Soft Skills


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Soft skills are defined as the skills that enables an individual to engage and interact effectively with others, obtain acceptance, build consensus and provide assistance, leadership and direction.

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Soft Skills

  1. 1. Corporate Overview JKT education is a Leading ISO certified education and career services provider in Asia. A valuable asset of the JK Organization , one of the India’s largest Industrial groups with an annual turnover US$ 4 billion. JKT is the leading edge of IT service, solutions and education and training. We pioneer in analyzing industry needs and delivering tailor made programs spearheaded by captains.
  2. 2. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of following IT specific technical training Programs.  Technology  SAP Education  Soft Skills  Social Media Marketing  Integrated Industry Program  Technology Solution We deliver training programs “tailored to industry needs” & “stitched by practitioners” Education Training
  3. 3. Soft Skills  Soft Skills for Successful Career  Importance of Soft Skills  Communication Skill  Importance of Soft Skills in Writing  Importance of Soft Skills in Presentation  Soft Skills & Team Work  Personal Ethics  Interpersonal Skills  Time & Stress Management
  4. 4. • Soft skills are defined as the skills that enables an individual to engage and interact effectively with others, obtain acceptance, build consensus and provide assistance, leadership and direction. Soft Skills for Successful Career Corporate Soft Skills Soft Skills
  5. 5.  Soft skills help you:  To handle interpersonal relations  To take appropriate decisions  To communicate effectively  To gain professional development Importance of Soft Skills
  6. 6.  Communication skills form the corner stone of soft skills  Every human being has to essentially & effectively communicate with others  Effective communication is the hallmark of one’s education  The ability to speak fluently using the right words in the right order is good communication  Message using appropriate vocabulary and syntax form effective communication Communication Skills
  7. 7.  Writing evaluates a person’s proficiency indications, spelling grammar etc…  Errors committed while writing circulars, reports & agenda considerably spoil the image of the writer  Good visual presentation using graphics, color, balanced design layout- adds so much to written communication.  Keep handouts and other written materials for your presentation. Importance of Soft Skill in writing oftskills%20Icon.jpg
  8. 8.  Presentation skills include planning, preparation & delivery of the message  Making a formal speech is one form of presentation  Success depends on presenting ideas in an appropriate manners Importance of Soft Skills in Presentation  Making eye contact with audience & speaking in a natural, conversational voice goes a long way  Appropriate voice makes the presentation effective and interesting  Ask for feed back from your audience about your presentation & change accordingly  In presentation, stop occasionally to ask the audience understand what you have said
  9. 9.  Man is a social animal & his success in life largely depends on his relationship & interaction with others  We must respect the views & sentiments of others  When we differ from their views, we must very politely give hints to them without offending them Interpersonal Skills
  10. 10.  Prioritize the work & schedule your time accordingly  Important work should be allotted more time & taken up first  Stress management techniques like listening to classical music & practicing Yoga can considerably reduce the physical, emotional & mental stress of an individual Time & Stress Management Front.png
  11. 11.  Share & stay together  Trust your self  Always learn new things  Accept responsibility for your self & your actions  Look at problems & challenges  Be grateful always  Keep smiling Leadership Skills Leaders, executives & managers need to be very clear about what they expect from others
  12. 12. We understand the importance of soft skills in your life as well the needs of soft skills in a corporate, so we can help you in learning soft skills techniques through our well planned soft skills structured course This will help you to understand how you can represent your knowledge in front of others and in your organization After this learning, you will know how & where you should focus which in turn will help you to achieve outstanding success!
  13. 13. Overview: JK Organization  Acclaimed history of more than 100 years.  Among the top 10 industrial groups in India.  Over 56 units spread over India and overseas.  Annual turnover exceeding US$ 2.5 billion.  Dedicated pool of more than 50,000 people.  Member units have total assets of over US$ 2.4 billion.  Over 40 Modern Manufacturing Plants.  Comprising of over 70 industrial and commercial companies.  A century of Multi- Businesses, Multi Product and Multi Location Business Operations.
  14. 14. Noida, India Phone: +91 120 2539133 – 37 Fax: +91 120 2359132 E-mail: Web: