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Media Evaluation Q 4&5
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Media Evaluation Q 4&5


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Media evaluation question 4 &5

Media evaluation question 4 &5

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Who would be the audience for your media product? How did you attract your audience? Evaluation Q 4&5
  • 2. My audience
    • I decided that the audience for my film would be teenagers as the main character, Maria, is a teenager & is taking her GCSE's.
  • 3.
    • In my audience research I found that people enjoy a film more when they can relate to it, therefore I decided that the best audience would be 13-19.
  • 4. Attracting my audience
    • To make sure that I attracted the right audience I dispatched a questionnaire in the pre production stage to allow audience participation and help me find out just how popular my film would be.
  • 5. Audience Research
    • I asked: “What makes you relate to a film?”
    • The answers were similar saying: “I relate to a film when the characters & the plot are believable” or “When I can relate to a character”
  • 6. Continued…
  • 7. Continued…
    • I asked: “What do you think of when you hear the words ‘mental health’?”
    • Most people wrote: “Crazy people”, “Misunderstood/psychological problems”, “Disability”, “Illness” or “Depression”
  • 8. Continued…
  • 9.
    • After I gathered the information, I incorporated it into my film introduction.
  • 10. Incorporating My Research
    • To make my audience relate to my film, I made my main character, Maria, 16 which is in the middle of my audiences age range.
    • I also decided to put Maria in a situation that is familiar to my audience, so I had my intro when she is doing here GCSE’s.
  • 11. Continued…
    • I already had the idea of my issue being mental health, but my research confirmed that it was a good idea.
  • 12. Continued…
    • My research showed that people don’t really understand mental health problems.
    • Therefore I decided to have the film from Maria’s point of view so that the viewers can learn along with her.
  • 13. Continued…
    • I found that the majority of the people I asked think that mental health problems are common, but some people don’t. This means that mental health problems are still misunderstood.
    • So I chose to have more than one person suffering from mental health problems to show that they are common.