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Parents guide to social media
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Parents guide to social media


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This presentation will help parents keep their kids safe while online. The internet can be productive and fun, but comes with risks, which need to be addressed.

This presentation will help parents keep their kids safe while online. The internet can be productive and fun, but comes with risks, which need to be addressed.

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Parents’ Guide to Social Media Welcome & Thank You! Joseph M. Yeager, MBA
  • 2. Which movie is this from? “…your scientists were so preoccupied about whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”
  • 3. Tonight’s Topics: 1. How teens differ from adults online 2. Using search engines 3. Review of popular social media platforms 4. Children, cell phones/texting 5. Trolls & Predators 6. Cyberbullying 7. Kids Safe Sites 8. What Can You Do?
  • 4. Think about it… At this point, more than 50% of the world’s population was born after the internet was created. That percentage will only increase until it reaches 100%!
  • 5. Caveat Emptor Instead of Let the Buyer Beware, it should be “Let the User Beware!” Kids see computers & social media as the “norm”, unaware of what can happen online.
  • 6. Danielle Smith & Family Source:
  • 7. “Once It’s There, It’s There to Stay” A student in Georgia posted a picture of herself in a bikini onto her own Facebook page, alongside a cardboard cutout of Snoop Dog, thinking it was private. She was wrong!
  • 8. How do Search Engines Work?  Content is scored (rated) by what it contains & how often it is viewed.  It can also be “tagged” to show up on a search based on keywords.
  • 9. What You Enter Matters
  • 10. What You Enter Matters
  • 11. GEO Tagging Geographic tracking of images done by devices, including cell phones, tablets and even some digital cameras.
  • 12. GEO Tagging The electronic “paper trail” can lead predators directly to your home.
  • 13. Facebook  Must be 13 years old to use the site ◦ Probably the most widely ignored policy in all of social media ◦ While still #1, it is being used less and less by kids.
  • 14. Facebook
  • 15. Facebook
  • 16. Facebook
  • 17. LinkedIn  As of September 2013, the service allows 14 year olds to use the site.  Why would they do that?
  • 18. Skype Can be used to make free audio or audio and video calls. The resolution is as good as your WiFi.
  • 19. Tumblr Post anything (from anywhere) As of June 2013, owned by Yahoo! Allows users to track any blogs that they wish to follow. Considered one of the most porn-laden sites in all of social media.
  • 20. YouTube Owned by Google. The second biggest social media platform, behind only Facebook. Can be used without having an account.
  • 21. The Risks in Tagging Images
  • 22. Why Don’t Social Media Platforms Police Themselves?
  • 23. Cell Phones Putting video capabilities aside, the ability to send texts via cell phone opens up risks involved with sexting. PA House Bill 815 was signed into law in December 2012. It is considered one of the strictest in the country.
  • 24. Cell Phones & Texting What do these mean? Abbreviation Meaning AITR Adult in the room ASL Age, sex, location? LGH Let’s get high LH6 Let’s have sex MIRL Meet in real life NIFOC Naked in front of computer PRW Parents are watching WTGP Want to go private?
  • 25. Explains over 350 texting abbreviations!
  • 26. Cell Phones DEAR MORTIFIED: I'm printing your letter because, once again, it illustrates the danger of putting videos of a sexual nature on cellphones.
  • 27. Cell Phones Parents looking for cell phone choices for their kids should visit: I like the LG MIGO VX1000, which is exclusive to Verizon.
  • 28. Who knows what a “selfie” is?
  • 29. Snapchat  A photo sharing site that is designed to last for no more than 10 seconds.
  • 30. Snapchat Drexel University Associate Professor of Sociology & Criminal Justice Rob D’Ovidio talked about Snapchat on Fox 29: "So we've seen teenagers use Snapchat to send sexually explicit images back and forth to boyfriend or girlfriend, people that you may be romantically interested in... and those pictures have a way of getting out there."
  • 31. What Do These Two Have in Common?
  • 32. Types of Trolls: Mischievous   Intend no harm Mindless   Often appear genuine Malicious   Intentionally abusive Destructive   Intent on causing serious harm
  • 33. Cyberbullying The threat does not need to be physical or even be in person to cause harm! Visit:
  • 34. The Story of Amanda Todd
  • 35. 1. Educate yourself 2. Protect your password 3. Keep photos “PG” rated 4. Never open unidentified or unsolicited messages 5. Log out of online accounts when not in use Source:
  • 36. 6. Pause before you post 7. Raise awareness 8. Set up privacy controls 9. “Google” yourself 10. Don’t be a cyberbully yourself Source:
  • 37. What to do if Your Child is the Victim of Cyberbullying:  Make sure your child feels safe  Encourage them to have a relationship with an adult that they can trust  Don’t delete the evidence  Contact the police if necessary
  • 38. Kid-Safe Social Media Sites  Club Penguin  Everloop  Fanlala  giantHello  Imbee  Kazaana (7+)  Kidsocial (tweens)  Kidsocial (8+)  KidzVuz (tweens)  Scuttlepad  Sweety High   Yoursphere (6-14) (tweens) (tweens) (tweens) (tweens) (6-11) (tween girls) (7-13) (“kids”)
  • 39. What Can You Do? 1. Be pro-active! 2. Set up alerts 3. Have a plan 4. Work together 5. Stay informed 6. Don’t overreact
  • 40. Google Alerts Set up Google Alerts on:  Your kids’ names  Your kids’ school name  Your kids’ sports teams  Anything else identifiable to your child
  • 41. What More Can You Do? Like the Parents Guide to Social Media Facebook page: Subscribe to: Create/join a parents group on social media
  • 42. What More Can You Do? McGruff the Crime Dog Keystroke recording software (last resort) In Bensalem, contact Sgt. Bugsch, at (215) 633-3694
  • 43. What More Can You Do? cialgeekradio/2013/09/26/ how-kids-can-be-safe-onsocial-media
  • 44. Copies of this presentation are available on online. To download it, visit:
  • 45. Knowledge is knowing what to say. Wisdom is knowing when to say it.