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100 kids art show pres

  1. 1. Osborn CommunitiesConnect CoalitionAsk 100 Osborn Kids Art Show
  2. 2. 100 Osborn Kids Art ShowThe frameworkThe planThe processWhat we learned along the wayHow it impacts the work of the coalition
  3. 3. Needs AssessmentProfile population needs, resources and readiness to address the problems and gaps inservice delivery.Capacity Building/Community MobilizationMobilize and/or build capacity to address needs.Strategic PlanningDevelop a comprehensive strategic plan.ImplementationImplement evidence based prevention programs, policies, and practices.EvaluationMonitor process, evaluate effectiveness, sustain effective programs/activities, and improve orreplace those that failStrategic Prevention Framework
  4. 4. Community PartnersThe OCC is a coalition of dedicated community agencies, professionals, and communitymembers working together to build a stronger community.Abrazo Health CareACE ConsortiumArizona Department of Economic Security Division of Children, Youth and FamiliesArizona Latino Arts & Cultural CenterAssociation for Supportive Child CareFamily Involvement CenterFirst Things First Central Phoenix Regional Partnership CouncilFresh Start Women’s FoundationGreater Phoenix Child Abuse Prevention CouncilMaricopa County Department of Public Health South Phoenix Healthy Start ProgramNative American ConnectionsNative HealthOsborn Elementary School DistrictPhoenix Children’s Hospital Child Abuse Prevention ProgramSouthwest Human Development Early Head StartSouthwest Human Development Head StartSouthwest Human Development Healthy Families ProgramWomen’s Health Coalition of ArizonaYMCA – Legacy Foundation Chris-Town
  5. 5. • This project is funded by Magellen• Block grant funds•End of our 4th yearOsborn CommunitiesConnect(and have fun)
  6. 6. Our Mission…To increase community collaboration toenhance services to meet the diversecognitive, emotional, and socialdevelopmental needs of children birth throughage five and their families residing in CentralPhoenix.
  7. 7. Community ServedProfessionals working with 0-5 population.Families working and/or residing within zip code85003, 85004, 85006, 85007, 85008, 85012,85013, 85014, 85015, 85016, 85017, 85018,85019, and 85034With a strong focus on the Osborn Community
  8. 8. Goals and ObjectivesStrengthen families and communities to reduce thelikelihood of adverse childhood experiences whichlead to later substance use.• Objective 1: Increase professional knowledge of the impact ofadverse childhood experiences on young children and strategiesthat strengthen families and communities by a statisticallysignificant amount as measured by a retrospective post assessment.• Objective 2: Increase parents’ knowledge of community resourcesand strategies that strengthen families by a statistically significantamount as measured by a retrospective post assessment.
  9. 9. In simple terms…Reducelikelihood ofadversechildhoodexperiencesReduce latersubstanceabuse
  10. 10. Prevention Strategies• Community education• Public Information andSocial Marketing• Community Development-community based process• Adult Peer Leadership
  11. 11. Looking closer at Objective 2To increase parents knowledge of strategiesthat promote family resiliency by a statisticallysignificant amount as indicated by aretrospective survey.
  12. 12. Prevention Strategies we use with Objective 2• Community Education Parenting Workshops• Adult Peer Leadership “Community Ambassadors”• Public Information and Social Marketing 100 Osborn Kids Art Show PBS Ads OCC website OMS EXPO
  13. 13. Community Ambassadors!
  14. 14. How it all got startedBrainstorming session on how to reachparents and how to deliver positiveparenting messages.We asked experts from Free Arts ofArizona their advice on how tomove forward on our idea toexecute a community art project.We asked our community partners(daycare centers in the OsbornCommunity) if we could take theproject into their centers for 2-3hours with kindergarten thru 4thgrade children.
  15. 15. We went into the daycare centers with…PaintPaperBrushesPoster PaperA little uncertaintyand a simplequestion…
  16. 16. We asked and then we listened…We simply told the children that sometimes we get to talk toparents about what children need.We told them we wanted to know from them what theythought was the most important thing that parents should do.
