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  • Bullying has become a national problem. Parents, schools and community leaders have addressed this epidemic by instituting more stringent rules to protect children and teenagers. As a way of helping everyone especially the parents, who find it quite hard to manage time, I found this great Safety Service which featured a safety app which gets me connected to a Safety Network or escalate my call to the nearest 911 when needed, it has other cool features that are helpful for your kids with just a press of a Panic Button.#SafekidZone, Check it here: http://bit.ly/ZjYchC
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  • This slide will remain up until the whole group is seated. Have 1 or 2 leaders handing out notecards at students enter the room. Remember: Time is precious. The leaders need to reign the group in quickly.
  • Remind them NOT to write on both sides. The other side is going to be used at the end of the session
  • Wait for it… now! Timing is everything here. Be sure to give numbers each time AND ask if anything needs repeater before moving on to the next slide
  • Sectioning off the seating area into 4 will allow a simple break for the discussion sections. Set the timer for 5 minutes. When returning to seat as a whole, students will remain in the same group cluster
  • Look on the Answers to TRUE or FALSE sheet for help if needed. If a student says they were surprised that Bullying isn’t just Teasing say, “You’re right! Let’s take a look at an example.” If a student does NOT bring up B vs. T, then a leader needs to bring it up with something like, “A lot of people like to use the ‘We were just joking’ statement when seen teasing someone. Often, though, teasing crosses the line into “Bullying.” Cue up the DVD to Teasing vs. Bullying and play. Pause as needed…
  • Students should, after this slide, recluster by the chart paper on the wall
  • Set the timer! Monitor the groups in case they get stuck or are off-task
  • The speaker will come up, stick the poster on the wall, and read what they consider the TOP 5. Each subsequent group should not repeat… new behaviors until either 5 each group or they run out (whichever come first!)
  • While one person is leading this, another 1 or 2 should be setting-up for Skit Set #2 (Aggressive vs. Passive)
  • It is now time for Skit set #2 on Aggressive vs. Passive on DVD
  • Use pages in Code of Conduct to help with this section. P. 35: Intimidation P. 41: Bullying Section A: Key words – Fear of harm, emotional or physical OR substantial property damage Section B: Creating a {negative} environment. Word assistance: Pervasiveness: Being spread throughout (The pervasive odor of onions filled the house) Persistence: Continual (My persistent nagging drove my sister nuts!) Power Differential: POWER one has over another – could be sue to intelligence level, popularity, $$$... Section C: Interfering with a safe environment Section D: Perpetuating bullying… that means being a bystander. If you do NOTHING about what you see/hear, you can be just as liable as the bully!
  • They should point out the student being a Good Citizen when they helped the other pick up the dropped books. Picked up Dropped books Go to next slide after question 3
  • After asking question 3, wait about 3 seconds and move to the next slide
  • After Question 2, have one leader write the information on a piece of chart paper. Head towards getting 5 suggestions Remind them that sometimes helping someone is scary/frightening. But put that fear aside for a second and thing of the victim… you WANT to help them somehow…
  • Safety is our goal. Remind them that there are more victims and bystanders than there are bullies – OUTNIUMBER them and let everyone know that bullying is not acceptable here at Redding
  • Now ask this. Remind them of the skits they saw today, the charts that are hanging in the room, their discussions…
  • Someone needs to hand out the surveys as the second set of directions is being given
  • Be sure to get all the cards. Thank the teachers for helping. Thank the students for doing such a great job (even if they drove you nuts… compliment them on something they did well)
  • As they leave, thank the teachers for bringing their classes. Thank the students for being well-behaved.

6th grade Bully Presentation 6th grade Bully Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Making Redding Bully-Free Lessons in teamwork and unity 6 th Grade Presentation
  • Bullying Myths
    • On the index card given,
    • number one sheet 1-10.
      • Do not write on both sides!
    • While looking at each of the following
    • statements, mark them as True or False.
  • True or False?
    • Bullying is just teasing
    • Some people deserve to be bullied
    • Bullies are always aggressive
    • People who complain about bullies are babies
    • Bullying is a normal part of growing up
  • True or False?
    • Bullies will go away if you ignore them
    • All bullies have low self-esteem. That’s why they pick on other people
    • It’s snitching to tell an adult when you’re being bullied
    • The best way to deal with a bully is by fighting or trying to get even
    • People who are bullied might hurt for a while, but they’ll get over it
  • Break Out!
    • Separate room into 4 sections
    • Take your stuff with you
    • 5 minutes to discuss answers with session leader
  • All Together Now!
    • What were some things discussed?
    • Any surprises?
    • SKIT!
  • Bullying vs. Teasing
    • What similarities did you notice?
    • Differences?
  • Bullying Behaviors
    • In groups, choose a scribe (writer)
    • Using the sheet on the wall, write things that make a person a bully
    • 1 minute…
    • Choose a speaker
    • Top
    • 5
    • Bullying Behaviors
  • Bullies Are Always Aggressive
    • Is everything on our lists Aggressive?
      • Hitting
      • Kicking
      • Pushing
    • What are some Passive behaviors? (Things bullies do that do not require physical contact or name-calling)
    • SKIT!
  • Bullying in Code of Conduct
    • Intimidation
    • Bullying
      • Groups of 4
      • One section (A, B, C, D) per group
        • What does this mean?
        • When these rules work, what happens in the building?
  • Being a Good Citizen
    • Did you see anyone in the skit practicing the Code of the Knights?
    • What did that person do?
    • Would they still be a Good Citizen if they stood and watched?
  • POWER in Numbers
    • What is a bystander?
    • Why do they just “stand by” and let bullying happen?
    • What are some ways someone could stop “standing by” and help the victim?
  • Think, Pair, Share
    • Turn to someone next to you and each of you come up with a DIFFERENT way to help the victim.
    • What did you come up with?
    • If you felt unsafe, would you want someone to help you?
    • SKIT!
  • Do The Right Thing…
    • Good Citizenship means helping others when they are in need
    • Telling an adult to keep Redding safe is NOT snitching…
      • It is Good Citizenship!
    • Bullying is NOT welcome here!
  • It all comes down to this:
    • What is BULLYING?
  • Deep Thoughts
    • Based on what you heard, saw, and discussed today, how would you define bullying?
      • Write a definition of BULLYING on the other side of your index card
  • Definition
    • Please complete the definition, handing them to a leader on your way out.
    • Thank You!