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Shulte website review
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Shulte website review


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  • China Youth Development Foundation. Retrieved from
  • This website gives in depth information on the overview of their organization as well as their mission, values, and constitution. All these are important to understand the purpose of an organization. This section of the website also gives detailed information on board members and a timeline of memorabilia for the organization.
  • Programs: EducationHope School Construction, this program seeks to aid schools in poor remote areas that are in urgent need of being rebuilt or modernized. Also provides scholarship opportunities, libraries, computer labs, playgrounds and training opportunities for teachers. EnvironmentalMother River Protection Project, the program mission is to plant trees near the Yangtze River and the Yellow River and eventually in other environmentally threatened areas throughout the country.HealthAction Red Ribbon Project, designed to education youth on AIDS prevention.Hope Hospital, designed to assist clinics in rural areas of China to rebuild and renew medical equipment, train doctors, and get more doctors to volunteer in rural areas. CultureChinese Ancient Poem, designed to encourage youth to read and learn about Chinese culture through poems.Project Hope Volunteers, designed to encourage volunteerism.Hope Cinema, designed to bring movies to those in rural area of China to strengthen community development and learning within Hope primary schools.DevelopmentProject Hope Teacher Training, Project Hope Gardner Award, International Youth Prize for Poverty Elimination, and China’s Top 10 Outstanding Youth Award.
  • Examples of news articles:Bringing Hope to the Impoverished YoungEquipping Children With HopeCheers For The World ExpoOREO Dunking Challenge Campaign Charity Event Brings Childhood Delight to Rural Children
  • I believe this website is a useful source for youth development professionals when thinking globally and would recommend it as a resource tool for any youth professional. This organization is focused on the proper development of youth with focus in areas such as education, health, environment, culture, and overall development. Within each program section is a detailed description including statics, why the program is needed, and who is donating to that program. By reading through articles in the news and activities section we can see how this program has been successful showing accountability of the program. As a youth development professional this source could be used to understand one organization focused on youth development within China but can also be used as a resource tool to develop programs within other cultures. When thinking globally this website gave information about the cultures beliefs and values related to health, education, culture, environment, and development. As for the cons of this site it left me wanting to know more about Project Hope as a whole, there could have been more background description of the program. But after reading about the programs offered by China Youth Development Foundation I have an understanding of the purpose of Project Hope. Great source of information!
  • Transcript

    • 1. China Youth Development Foundation
      Tiffany Schulte
      University of Missouri
    • 2. About Us
      The CYDF is devoted to ensuring the well being and development of Chinese youth with regards to:
      Environmental protection
      Volunteerism and engagement
      CYDF is committed to helping young people build capacity and to improving the environment for the development of youth by providing aid services, giving a voice to the interests of young people and by carrying out social advocacy.
    • 3. Programs
      CYDF programs consist of
    • 4. News & Activities
      List news worthy events and activities in which the China Youth Development Foundation is participating in.
      Provides accountability of their services
    • 5. RecommendationYES!
      Clearly stated purpose and mission.
      Detailed description of programs offered.
      Insight on Youth Development in China.
      Want to know more about Project Hope.