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Another fun open invitation project on Facebook. I created My Little Fairy using a vintage photo from a post card, added wings from a Warwick Goeble print, and put it up on Facebook. I invited people to download the figure, and insert it into their photos

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Facebook project mylittlefairytravelsworld

  1. 1. Facebook “My Little Fairy Travels the World” Project Hosted by Judy M Johnson • As a Facebook member, I placed an open invitation to anyone to download this image I made from a vintage photo and Warwick Goebel wings, to place her in their own photos as a way to VISIT places all over the world. • This is the result of the design contributions of people from the U.S. Denmark and Great Britain • Shown in no particular order. • You can find over 1,000 paper dolls & art images for crafting on my website www.papergoodies.com • See other slide shows at www.slideshare.net Search under name: Judy M Johnson
  2. 2. Kansas Sunflower Field photo by Aaron David Kline. Fairy added with permission by Charlotte Whatley
  3. 3. From Evie Fullingim, USA . Photo by her husband in Saudi Arabia
  4. 4. The fairy has peeked into Evie Fullingim’s house to see what all the laughter about. It’s Evie playing paper dolls and crafting fun with her grand daughters
  5. 5. Evie Fullingim, Texas. Her grand-daughters’ dollhouse had a visit from the fairy. That’s Anna peeking thru the window to see the fairy on the table.
  6. 6. Evie Fullingim, Texas. Her grand-daughters’ dollhouse had another visit from the fairy. Maddie Rose peeks thru the window to see fairy on the fridge.
  7. 7. See the wee fairy on Evie’s lovely orchids in Lubbock Texas?
  8. 8. Lone Nunnally of Virginia, USA, visited Washington DC at cherry blossom time and spotted the fairy in a cherry tree.
  9. 9. Jo Braden saw the Little Fairy at Hell’s Canyon Dam. Despite the hot name, she thought the fairy may be cold, so she put a little dress on her
  10. 10. Another pretty place Jo Braden saw the fairy in Idaho.
  11. 11. More gorgeous site in the American northwest where Jo Braden spotted the fairy.
  12. 12. Liivi Joonistab of ? Scandinavia found the fairy playing with her cat around her studio.
  13. 13. Tracy Williams visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and found the fairy honoring a Civil War soldier’s grave.
  14. 14. Lise Rasmusson of Denmark found the fairy taking a little rest in her garden
  15. 15. Lise Rasmusson: Here she is in a typical danish beech wood. The picture is from northern Denmark - from the city "Frederikshavn"
  16. 16. Lise Rasmusson says: The little fairy visits "Egeskov" - a castle from the middle age and the best preserved in Europe. About 50 miles from where I live.
  17. 17. Lise Rasmusson says: Here she is by the water - the belt between "Jylland" and "Fyn" called "Littlebelt" - there are 2 bridges over this water as you can see in this picture. The old "Lillebæltsbro" ( Littlebelt bridge) from 1935 and the New "Lillebæltsbro" from 1970 . It´s only a mile or two from where I live.
  18. 18. Linda Roth found the fairy was fascinated with the VooDoo Lily given her many years ago by Linda’s dear departed grandmother, USA
  19. 19. Sylvia Fahey Kleindinst discovered the Little Fairy enjoying the sunset in the bay heading out to Lake Erie, near her home. Sylvia has moved to an enchanted historical flat in the city of Buffalo now. Maybe the fairy will find some fascinating sites to discover there too.
  20. 20. Mary Lauren of Chicago, sent this funny shot of her party guest being astonished by the fairy.
  21. 21. Teri Pettit of California, sent this beautiful photo of the fairy on an agapanthas flower. Her daughter called them fairy wands. They would spray paint the dried flower stems and put glitter on them.
  22. 22. Teri Pettit of California, sent this photo of the fairy who she spotted in Scotland at Loch Lomen
  23. 23. Teri Pettit found the fairy in tyhe grapes near her California driveway. Don't they look yummy! She is seated just so...with shadows so natural looking,and she is holding a grape...very cute! Teri is an expert in Adobe programs, so we'd expect her to create something FAB. Below is a close-up of the same image.
  24. 24. Trinkette Haines’ dachshunds were startled to see the fairy in the Banana tree at their home in Pensacola Florida.
  25. 25. I spotted my little fairy, here in our beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan; This is Lake Michigamme at our friends Kathi and Neil’s home Photo/Collage art by Judy M Johnson
  26. 26. I spotted my little fairy, here in our beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan; This is along the NW shore of the Keweenaw Peninsula. The stone steps look ancient, but I surmise they were built by CCC (Civilian Conservation Corps) during the Great Depression of the early 1930s. Photo/Collage art by Judy M Johnson
  27. 27. I spotted my little fairy, here in our beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan; This is at Hunter’s Point near Copper Harbor at the top of Michigan. She sits on ancient basalt worn smooth by Lake Superior and run through with streaks of rhyolite, formed by the hear of volcanoes billions of years ago. Photo/Collage art by Judy M Johnson
  28. 28. I spotted my little fairy, here in our beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan; in front of Einerlei gift shop in Chassell. That’s natural color, not pumped up . Photo/Collage art by Judy M Johnson
  29. 29. I spotted my little fairy, in a “fairy tree” in the Assinins Cemetery North of Baraga, Michigan in our beautiful Keweenaw Peninsula. Photo/Collage art by Judy M Johnson (this is obviously altered color)
  30. 30. Here the little gal sits on ancient black basalt on Marquette’s Presque Isle. Just over her left shoulder, down near the lake (Lake Superior) is where my darling Glenn and I were wed. Just one of thousands of fabulously beautiful places in our geologically diverse Upper Peninsula. Photo/Collage art by Judy M Johnson I have made note cards of this and other Fairy images on my photos. Can be seen at my website: www.papergoodies.com
  31. 31. Here the little gal alights upon a bouquet painted by Gertrude Kay (also beloved as a paper doll artist) to show how this image can fly just about anywhere. I was delighted to find cover art by Ms. Kay, one of my favorite PD artists, and general painter of scenes and flowers. Collage by Judy M Johnson Painting by Gertude Kay
  32. 32. • We encourage you to enjoy the photo-art shown here, and to feel free to send the link to your friends to enjoy as well. • Please be courteous and honor copyrights of photos submitted here. • Go to www.facebook.com, and do a search for the name you wish, and make your request for the particular purpose you desire to use the art, before you use it in any of your own published or online projects. • Thank you all for participating! It was fun both for me and My Little Fairy. Love, Judy M Johnson www.papergoodies.com