Watch a Home Elevation from Start to Finish!
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Watch a Home Elevation from Start to Finish!






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Watch a Home Elevation from Start to Finish! Watch a Home Elevation from Start to Finish! Presentation Transcript

  • Home Elevation
    4008 Bayou Oaks Dr
    Harvey, La
  • Before
    Ready to start…
  • Permit
    Start 3/1/2011
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  • First delivery
    Porta potty and blocks…
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  • Start of Elevation Removing dirt for access to Pilings
  • Digging out beneath house
  • Concrete removed from driveway
  • Other side of house
  • Concrete debris removed
  • Concrete blocks and rebar
  • Hole large enough to stand in under house
  • Water seepage from rain
  • A/C elevation to work behind without loosing Air
  • Removing dirt from front of house
  • Pilings that have been cut off for block placement
  • Raising the house
    We were out of the house for two evenings…no Elect or Plumbing
  • The lifting machine on it’s own trailer
  • Pretty impressive hydraulics
  • Hoses running to jacks around the house
  • Placing the blocks and jacks on the pilings
  • More placing of jacks
  • Jack placed and ready to go
  • Starting the rig up
  • First push up
    We could tell when it was going to lift by the heavier sound of the truck
  • It moved up about 3 inches in a few seconds
  • Another view before resetting the jacks
  • Front steps being lifted
  • Garage lifted
  • View from front of house to back
  • Lifted house
  • Setting the blocks after lifting
  • Resetting the blocks after the lifting
  • Rear patio door after lift
  • A/C Units lifted temporarily and operational
  • Gap between house and ground
  • Temporary front steps
    Leveling crewmember is inside the house with his leveling machine to verify accuracy of lift and that house is level…
  • Concrete pilings installed
  • Shimming pilings for proper fit
  • Back of house on pilings
  • Shimmed piling
  • Sewer line out of ground
  • Gas Meter removed
  • Reinforced concrete footing ready for blocks
  • Cornerstone for blocks
  • Footing across the front of house
  • Installing block wall
  • Side wall installation
  • Side wall
    Workers did a great level, straight job
  • More side wall
  • Mortor mixer and Porta Potty…
    Some kids actually tried to steal the porta potty!!!
  • Electrical conduit and grounds installed
  • New electrical boxes (dark gray) installed
  • Side wall complete
    Sideways blocks are for the vent installation….
  • Block wall in rear of house
    Note existing deck on left.
  • Back wall complete
    A/C’s mounted on iron frame…
  • Crawl space for access under house..
    Added feature of elevation is easy access to plumbing/sewer lines in case of leaks/plugged lines.
  • Front block wall
  • Top of block wall
    Holes are filled in with broken pieces to provide a base for concrete angle to house
  • Shot of how the block wall is integrated (tapered) into the existing house
  • Driveway prepped for footings
    Trenches for footings are broken out of driveway and pilings driven. Existing driveway had no pilings.
  • Other side of driveway
  • Digging trenches for footings on stairway
  • Marking sewer cleanout in driveway
  • Trench ready for stairs footing
    Note this also has pilings driven (see top right of trench)
  • Rebar and sewer cleanout extensions
    Lots of rebar
  • Rebar in trench for stairs
  • Ready to pour footings
    Both cleanouts extended
  • Steps ready to pour
  • Driveway view
  • Stairs
  • Pouring concrete footings
  • Stair footing poured
  • Footings poured and cleanup in progress
    They always cleaned up at the end of the day…
  • Blocks delivered and ready to set
  • Footing set in place for driveway
  • Footing for stairs
  • Installing concrete forms around footings
  • Forms installed and dirt added to the driveway base
  • Forms for stairway
  • Stairway steps formed..
    I didn’t realize how many steps would be added…
  • Rebar laid out for driveway concrete pour
    Lots of rebar
  • Rebar hooked to footing
  • Driveway ready for concrete
  • Steps ready to pour
    I like how the steps will merge with the sidewalk..
  • Top of driveway at house
    Holes were drilled into existing slab and rebar inserted to provide extra strength at the junction. Many houses in this area do not have this and the driveways subside leaving sometimes a driveway three inches lower than the garage.
  • Pouring the driveway
  • Driveway
    Nice and thick. Cement block footing was completely filled with concrete.
  • Pouring the other side
  • Driveway poured
  • Finishing the surface
  • Pouring the stairs
    Solid concrete to the ground
  • Stairs filled up
  • Hand finishing the concrete
    The concrete crew did an awesome professional job in all the work they did.
  • Finishing the steps
  • Steps finished
  • Sewer cleanouts
    Pipes were cut to size and inserts with covers installed.
  • Driveway completed
    By far the strongest driveway in the neighborhood…..
  • Installing forms for driveway curb
    To prevent driving off the side…
  • Curb completed
    Note nice job on sewer cleanout….
  • Plastering over block walls
    Preparing a smooth finish for the stucco application
  • Closeup of cement base
    Fiberglass tape is laid to improve adherence…space between bricks is intentional for ventilation and drainage…
  • Another nice job
  • Blocks for vents covered with tape
  • Side of house ready for stucco
    The square door in the siding was the original crawl space under the living room..
  • Crawl space covered
  • Back of house
    Probably wondering where are the back steps? Stay tuned
  • Stucco
    I picked the color and they left me half a bucket for touchup if I needed it.
  • I couldn’t resist the wet concrete in the driveway curb.
  • Stucco on front of house
  • Stucco being applied to side of house
    It is actually a darker shade when cured….
  • Closer look at stucco
  • Steps masked for stucco
  • Stucco applied to steps
    Note how new steps are wider to coincide with ledge of existing steps.
    Nice place for a planter….
  • Completed front stucco
    Stucco shade has darkened….
  • Wood delivered for back deck
    My favorite part…
  • A/C units elevated and placed on decking
  • A/C Units
    Note difference in height between new deck and my existing patio
  • Deck foundation
  • Deck elevated
  • Completed deck with stairs at the end
  • Patio and stairs to new deck
  • Stairs down to exisiting deck
  • Steps from deck to ground
    Another professional installation and a well done to the carpenter crew..
  • Time to install new sod
  • New sod in back yard
  • Side yard
  • Front near road
  • Front yard with new sod and vent covers….
    All I need to do is keep it watered….nice covers
  • Closeup of vent cover
  • Iron rails along driveway
  • Railings installed on stairway
  • Railings installed
    You can see how the sidewalk merges with the steps
  • Existing ledge for planter
  • Back door and deck before elevation
  • Back door and deck after….
  • Finishing touches….downspouts
  • New downspouts
  • New pad for deck stairs….rained later that day
  • Door installed on access hole
  • Completed front of house
  • Home after elevation