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  • Created in 1897, this is a company that has gone through more than a century of business. More than 5000 products are distributed across the globe in 160 countries. Dow can rely on 188 sites located in 35 different countries to serve its customers around the world. All of this couldn’t be done without the support of about 50 000 employees. Innovation is one of the most critical piece of the Dow strategy, which invest 1.5 Billion $ in R&D to help bring differentiation to its partners. Dow has achieved a turn over of 53.7 Billions $ in 2010. One of the milestones of Dow’s current transformation to become the leading specialty chemical company has been the acquisition in 2009, of Rohm and Haas, a 15000 employees company, and a leader in his field, especially electronics and water treatment market, to name some few.
  • 2 critical dates : - 2001 : acquisition of Union Carbide, reinforcing significantly Dow Wire & Cable division.
  • 5 operating divisions : Advanced Materials : essentially the heritage of Rohms and Haas for the electronics (like coatings for printed circuit board). Also part of this division, material for building and construction (paints, cement, …) Health and Agricultural Sciences : dedicated to herbicides, insecticide, fungicide an seed technology. A leader in its field. Performance Materials, in which stands Dow Automotive, Dow Oil& Gas, Oxygenated solvents… the new Plastics Performance division, a 14 Billion$ sales division. where stands the Electrical & telecommunications market facing business unit. Besides packaging business unit, Hygiene and health and Elastomeres. Feedstocks and Hydrocarbons
  • Dow Electrical & telecommunications is the worldwide leading supplier of compounds and resins for the wire & cable industry. With sales of 1.3 billion $ in 2010. Dow E&T core business relies on PE material but Dow has put, during the last 4 years, a lot of emphasis to also diversify from PE and cables only, and address the entire data and energy transmission & distribution value chain. One can quote for instance bio-based oils for transformers, bio-based plasticizers for PVC…among others. Dow E&T has a good knowledge about the Wire and cable industry with its first track record back from the 50’s with its Japanese assets (today called NUC). Dow Wire & Cable is the only trully global wire & cable compound supplier with a balanced asset positioning.
  • The following map shows that Dow E&T has a production presence that covers the globe with its manufacturing assets in US, Europe and Japan.
  • DWC005 wksn summary

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  • Dow Electrical & Telecommunications
  • The Dow Chemical Company (TDCC)• Founded in 1897 by Herbert H. Dow in Midland, Michigan• More than 5000 products and technologies to customers in around 160 countries• 188 productions facilities in 35 countries• Employs 50 000 employees worldwide• 1.5 Billion USD of R&D• 2010 sales = 53.7 Billion USD• In 2009, Dow acquired Rohm and Haas (15,000 employees) and makes Dow the leading specialties chemicals and advanced materials company
  • The Dow Chemical history and milestones
  • Dow Olympic PartnershipIt’s official …Dow is a Worldwide Olympic Partner and the “Official Chemistry Company” of the OlympicMovement through 2020.What is the goal of the Olympic Why is Dow How is Dow Movement? involved? involved?To contribute to building a Our worldwide partnership allows We are leveraging our globalpeaceful and better world by us to highlight the depth and network to deliver chemistry- andeducating youth through sport breadth of our specialty products technology-enabled solutions topracticed without discrimination and the important role chemistry help achieve a more sustainableof any kind, in a spirit of plays in sports and everyday life, footprint for the Olympic Gamesfriendship, solidarity and fair while pursuing significant new and for communities in the hostplay. revenue opportunities. territories.
