour want read foundjust show need studyname also land stillgood around different learnsentence form home shouldman three us Americathink small move world
  3. 3. THIRD HUNDREDWords Words Words Words201-225 226-250 251-275 276-300high saw important missevery left until ideanear don’t children enoughadd few side eatfood while feet facebetween along car watchown might mile farbelow close night Indiancountry something walk reallyplant seem white almostlast next sea letschool hard began abovefather open grow girlkeep example took sometimestree begin river mountainnever life four cutstart always carry youngcity those state talkearth both once sooneye paper book listlight together hear songthought got stop beinghead group without leaveunder often second familystory run later it’s
  4. 4. FOURTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words301-325 326-350 351-375 376-400body order listen farmmusic red wind pulledcolor door rock drawstand sure space voicesun become covered seenquestion top fast coldfish ship several criedarea across hold planmark today himself noticedog during toward southhorse short five singbirds better step warproblem best morning groundcomplete however passed fallroom low vowel kingknew hours true townsince black hundred I’llever products against unitpiece happened pattern figuretold whole numeral certainusually measure table fielddidn’t remember north travelfriends early slowly woodeasy waves money fireheard reached map upon
  5. 5. FIFTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words401-425 426-450 451-475 476-500done decided plane filledEnglish contain system heatroad course behind fullhalt surface ran hotten produce round checkfly building boat objectgave ocean game ambox class force rulefinally note brought amongwait nothing understand nouncorrect rest warm poweroh carefully common cannotquickly scientists bring ableperson inside explain sixbecame wheels dry sizeshown stay though darkminutes green language ballstrong known shape materialverb island deep specialstars week thousands heavyfront less yes finefeel machine clear pairfact base equation circleinches ago yet includestreet stood government built
  6. 6. SIXTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words501-525 526-550 551-575 576-600can’t picked legs besidematter simple sat gonesquare cells main skysyllables paint winter glassperhaps mind wide millionbill love written westfelt cause length laysuddenly rain reason weathertest exercise kept rootdirection eggs interest instrumentscenter train arms meetfarmers blue brother thirdready wish race monthsanything drop present paragraphdivided developed beautiful raisedgeneral window store representenergy difference job softsubject distance edge whetherEurope heart past clothesmoon sit sign flowersregion sum record shallreturn summer finished teacherbelieve wall discovered helddance forest wild describemembers probably happy drive
  7. 7. SEVENTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words601-625 626-650 651-675 676-700cross already hair rolledspeak instead age bearsolve phrase amount wonderappear soil scale smiledmetal bed pounds angleson copy although fractioneither free per Africaice hope broken killedsleep spring moment melodyvillage case tiny bottomfactors laughed possible tripresult nation gold holejumped quite milk poorsnow type quiet let’sride themselves natural fightcare temperature lot surprisefloor bright stone Frenchhill lead act diedpushed everyone build beatbaby method middle exactlybuy section speed remaincentury lake count dressoutside consonant cat ironeverything within someone couldn’ttall dictionary sail fingers
  8. 8. EIGHTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words701-725 726-750 751-775 776-800row president yourself caughtleast brown control fellcatch trouble practice teamclimbed cool report Godwrote cloud straight captainshouted lost rise directcontinued sent statement ringitself symbols stick serveelse wear party childplains bad seeds desertgas save suppose increaseEngland experiment woman historyburning engine coast costdesign alone bank maybejoined drawing period businessfoot east wire separatelaw pay choose breakears single clean unclegrass touch visit huntingyou’re information bit flowgrew express whose ladyskin mouth received studentsvalley yard garden humancents equal please artkey decimal strange feeling
  9. 9. NINTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words801-825 826-850 851-875 876-900supply guess thick majorcorner silent blood observeelectric trade lie tubeinsects rather spot necessarycrops compare bell weighttone crowd fun meathit poem loud liftedsand enjoy consider processdoctor elements suggested armyprovide indicate thin hatthus except position propertywon’t expect entered particularcook flat fruit swimbones seven tied termstail interesting rich currentboard sense dollars parkmodern string send sellcompound blow sight shouldermine famous chief industrywasn’t value Japanese washfit wings stream blockaddition movement planets spreadbelong pole rhythm cattlesafe exciting eight wifesoldiers branches science sharp
  10. 10. TENTH HUNDREDWords Words Words Words901-925 926-950 951-975 976-1000company sister gun totalradio oxygen similar dealwe’ll plural death determineaction various score eveningcapital agreed forward norfactories opposite stretched ropesettled wrong experience cottonyellow chart rose appleisn’t prepared allow detailssouthern pretty fear entiretruck solution workers cornfair fresh Washington substancesprinted shop Greek smellwouldn’t suffix women toolsahead especially bought conditionschance shoes led cowsborn actually march tracklevel nose northern arrivedtriangle afraid create locatedmolecules dead British sirFrance sugar difficult seatrepeated adjective match divisioncolumn fig win effectwestern office doesn’t underlinechurch huge steel view