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Gov Presentation Gov Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Performance Enhancing Drugs in American Sports
  • Thesis
    • After years of a variety of sport associations trying to prevent people from using performance-enhancers, the issue is still present as seen by recent government intervention. The future should bring strict government regulations of such drugs applied concurrently with the individual sport leagues themselves in order to terminate use of steroids and other drugs.
  • Terms
    • Testosterone- the most potent of the naturally occurring androgens. The androgens cause the development of male sex characteristics, such as a deep voice and a beard; they also strengthen muscle tone and bone mass
    • (Anabolic) Steroids-chemically synthesized testosterone
      • Ex. HGH
  • The First Steroids
    • Testosterone isolated in 1930s
    • German army used steroids and amphetamines in WW2
  • Steroids into Sports
    • Olympic athletes first started using performance enhancers in 1950s and 60s
    • 1962- International Olympic Committee made first anti-doping resolution
  • Rick DeMont
    • 1972 Munich Olympics
    • Won gold medal in 400 free-style
    • I.O.C. took medal after he tested positive for ephedrine
    • Medal was taken away
    • The drug was part of his prescribed asthma medication
  • 1980s
    • Professional athletes in America open about use of performance-enhancers
    • NFL first to threaten athletes who took drugs
  • Present (1990s)
    • NFL begins having random year-round drug testing on players
    • MLB slowly starts to follow NFL footsteps
    • Other sports slow as well
  • 1998- Tour de France
    • World’s top cycling team (TVM) disqualified for having used illegal performance-enhancers
    • Result: a world conference on using illegal drugs was held in 1999
      • Penalty- 1st time= 2 year suspension. 2nd time= lifetime ban.
      • *only for international events
  • Tyler Hooton
    • Plano, Texas
    • Coach told him to get bigger for senior year
    • Fatal results to steroid abuse
  • 2005-Congress and MLB
    • House of Representative Committee investigation
    Investigations such as this lead to Anabolic Steroids Act
  • Most Recent News Alex Rodriguez J.C. Romero
    • Concurrent powers among Congress and individual sport leagues
    • Within 20 years given strict policing of steroids, issue is knocked out
  • 2 Problems for the Future
    • 1- The stronger a player is, the harder the hit is
    • 2- Little testing for high school athletes