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This slide show talks about the power of LinkedIn it is part of a lecture that goes into more detail. …

This slide show talks about the power of LinkedIn it is part of a lecture that goes into more detail.
If you are interested in having this lecture presented send an email to

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  • 1. Developing a Web Presence Using LinkedIn By EVOLUTION Career Business Leadership
  • 2. LinkedIn If you have further questions please email me at: [email_address] Topics covered: Profile, Home Page, Answers, Group Discussions, Settings, Book Read and Events
  • 3. LinkedIn
    • In today’s job market companies want to know if you understand technology!
    • They feel that if you have a web presence then you understand technology.
    • LinkedIn allows you to have a professional presence
  • 4. LinkedIn
    • What is Web Presence?
    • It is the ability to navigate your way around the net.
    • It is your understanding of the media that is out there and your ability to use this media
    • What do they look for?
  • 5. LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn, Facebook, My Space, Twitter, Skype, Web Page, Email
    • Do you have any of these and how do you use them and how often?
    • Do you know or understand the power of social media?
    • Do you know how to take advantage of these?
  • 6. LinkedIn
    • This presentation will concentrate on LinkedIn because it is a professional networking site.
    • There is a vast array of tools and you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each
    • This information is valuable for both business and career seekers.
  • 7. LinkedIn
    • LinkedIn can be a powerful tool that can work for you or against you. As you fill out or update your profile or get into other features I just want to say that You are dealing with other human beings and it is their perception of what they read that will make it a pro or a con for you.
  • 8. LinkedIn Start
    • If you are just starting, LinkedIn gives you an identification
    • Before all else go to your profile page and edit it to your real name.
    • If you have a common name i.e. John Smith use your whole name and any letters after it i.e. MBA etc.
  • 9. LinkedIn Home Page
    • Profile
    • Value Statement
    • Executive Summary
    • Experience
    • Awards and organizations
    • Groups
    • Inbox
    • Connections
    • Answers
    • Books Read
    • Jobs
    • Profile Viewed
  • 10. LinkedIn Profile
    • The profile page – Tell me about yourself!
    • Each section has a purpose
    • Each section needs to be filled out
    • An incomplete profile will go against you in a net search
    • Use a Professional picture
  • 11. LinkedIn Profile
    • Picture
    • Name
    • Title
    • Value Statement
    • Number of direct connections
    • Number of possible new connections
  • 12. LinkedIn Profile
    • Add a professional picture. I want to see who I am doing business with.
    • What if your name is Pat Smith and I want to send an email do I start Mr. or Ms. No picture I can’t tell.
    • Name is your full name and any additions i.e. MBA PhD MD etc.
    • I would also add title after your name
  • 13. LinkedIn Profile
    • Title box- either add title or put in a value statement
    • Value Statement – put in a stronger value statement if you put one in the title box.
    • Number of Direct Connection
    • Number of possible connections
  • 14. LinkedIn Profile
    • Summary Statement
    • Place your best accomplishments here and your best skills. Use the PARS or STARS format. Answer three questions within these:
    • How do you make or save time
    • How do you make or save money
    • How do solve problems
  • 15. LinkedIn Profile
    • Experience Section
    • Unlike a resume you can list as many companies as you want.
    • You can also list all of your accomplishments
    • Make sure dates are the same as your resume if you are career seeking
  • 16. LinkedIn Profile
    • The experience section Advantages and Disadvantages
    • Shows all your experience and accomplishments
    • Shows how you work
    • How you solve problems
    • Your knowledge in your area
  • 17. LinkedIn Profile
    • Recommendations
    • You need three(3) to reach 100% profile.
    • I would choose wisely your recommendation.
    • The more recent the better
    • There is no limit on recommendations
  • 18. LinkedIn Profile
    • Websites
    • If you have a personal website with nothing to hide then add it to the website link.
    • If you have a blog related to work then add it to the link.
    • If you have a Twitter account and it does not have personal information being tweeted then add it to the link
  • 19. LinkedIn Profile
    • Website continued
    • Company Website –check with your company before adding their website to this link. They may have a policy or procedures .
  • 20. LinkedIn Profile
    • Organizations and Groups
    • Caution Business Politics and Religion do not mix well.
    • List professional organizations you belong to
    • Other organizations are a personal call
    • LinkedIn groups will show here
  • 21. LinkedIn Profile
    • Honors and Awards
    • If you have received Military honors or Awards this is a good place to list them
    • If you have received company awards this is a good place to list them.
  • 22. LinkedIn Profile
    • Personal Information
    • This is your call but I ask how much personal information do you want on the web?
    • Personal call to list hobbies and interest.
  • 23. LinkedIn Profile
    • Contact Settings
    • This is where you can choose how you wish to be contacted
    • It also shows your area of interest for being contacted
  • 24. LinkedIn Profile
    • Applications
    • There are a number of applications for you to choose from. If you will be sharing information I suggest Slide Share or Google Docs
    • If you have a blog I recommend Wordpress.
  • 25. LinkedIn
    • That concludes the profile section
    • Now we will look at the rest of LinkedIn’s offerings and why they are part of the power structure of LinkedIn
  • 26. LinkedIn Home Page
    • Search Box
    • Messages
    • Network Activity
    • Just Joined LinkedIn
    • People You may know
    • Who viewed my profile
    • Your LinkedIn Network
    • Reading List by Amazon
    • Events
    • Slide Share
    • Your Blog
  • 27. LinkedIn Who Viewed My Profile
    • If you are a career seeker and you have sent your resume to a company and haven’t heard back.
    • This is an easy way to see if they have viewed your profile if they have interest in you.
    • It also shows business people who is interested in them
  • 28. LinkedIn Power
    • The start of the power was what you placed in your profile and how well written your summary is. Is your summary easy to read plenty of white space? Good
    • Answers section and knowledge expert
    • Group Discussions
  • 29. LinkedIn Power
    • Networking is a powerful tool if used and performed correctly.
    • It has the ability to open doors a resource for great advice or a collaboration channel.
    • It can also destroy, your reputation, your trust, your network. Caution is advised.
  • 30. LinkedIn Answers
    • The answer section is where you can go to ask questions in a variety of categories with subcategories.
    • The power is in how well can you answer the questions asked by other members.
    • Are you a knowledge expert?
  • 31. LinkedIn Answers
    • Choose a subcategory that you are very knowledgeable in.
    • Answer the questions with some depth to your answer.
    • If you are selected best answer you are on your way to being a knowledge expert in that category
  • 32. LinkedIn Answers
    • If you ask a question please select the best answer as a thank you to the person who provided it.
    • If you are selected best answer it will show up in a Google search on that topic.
  • 33. LinkedIn Group Discussions
    • Pick your discussions wisely. You want to be seen as a knowledge expert in the discussion.
    • You want to be seen as an actual contributor to the discussion not a wannabe.
    • Check spelling and grammar before hitting send
    • Reread it twice before hitting send then once backwards.
  • 34. LinkedIn account settings
    • There are a number of settings for your account.
    • The Privacy settings are the important ones. It is what you want the public to see when they find you in a search.
    • You may want to turn off your contact list to protect your connections.
  • 35. LinkedIn Books Read on Amazon
    • Here you can place books that you have read
    • You can recommend have no recommendation or reject a book
    • You can add comments as to why you chose the above select
    • You can see what your connections are reading or what they industry is reading
  • 36. LinkedIn Events
    • This is where you can see events coming up
    • Who is going from you network
    • You can also see who is going from your competition
    • Should you be going?
  • 37. LinkedIn Conclusion
    • That concludes the presentation
    • Time permitting questions will be answered
    • Again questions can be sent to