  • Dow Operating SegmentsAdvanced Materials Electronic & Coatings & Specialty Materials Infrastructure 49% 14%Health & Agricultural Sciences 8% 14.3 B$ Sales 5% Health & Agricultural Sciences 9% 15%Performance Products & Systems Performance Systems Performance ProductsPerformance Plastics Packaging Health & Electrical & Elastomers Hygiene TelecommunicationFeedstocks and Hydrocarbons Feedstocks & Hydrocarbons
  • Dow Electrical & Telecommunications (Dow E&T)• A market facing business part of Dow Performance Plastics div.• Worldwide leading supplier of Compounds and Resins for the Wire & Cable industry• Sales 2010 : 1.3 Billion USD business• Going beyond polyethylene & cables, addressing the entire data and energy transmission & distribution value chain• Long history and commitment to the industry for 60 years• The only trully global wire & cable compound company with a balanced asset positioning (production sites in NA / Asia Pacific / Europe)
  • Dow E&T - A Global Presence Tessenderlo, Belgium Schkopau, Germany Prentiss, AB Bound Brook, NJ Horgen, Switzerland Kawasaki, Japan Freeport, TX Shanghai Tarragona, SpainOyster Creek, TX Pune, India Seadrift, TXPlaquemine, LA St. Charles, LA SingaporeBuenos Aires, Argentina Sao Paulo, Brazil TS&D Site R&D Site Manufacturing Site
  • Dow E&T - Delivering Value to Key Markets Our portfolio is organized through 3 different segments : POWER DELIVERY SYSTEMS − ENDURANCETM insulation, jacketing and semi-conductive materials for low (LV), medium (MV), high (HV) and extra-high (EHV) voltage power cables up to 500kV − Technology and expertise from the power source to the wall outlet – including materials for underground and submarine cables, building wires, transformers, etc… − Relationships with or memberships in several industry trade associations and testing institutes − Extruded polymeric solutions for high-end transmission cables (HV, EHV, HVDC, etc…) − Flexible insulation systems for ease-of-installation in distribution cables DATA DELIVERY SYSTEMS − Insulation, jacketing and specialty materials for telecommunication, fiber optic, radio frequency and coax cable − Wireless Networks – these systems still require wires and cables – cell towers, antennas, etc. SPECIALTY SYSTEMS − High performance, non-halogen flame retardant compounds − Bio-based materials for building, appliance, automotive and personal electronics wiring ®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow
  • Dow E&T - Leadership in Global HV/EHV Materials Germany Long history of 60 years in the Wire and cable industry 400 kV 170 kV (2008….) (2006)Dow Innovation Japan - NUC 500 kV** 275 kV (1992) 2005 154kV (1981) (1977) 2000 66kV 1990 (1963) 1980 220 kV 1970 132 kV 1960 69 kV + Supersmooth Shields 1950 North America **First ever 500 kV cable @ Tokyo Electric Power in 1992 using “Ultraclean” Insulation from NUC/ Dow helped establish standard in advanced performance materials
  • Dow E&T – HV/EHV EnduranceTM product offering*K-4300 is a Low Sag insulation grade ®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow
  • Dow E&T - Leadership in Global Telecom Materials Development of New DFDA-6059 LLDPE BK Jacket Low Shrink HDPE DGDA-3485/3364 Developed DGDA-3487 Insulation Jacket DGDA-6318 BK for Foam/Skin for Demanding Thermal Use for New FOC Designs HDPE for Cu Low Modulus MDPE Telephone DHDA-8864 BK Singles DevelopedDow Innovation Insulation for FOC Jacket 2000 LDPE for Transatlantic Ocean Cable 1990 Plenum crossweb Insulation 1980 compound (DFDA-1675) 1970 DFNA-0012 NT and DFNA-0078 NT Nucleating 1960 Developed Gas Injection Agent Master Batches for HF Technology on Principles Cable All-in-one Gas INSPIRE™ of Sonic Injection Injection Compound Performance 1950 Polymer DGDA-6923 LDPE in Radar Cable Commercial Platform for Use of LDPE for Cable Jacket Core Tubes, Jacket & Insulation
  • Dow E&T – Telecom product offeringBlack jacket grades for telecom cables Grades for solid insulation Melt Index Density Melt Index Density Grade Description Grade Description (g/10min) (g/cm3) (g/10min) (g/cm3)DFDG-6059 BK Bk LLDPE jacket 0.6 0.93 DGDK-3364 NT HDPE insulation 0.75 0.945 DGDO-3364 NT HDPE (higher adhesion)DHDA-6548 BK Bk MDPE jacket 0.7 0.945 DFDA-7540 NT LLDPE insulation 0.7 0.921DHDA-8864 BK Bk MDPE jacket (FOC) 0.7 0.941 Grades for cellular insulation (chemical foaming)DGDR-6800 BK Bk HDPE jacket 0.55 0.958 Melt Index Density Grade Description (g/10min) (g/cm3)DFDD-0588 BK Bk LDPE resin 0.21 0.931 DGDB-3485 NT HDPE with blowing agent 0.85 0.943Grades for cellular insulation (gas injection) DFD-4960 NT LDPE with blowing agent 2.1 0.918 Melt Index Density Grade Description (g/10min) (g/cm3) Colourable jacket grades for telecom cables 1.7 Melt Index DensityDFNK-0012 NT Nucleator masterbatch (140°C/5k 0.928 Grade Description (g/10min) (g/cm3) g) Nucleator masterbatch for DFDK-6050 NT Natural LLDPE jacket 0.9 0.92DFNA-0078 NT RF cable and 75 Ohm 2.0 0.97 CATV cable DHDB-6549 NT Natural MDPE jacket 0.7 0.935 LDPE blendingDFDA-1254 NT 8.0 0.918 component DHDA-8864 NT Nt MDPE jacket (FOC) 0.65 0.932DGDA-6944 NT HDPE blend component 8.0 0.965 DGDK-6862 NT Natural HDPE jacket 0.8 0.941 Fully formulated 5.7DGDK-6923 NT compound for coax (140°C/5k 0.948 Carbon Masterbatch 32 (190°C,A EXP1 DFDK-6010 BK (CATV) g) 42% CB 21,6 kg)
  • Electrical & Telecom – Global Market Snapshot Accessories $2 Billion Total Electrical & Additives/Fluids Telecom Industry: $6 Billion $145 Billion Polymers $27 Billion Metals $110 Billion(2010 estimates by CRU Int’l & Dow) ®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow
  • Global Trends Drive Growth Global Megatrends Market Drivers Growth Drivers • Increases in underground• Consumerism • Growth in global electricity cable installations that are• Health and Nutrition consumption replacing traditional overhead • GDP and consumer lifestyle wires• Energy changes • High longevity systems with• Transportation and • Urbanization improved reliability – lower Infrastructure long-term utility costs • Electric vehicles • Infrastructure growth and • Emerging markets growth that ‘Smart Grid’ yields new infrastructure installation projects • Climate change and renewable energy • Aging infrastructure renewal in developed markets • Energy efficiency and storage • Demand for wireless • New transmission demand technology • Global expansion of wireless • Cable required to link all technology renewable energy resources to the grid Sustainability ®™Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company (“Dow”) or an affiliated company of Dow
  • Dow Electrical & TelecommunicationsNumber One in Creating Sustained Value for the Wired World The leading provider of technology, solutions, and expertise that set the standard for efficiency and protection in the transmission and distribution of Electricity and Telecommunications, voice, video & data.
  • Dow E&T – End-use marketing teamWire & Cable Building Relationships Dow the Value ChainApple Computer 17
  • Dow E&T Value Chain DriversTransmission Efficiency Ease of Installation Green & Longevity Focuses on the efficient use It’s aboutFocuses on getting the most of the new infrastructure; it’s more environmentally out of their infrastructure less about simply making friendly solutions installation easier
  • Dow E&T Value Chain ParticipantsCustomers Ext. R&D VNII KPExternal Mfg End Users
  • Dow Inside – AdvertisingMaking Reliability Raising Awareness of theEmotionally Relevant Importance of ReliabilityPEACE OF MIND RELIABILITY SERENITY