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Dental Health
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Dental Health


Published on

Dental Health, Teeth, February

Dental Health, Teeth, February

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  • 1. Created by Ms. Jessy for the Kindergartners
  • 2. Everyone has a mouth. We need to keep it healthy!
  • 3. We all start out with baby teeth. When these teeth fall out we end up with our permanent , or forever, teeth.
    • Baby Teeth
    • Permanent Teeth
  • 4. It is important to take care of our teeth. We need to use a toothbrush , toothpaste , floss , and mouth wash to take care of them .
  • 5. You should brush your teeth at least 2 times a day.
  • 6. To brush your teeth, put the toothpaste onto your toothbrush.
  • 7. Brush your teeth up and down
  • 8. Back and forth
  • 9. Brush in circles
  • 10. Don’t forget to brush your tongue!
  • 11. Spit toothpaste into the sink.
  • 12. Then it’s time to floss your teeth!
  • 13. Wrap one end of floss around your finger. Hold the other end.
  • 14. Put the floss in between your teeth to get out all the germs.
  • 15. Rinse with mouthwash .
  • 16. Put the mouthwash in your mouth and swish it around.
  • 17. Spit the mouth wash into the sink. If you swallow it, it could hurt your tummy.
  • 18.
    • A healthy mouth has PINK gums.
    • An unhealthy mouth has RED gums. These gums bleed . So keep your teeth healthy by brushing!
  • 19. If you don’t take care of your teeth, they could end up like this:
  • 20. These are cavities .
  • 21. Visit your dentist to help keep your teeth healthy!
    • Visit your dentist every 6 months!
    • The dentist will clean your teeth and floss your teeth for you.
    • The dentist will check your teeth for cavities .
  • 22. Remember:
    • Brush your teeth 2 times a day.
    • Use a toothbrush and toothpaste.
    • Make sure you floss!
    • Rinse with mouthwash.
  • 23. Glossary
    • Cavities : dark spot on teeth that dentist replaces
    • Dentist : person who takes care of your teeth
    • Floss : string to clean between teeth
    • Mouthwash : liquid that helps clean teeth
    • Permanent teeth : adult teeth, teeth you keep forever
    • Toothbrush : brush used to clean teeth
    • Toothpaste : put on toothbrush to clean teeth
  • 24. Works cited:
    • Thank you to Debora, Kevin, and Anna H*****, James R******, and the kids in Room 2 for allowing me to take pictures of their mouths!
    • CC Non-Commercial Derivatives Photo taken from (slide 19)
    • Dr. Alvin Silverstein, Virginia Silverstein, and Laura Silverstein Nunn. Tooth Decay and Cavities . (slides 5, 21, 22)