The Horse With The Special Shoe


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This is a short children's story. Please let me know what you think. Thank you. THE FILE CAN NOT BE VIEWED USING GOOGLE CHROME, PLEASE USE INTERNET EXPLORER.

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The Horse With The Special Shoe

  1. 1. The Horse With The Special Shoe By Janice Kunz Copyright 2005
  2. 2. A Note from the Author Thanks for your interest in “The Horse with the Special Shoe” This short story for children and adults is copyrighted, so all the text is under my copyright. I added some Powerpoint clipart and public domain pictures so you would have something to feast your eyes on rather than just the text. But, I was very limited in what I had to work with so please don’t be expecting anything that looks professionally illustrated. Please let me know what you think of the story – would love some feedback.
  3. 3. Once upon a time in the Land of Fern Forest there lived a Nobleman who owned a stable of many horses. He owned one hundred horses and had many different types of horses.
  4. 4. The Nobleman owned some horses who were exceptionally strong and large and who could plow the fields all day long. These horses were called the Thunders because when they galloped across the open fields after a long day’s work their large hooves made the sound of thunder. The Thunders were a very beautiful tan color with light manes and tails.
  5. 5. The Nobleman’s stable also included the horses called the Warriors. The Knights of Fern Forest rode the Warriors when defending the Nobleman’s castle and estate. The Warriors were a very courageous and strong breed and were not afraid of war. They were a larger breed and wore armor to protect themselves in battle.
  6. 6. The Nobleman also owned horses that were very athletic and liked to show their skills before crowds of people. These horses were called the Toppers because they tried to top what all the other horses did. The Nobleman’s sons would often ride the Toppers in races and jumping contests. Sometimes a Topper would become injured in a race, but the Toppers never seemed to care what risk they were taking. They loved to show off in front of the crowds. They wore braided ribbons in their tails and manes. 1st
  7. 7. Lastly, there were the Cart Pullers. The Cart Pullers were said to be descendants of the Warriors breed. The Cart Pullers were a very faithful and smart breed.
  8. 8. Although the Cart Pullers were a smaller breed they could easily pull the Nobleman’s coaches when he and his family had to go somewhere. They would also pull any coaches that were transporting needed food and supplies.
  9. 9. One Spring day when all the baby horses were born there was a new, beautiful white foal with large dark eyes and grey legs who was part of the Cart Pullers breed. His parents loved him and gave him the name Pepin. As Pepin grew up he noticed when he ran and played with all the other young horses sometimes his back would get sore.
  10. 10. The Toppers made fun of Pepin and said his sore back was all in his head. The Toppers never had sore bodies unless they got injured so they thought that Pepin was faking his sore back. The Thunders said Pepin should just keep exercising and his back would get better. Exercise is what always helped the Thunders’ backs. And the Warriors said they really didn’t know what to do about Pepin’s sore back. The Warriors just didn’t say anything. There were men at the stable who knew how to help horses who were hurt. These men all thought exercises would be best for Pepin to help his back.
  11. 11. Well, poor Pepin knew that he wasn’t faking it so he tried very hard to just keep exercising. Pepin’s parents knew that Pepin wasn’t faking either and his mother would nuzzle and massage Pepin’s back as horses do. Pepin’s father tried to encourage Pepin everyday. The support and love from his parents would make Pepin feel better, but his problem never went completely away. He was able to pull his cart everyday, but at night he would have a sore back. Many nights as Pepin lay suffering with his sore back he would feel very sad and discouraged. Sometimes, he would even cry.
  12. 12. Pepin grew from a beautiful foal into a most handsome horse. As a cart puller, he pulled just as much weight as any of the other Cart Pullers. Pepin was a faithful, hard working young horse, despite his ailment. One day, the Nobleman overheard the horses in the stable talking about Pepin’s sore back.
  13. 13. The Nobleman believed the Toppers and Warriors that Pepin was either faking his problem or that he was not exercising enough. When Pepin tried to tell the Nobleman that he was not faking his problem and he had tried to exercise and get better the Nobleman did not believe him. So, the Nobleman decided to sell Pepin. It was not uncommon for the Nobleman to buy and sell horses. Pepin was very sad because he had tried so hard and he could not get better. Pepin did not want to leave Fern Forest but he was old enough now to venture out in the world and in some ways it was very exciting for him. Pepin could always come and visit his family and friends at Fern Forest. Pepin’s parents would miss him, but were happy Pepin was setting out on a new adventure. Pepin’s parents knew they could visit Pepin wherever he went.
  14. 14. The Nobleman sold Pepin to a Drifter for a very low price. The Drifter lived in the Village Square not far from the King’s Palace. Pepin was boarded at a large village stable. The Drifter The Village Square
  15. 15. One night, the Drifter talked to the Stable Boy about Pepin’s sore back. The Stable Boy went into the stall where Pepin lay. He said, “Don’t be sad, Pepin. I know of someone who can help you. He will know how to heal you”. When Pepin heard those words, tears streamed from his eyes. He really wanted to be healed but he thought he had tried everything and nothing worked. The Stable Boy
