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  • “The preparation of youth for work and life is very low… Education opportunities must be made more relevant to the needs of all young people as learners and future workers, parents, and citizens.” — 2007 World Development Report “Only through decent employment opportunities can young people get the chance to work themselves out of poverty. Focusing on youth is a must for any country." -Juan SomaviaDirector-General, International Labor Organization
  • IYF does a lot to engage youth in their own development. It is really interesting to look at the information provided on IYF’s website and see that there is a specific desire to see the growth of youth around the world. This is incredibly important to youth development practitioners due to our desire to see youth grow. The president’s message sounded like it was taken from all of my courses that I have taken in the YD program thus far. The fifth point on this slide reminded me of the quote I have heard in two of my courses thus far saying, “Problem free is not fully prepared and fully prepared is not fully engaged.”

International youth foundation_website_review(2) International youth foundation_website_review(2) Presentation Transcript

  • By: Ashley Felton
    HDFS: Growing Up Global
    International Youth Foundation
    International Youth Foundation. (2010). Retrieved May 21, 2011, from http://www.iyfnet.org/
  • “Hopefully the International Youth Foundation/W.K. Kellogg
    Foundation experience will encourage more individuals and institutions to
    take risks and give life and sustainability to big ideas. 
    With the daunting challenges facing the world’s young people, 
    the final lesson is that no idea can be too big.”
     Russell Mawby: Former Chairman and CEO Honorary Member, Board of Trustees W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    “Often, social progress doesn’t come from governments looking down, directing change. It comes from communities, families, and individuals looking up, driving society forward themselves, fueled by nothing more than an idea or instinct to do good. It comes from civic engagement.”
    — Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah
    • The International Youth Foundation was founded in 1990 on the idea that there is a lot of information that exists about effective youth development organizations.
    • The International Youth Foundation desired to prepare young people to be “healthy, productive, and engaged citizens.
    • The International Youth Foundation (IFY) has partnered with 54 private donors in order to raise funds to commit to youth work.
    • Grants from IYF have been distributed to more than 300 organizations in about 80 different countries in the hopes to strengthen organizations aimed to work with youth.
    • The IYF has strived to view and help the world view youth in a different way. As current President William Reese put it, IYF wants to see youth as creative problem solvers rather than seeing them as problems to be solved.
    • President William Reese says that at the center of the work IYF does is creating new possibilities for youth.
    The Beginning
  • Countries& Programs of Europe & Central Asia
    Programs & Partners
    Youth Action Net
    Nokia-IYF Global Youth Development Initiative
    Starbucks-Shared Planet Youth Action Grants
    Foundation for Future Generations
    Passport to Success
    Irish Youth Foundation
    Understanding Children’s Work
    Youth. Empowerment. Success.
    New Horizons Foundation
    New Perspectives Foundation
    Youth Action Net Global Network
    Albania Kyrgyzstan
    Armenia Latvia
    Belgium Moldova
    Bosnia-Herzegovina Montenegro
    Bulgaria Netherlands
    Croatia Poland
    Czech Republic Portugal
    Finland Romania
    France Russia
    Georgia Slovakia
    Germany Slovenia
    Hungary Spain
    Ireland Sweden
    Italy Turkey
    Kosovo United Kingdom
  • Use to YD Practitioners
    • IYF prepares youth for civic participation.
    • IYF strives to improve academic performance among youth that its organizations encounters.
    • IYF’s work programs strive to improve the employability of youth as well as prepare them to have the education to attain quality jobs.
    • There is currently 175 partner organizations within the global network of the IYF.
    • This website offers magazine articles and information that is based on the ideals of positive youth development.
    • Learning resources are available categorized by Citizenship, Learning, and Work as well as showing what type of report or material is available and shows which country the information is specific to.
    • This website would be of great use to youth development practitioners especially those in the YD program. Concepts that we have already learned and are going to learn are intertwined throughout this entire site. This website is the exactly what we have already been talking about in this course. It takes the concepts we currently know for providing positive youth development and applies those concepts on a global level. Through this website I was able to see programs with a basis of youth-adult partnerships, youth civic work, youth and their families, health, education, work, and parenthood.
    • I recommend this website for any of the different countries that will be researched throughout this course.