  17. 17. Let’s try it now
  18. 18. We learned some things right away•Sometimes we could not write fastenough.•Daycare center after daycare center thesame themes emerged…•Children wanted safe, stable, nurturingrelationships. They wanted to learn,make choices, and experience joy withtheir caregivers
  19. 19. There were some exceptions…In daycare centers with higher percentages of children inCPS enrolled, we saw themes of safety and basic needsemerge.Examples:Please don’t hurt meKeep me safeTake care of me
  20. 20. Themes421611111010Parent-Child InteractionsBasic NeedsPhysical AffectionTeaching/helpingRespectSafety
  21. 21. Love meShow me you careShow me you love meTell me you love meTeach me thingsTeach me how to behaveTeach me to take care of myselfHelp meLet me make choicesShow me respectDon’t hurt meDon’t hit your childrenBe goodBe nice to meWatch meNever leave me aloneKeep me safePlay with meTake me to the parkTake me swimmingCelebrate with meSpend time with meHave fun with meEat togetherListen to meKeep me healthyCare about meKeep me strongDon’t smokeTake care of meResponses
  22. 22. Group Statement paired with Positive Parenting PrinciplesPositive Parenting Principles Corresponding StatementsCreate a safe, secure, loving environment Spend time with me, Do things withme, listen to me, talk to me, take meplaces, share with meCreate a positive learning environment Teach me how to behave, be happy forme, celebrate with me, teach me to read,help me to help othersUse assertive discipline Keep me safe, protect me, be nice andfriendly, don’t hurt me, be a good rolemodel, be patientHave reasonable expectations Respect me, watch me, get me ready forschool, talk with my teachers, let memake choices, let me try things on myownLook after yourself Keep me healthy, teach me how to takecare of myself
  23. 23. Then we just starttalking to parents andcaregivers…• We tell them aboutthe project.• We tell them thatout of 100 children,only a few said “buyme something.”Most of the childrensaid things like:Be with mePlay with meCelebrate with me
  24. 24. Evolution of an Art ShowBrought the artwork back to the coalition and we asked ourselves how can useThe children’s art to advance our work under Objective 2.Translated children’s statementsFramed artDeveloped print materialPurchased easelsWent on the road to meet parents (of children age 0-5) where they are in the community(daycare centers, community events, back pack drives, food box distributions)Special 1 month display at the Arizona Latino Arts and Cultural Center (ALAC)
  25. 25. Typical response from parents• Smiles• Head-nodding• Comments like“That’s all they really need”• Giving an example of how theirchildren need nurturing• Reflecting on their own childhood andwhat was important to them
  26. 26. Shines the light on what’s working well fortheir familyAfter some brief rapport building… we are soon having a conversationwith a parent about what they are already doing right.
  27. 27. The project then inspired the coalition to launch more activitiesunder the strategy Public Information/Social Marketing• 4000 Bookmarks with parenting tips that match the child’sstatements• 300 Bookbags with the child’s art• 3000 Calendars with art and parent tips• 2 15 second ads on PBS (30,000 households)• Short film with parenting messages posted on website andSWHD YouTube Channel.
  28. 28. occ4kids.orgshort film created by coalition!
  29. 29. Immediate Impact of PISM efforts!Page Views577 total page views4.97 avg. pages per visitSource of Visits21.55% of visits found the site by searching Google or another website5.17% of visits were from links/referrals from other websites73.28% of visits were from direct traffic – typing www.occ4kids.org into the browserTop Pages ViewedHome Page – 195 viewsACE Study – 68 viewsAbout Us – 59 views100 Kids – 50 viewsCommunity Resources – 44 viewsStrong Communities – 44 viewsCommunity Partners – 40 viewsPromotoras – 38 viewsContact Us – 35 viewsTop cities: Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, ScottsdaleSite Visits66 people have visited the site116 total visitsoSeptember: 6 visitsoOctober: 30 visitsoNovember: 17 visitsoDecember: 21 visitsoJanuary: 42 visits4 mins. 38 secs. avg. visit length10 of the 116 total visits have been on a cell phone or tablet
  30. 30. Next steps• Art show toolkit on website• New questions being asked each summerWhat makes a strong community?What makes a strong family?• Continued content to reinforce core messages• Social Media training for coalition• 2013 Calendar
  31. 31. A special thanks to…Magellan Health Services of Arizona!(special shout out to Heather, Juan and Denise for their support!)• American Lutheran Preschool• Guiding Light School and Childcare• Little Kids N Company Inc.• Kiddie Kare #1• Kiddie Kare #3• Panda Bear Learning Center• Teach N Tots Inc.• Yellow Brick Preschool• Native American Connections• Willow Canyon High School Media Club• Osborn School District• First Things First for help with ALAC Art Show and film• Community Ambassadors!
  32. 32. Thank you!