  16. 16. The Stable Boy left and soon returned with a man disguised under a cloak. When the man removed the cloak Pepin recognized him immediately. Pepin bowed down low for this man was the King. Pepin was ashamed of his sore back and while choking back his tears Pepin said in a shaky voice, “Thank you my King for coming here. I have tried in the past to be the best horse and exercise hard but my back keeps getting sore. Other horses tell me I am faking or that I should just exercise hard but the exercise does not cure me. I am sorry that I am not the horse others want me to be.” The King stroked Pepin’s face and wiped away his tears and said, “My dear Pepin please do not be sad. I know your heart. I know that you are not faking your pain. I know you have tried. You have an honest, faithful heart. I have come here tonight to heal you not to harm you.”
  17. 17. The King slowly and gently ran his hand across the sore spots on Pepin’s back and then he ran his hands down each one of Pepin’s gray legs. Then the King stepped back and carefully looked at Pepin’s back left leg. “His left back leg is shorter than his right back leg. That is why he is walking a bit crooked and his back gets sore”, said the King. The King told the Stable Boy, “Have the blacksmith make this horse a special shoe for his left back leg. Make this left shoe higher than his right back leg shoe. Go quickly now and make it so”. Pepin was overwhelmed with hope. “Thank you my King’, said Pepin. The King gently stroked Pepin’s face again and then quietly left.
  18. 18. The next day the blacksmith bought Pepin the Special Shoe. When it was placed on Pepin’s hoof it felt different to Pepin, but it didn’t hurt. Over the next few weeks as Pepin wore his Special Shoe his back got better and better. Pepin told everyone about what the King had done for him and about his Special Shoe and soon the village stable was calling Pepin “The Horse with the Special Shoe”.
  19. 19. One day when Pepin was pulling the Drifter’s cart down the village street the Nobleman walked by. The Nobleman could not believe his eyes. He did not almost recognize Pepin because he looked so happy. There was a spring in Pepin’s step. When the Nobleman heard Pepin’s story he was overcome with sorrow. “Pepin”, said the Nobleman, “I am so sorry that I never believed you and never tried to defend you from the lies of others. Please forgive me Pepin and come back to live with us again at my castle”. The Nobleman Pepin told the Nobleman that he forgave him and he would love to return to his home. So, the Nobleman bought back Pepin from the Drifter for a very high price.
  20. 20. When Pepin returned to his home he told his family and all the horses in the stable about the King and his Special Shoe. His parents were so happy for Pepin. Some of the horses believed his story, but others did not believe Pepin. Pepin did not care if there were still some horses that didn’t believe him. Pepin knew the truth about the King and his Special Shoe and the Nobleman and Pepin’s family believed him and that was all that mattered.
  21. 21. One day there was a loud sound of trumpets blowing. The sound was coming from the road leading to the Nobleman’s castle. It was the King in his elegant gold jeweled coach drawn by the King’s beautiful horses. The King told the Nobleman that he needed one more horse to add to his team of horses that drew his carriage. It was the greatest honor to pull the King’s coach and so every horse wanted the chance to show the King why they should be chosen.
  22. 22. The Toppers wanted to go first and show the King their talents. The Toppers jumped and ran fast and pranced around showing their beautifully braided manes and tails. Then the Thunders each showed the King how strong they were by pulling the heavy plows. The Warriors also showed their talents at running and changing direction quickly.
  23. 23. The Cart Pullers showed the King how skilled they were at pulling coaches. When it was Pepin’s turn to go next one of the Toppers stepped forward and blocked Pepin and said, “What are you doing Pepin? You don’t have a chance at being one of the King’s Horses. You have lied all your life and the King doesn’t want a lazy liar. Just go back to the stable now!”. Pepin tried to get around the Topper and find the Nobleman but now there were two Toppers blocking him.
  24. 24. The King said to the Nobleman, “You have many fine horses here, Nobleman, but have I truly seen all your horses?” The Toppers yelled “Yes, King you have seen us all. Please do tell us your decision!”. But the King paused and then said, “Isn’t there a Horse with a Special Shoe that lives here?” The Toppers mouths dropped open. They couldn’t believe what they hearing. The King was actually asking for Pepin, The Horse with the Special Shoe”. The King could not be denied his request. The Toppers reluctantly let Pepin through the crowd. When Pepin saw the King he whinnied and the King said, “My Pepin, it is good to see you. And how is your back, now that you have your Special Shoe?”
  25. 25. “It is very good my King. Thank you”. Then Pepin took his turn at pulling a cart to show the King his skills. After Pepin finished the King said, “Many of you are very fine horses indeed. I have seen many fine qualities today such as strength, endurance, athletic ability, beauty and endurance. But there is one among you whose heart is especially faithful. He is one who has endured so much. Even though many have teased him and made fun of him and did not believe him when he was suffering, he still kept trying even when he was sold and taken away from his home. Many do look at the outward appearance and abilities of a horse, but I, the King, look at the heart. In this test of the heart there is no comparison, the Horse with the Special Shoe, Pepin, is my choice.”
  26. 26. Pepin could hardly believe his ears. Many horses came over to congratulate him. Pepin’s parents were so proud of Pepin. There were even some who said they were sorry they had not believed Pepin’s story about the King. Then the King’s coachmen hooked Pepin to the front of the team pulling the King’s coach. The Nobleman said, “Pepin, please do visit us often. We are so happy for you.” Pepin said, “Don’t worry Nobleman I will come to visit you all often because this is my home, but I will be the King’s horse forever”.
  27. 27. And with that said, the Horse with the Special Shoe led the King’s coach back down the road while the trumpets blew.
  28. 28. “The LORD does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:17b ~ THE END Copyright 2005