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A few lessons and points to keep in mind if exporting is the goal.

A few lessons and points to keep in mind if exporting is the goal.



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    JCI presentation jmk 140912 JCI presentation jmk 140912 Presentation Transcript

    • Rocketscienceis easy Source: Gary LarsonWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
    • Source: TED, Derek Siversthebrandmanual.com
    • A few simple rules...WE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
    • 1. Know your target groupthebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • Best / worst actress 2009thebrandmanual.com
    • 2. Get the language rightthebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • 3. This is not a test marketthebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • Source: Clayton Christensen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9nbTB33hbgthebrandmanual.com
    • 4. Know the competitionthebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • 5. Package it rightthebrandmanual.com
    • The right appearance raises aproduct’s value.thebrandmanual.com
    • The wrong appearance lowers aproduct’s value.thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • team crowdthebrandmanual.com
    • 6. Understand cultural contextthebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • House?thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • 7. Visualize and explainthebrandmanual.com
    • If possible, people willmisunderstand what you said.thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • Misunderstanding?In the average company...thebrandmanual.com
    • only 37% understand what thecompany is trying to achievethebrandmanual.com Source: Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit
    • only 20% are enthusiastic about itthebrandmanual.com Source: Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit
    • only 20 percent felt theymade a differencethebrandmanual.com Source: Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit
    • only 15% felt empoweredthebrandmanual.com Source: Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit
    • only 1 in 5 fully trustedwho they work forthebrandmanual.com Source: Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit
    • If this company wasa football team...thebrandmanual.com
    • Only 4 Only 2 of Only 2 of All but 2 Only 2of 11 11 would 11 would players wouldplayers even care know what would be listen towould know position competing thewhich goal they play against manageris theirs and exactly their own what they team have to do thebrandmanual.com Source: Stephen Covey, The 8th Habit
    • plan executionthebrandmanual.com
    • Your need to sell,won’t make anyone buy!WE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
    • The purchasing decision dependson the customer’s needs.thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • What I’d like to buy What I can afford to buythebrandmanual.com
    • Brands make people want to buy.thebrandmanual.com
    • If you like something, you will forgive its shortcomings.thebrandmanual.com
    • What’s going on? ContextWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
    • The recession was the best thingthat ever happened to the Baltic.thebrandmanual.com
    • Efficiency gains. But will they last? 2008 2012thebrandmanual.com
    • It helped focus consumers,companies and government.thebrandmanual.com
    • The recession has made peopleboth price and quality sensitive.Finally it is understood that youDO get WHAT you pay for.thebrandmanual.com
    • Quality actually sells.thebrandmanual.com
    • Consumer confidence is picking up.Those that can afford to,are spending again.thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • Western consumers already arewhere we are just getting to.thebrandmanual.com
    • status me stuffthebrandmanual.com
    • values me stuff societythebrandmanual.com
    • Corporate social responsibilityis a real issue, instead of just abuzz word.thebrandmanual.com
    • Listening has never been easy. But now there are icebergs ahead.thebrandmanual.com
    • PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “We tell you why you need it”thebrandmanual.com
    • PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “Thank you for your feedback”thebrandmanual.com
    • PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “Let’s be social (about the product)”thebrandmanual.com
    • PRODUCT CONSUMER CONSUMER “Look what I bought”thebrandmanual.com
    • Social media requires a real plan. Not just initiative.thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • Facebook I like donuts Twitter I’m eating a #donut Foursquare This is where I eat donuts Instagram Here’s a vintage photo of my donut YouTube Watch me eating a donut LinkedIn My skills include donut eating Pinterest Here’s a donut recipe Spotify I’m now listening to “Donuts” Google+ I’m a Google employee who eats donutsthebrandmanual.com
    • Half the population is on Facebook.If you screw up here, it will comeback to quote you.thebrandmanual.com
    • Monitor and measure everything.ROI is (French for) King.thebrandmanual.com
    • Instructions?It’s complicated!WE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • knowledge context solution pro customer thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • thebrandmanual.com
    • Thank You!J.Margus Klaarjmk@thebrandmanual.comWE MAKE THEM TALK ABOUT YOU