Jenerosity Marketing capabilities presentation


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Jenerosity Marketing capabilities presentation

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Jenerosity Marketing capabilities presentation

  1. 1. Capabilities Presentation January 15, 2013
  2. 2. MISSIONstatement To develop mutually-beneficial licensing and promotional partnerships between top-tier brands and manufacturing companies while maximizing consumer engagement via innovative and effective digital marketing solutions.
  3. 3. CAPABILITIES business developmentWith over ten years of experience in business development acrossa variety of categories, we have the mindset, vision andinitiative to identify and execute new and unique opportunitiesto help drive your business forward.Specific capabilities include:• Situation analysis• Opportunity identification• Potential partner evaluation• Deal term negotiation• Contract review• Program execution and implementation• Project management• Client services
  4. 4. CAPABILITIES licensingAt Jenerosity Marketing, we have mastered the process oflicensing both from the perspective of the licensor and thelicensee to develop programs and products that accuratelyreflect and extend your brand.Specific capabilities include:• Creation of sales and marketing materials• Roll-out strategy development• Category analysis• Brand/manufacturer identification and out-reach• Proposal evaluation• Deal term negotiation• Contract review• Product development• Retailer support• Royalty report review
  5. 5. CAPABILITIES promotions/entertainmentmarketingHaving worked for major Fortune 500 companies like Burger Kingand Embassy Suites, we have the contacts, experience andresources you need to plan, negotiate and execute entertainment-based, third-party promotions that will positively impact yourbottom line.Specific capabilities include:• Strategy development• Calendar management• Category determination• Potential partner identification and out-reach• Brand recommendation and/or selection• Proposal evaluation• Contract negotiation• Product development
  6. 6. CAPABILITIES digital marketing/advertisingBeing fully immersed in the digital space, we boast a completeunderstanding of the digital landscape from social media todigital distribution and have the know-how and expertise todevelop marketing programs to ensure maximum consumer awarenessand interaction.Specific capabilities include:• Trend identification• New technology maximization• Strategy development• Concept ideation• Vendor evaluation• Project management• ROI monitoring/measurement
  7. 7. WHY JENEROSITY our unique selling propositionExperienceHaving spent over 16 years in the licensing, promotions andentertainment marketing worlds, Jenerosity Marketing has been onall sides of the equation, from selling licenses tomanufacturers and retailers to selecting brands for promotionaluse. This well-rounded expertise provides Clients with a 360-degree program perspective. Add to this a complete 18-monthimmersion in the digital arena and you can bet that the resultwill be innovative and effective programs that fully engage yourconsumers.InnovationJenerosity Marketing keeps up to date on new technologies andinnovations so that you don’t have to. We possess an uncannyability to identify new and unique opportunities that will allowyou to promote your products and programs to potential consumersin a way that grabs their attention and encourages them tointeract with your brand, resulting in action.
  8. 8. WHY JENEROSITY our unique selling proposition(cont.)RelationshipsWe are “people collectors” and we consider our partners to beour friends. We also thrive on helping other peopleconnect. With an extensive network throughout the licensing,promotional and entertainment industries (in additional todigital), we can help you gain access almost anywhere you desireto be.Customer ServiceAt Jenerosity Marketing, we genuinely care about you and yourbusiness. As a result, exceptional service, unwavering ethics,integrity and open communication are paramount. Our work ethicis unrivaled with impeccable follow-through, persistence anddetermination and we hold ourselves up to these high standardsall while maintaining a positive, enthusiastic and can-doattitude.
  9. 9. TEAM biosJen Kramer (Principal)With 16+ years in the licensing, promotions and entertainment marketingbusiness, Jen Kramer has worked with some of the largest, most powerfulcompanies in the world.From Hearst Magazines, where she managed licensing programs for HouseBeautiful at Walmart and Country Living at QVC and launched a TV showunder the Popular Mechanics for Kids brand to The itsy bitsyEntertainment Company where she reinvigorated the Eloise brand andhandled a wide variety of licensed categories for Teletubbies and Noddy,she has worked in virtually every category including toys, apparel andaccessories, publishing, social expressions and grocery.Jen has a complete understanding of the toy and premium manufacturingprocess due to many years at Avon and PPW where she and her teamdeveloped fun, innovative and interactive playthings for children of allages. Jen also spent a couple of years managing Burger King’s kids’ mealcalendar and spearheading entertainment marketing initiatives for otheragency Clients such as Embassy Suites, Lee Jeans, Macy’s and Winn Dixie.In the past couple of years, Ms. Kramer has expanded and honed herdigital skills at the premiere social engagement marketing company,SocialVibe, where she drove new business development and research andstrategy.
  10. 10. CONTACT information Jenifer Kramer 323.397.3334 1236 N. Sweetzer Avenue, #10 West Hollywood, CA 90069