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This presentation includes everything from setting up your website, tough questions to ask your web developer to conducting a PPC campaign. This 4 hour session takes a Real Estate Agent from soup to …

This presentation includes everything from setting up your website, tough questions to ask your web developer to conducting a PPC campaign. This 4 hour session takes a Real Estate Agent from soup to nuts and is very comprehensive.

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  • Featured Listings Promote Uniqueness – We love uniqueness
  • Better Key Words = Better Click Through RateMore Lead Capture on my webpage = Higher Conversion Rate which Equates to more leads with less moneyMore qualified leads are because of the ads and talking to them within 1 hour of signing upHigher Gross Commission Dollars = Higher Average Price
  • $ 35 Million Dollars – 8 Shows Per Week – 44 Weeks Per YearYour not going to see 2 guys and a tiger
  • Matt, Chris and Phil - Creators$ 69 Million Dollars Annually - $ 8 million NET yearlyTrained 34 men and 1 women to do the shows for them on the road. Same show – NY, cruise ships, Orlando, VegasThe people packing a sold-out show by Blue Man Group at the Luxor casino in Las Vegas know what they like. They just aren't sure who they like. "All I know is, it's the guys from the Pentium commercial," says one fan. "I saw them on Jay Leno once," another chimes in. Both are right. They're also wrong. That's because the three men who created Blue Man—a trippy cabaret act that features three mute men in blue face paint backed by high-tech special effects and lots of toilet paper, food and other props—did appear on Leno and they do shill (silently) for Intel. But they rarely appear onstage in Las Vegas, or at concurrent shows in New York, Boston and Chicago. Instead, Matt R. Goldman, Phil B. Stanton and Chris W. Wink have trained a cadre of 34 Blue Men (and 1 Blue Woman) to take their place at the shows. The 1.2 million people who pay to see them each year are none the wiser. "We're not celebrities, the characters of the Blue Men are," Goldman, a former software programmer, happily admits. "We're just the minions who serve the Blue Men." Serving the Blue Men is a lucrative job these days. All four shows boast attendance at 98% capacity; the Vegas show alone grosses $3.3 million a month. The three men, who each own a third of the business, are as closemouthed as their wordless characters when it comes to their finances, but collectively they probably rack up annual revenue of $69 million and net at least $8 million of that. They are more forthcoming in explaining how they designed a show that could be replicated without them— it was a happy accident. Blue Man Group started out in 1987 as a series of "happenings" in Central Park, conceived by the trio as a send-up of pop culture. Wink and Goldman had known each other since being classmates at a New York middle school; when they met Stanton, he was working for a New York caterer. "We honestly didn't have any long-term goals, and the show was just something we were doing to rebel," Wink says. For the first three years they couldn't even afford understudies—the $100 apiece they earned for each performance barely covered the cost of their face paint. Eventually they taught one of the show's drummers how to perform as a Blue Man backup; and one night he filled in for an ailing Stanton. "No one in the audience noticed a difference," Wink says. Thus was born an expansion plan. The former drummer now trains each second-generation Blue Man, while the three originals only make occasional appearances, including a performance at the Grammy awards this year. They spend the rest of their time supervising a rapidly expanding empire. "It's always been about the Blue character," says Stanton. "There's a real luxury in creating a character that can be reproduced. People don't show up to see Matt, Chris and Phil. They show up to see the Blue Men."
  • I use my lead capture ability in Listing Appointments – Use Email to announce price reductions and Open House InvitesMy two examples – high rise condo and writing an offer at Summerfest
  • Once you find out what the client wants, give it to them. If your prospect is “looking for a $375,000 home on the west side,” give it to them. If you don’t have any, there’s a course of action for that, too. Don’t send them a listing that’s not on the west side. The old way doesn’t work in the Internet world.Then, find it for them. Often prospects can’t find properties that meet their unique needs. This can be because they are not “tech savvy” or it can be because they can’t stand (or understand) the typical MLS website search process. The reason is not important. What is important is that you do the heavy lifting in helping them find what they want.
  • Use Auto Responses when possibleThe Internet buyer or seller is generally in the early stages of the buying or selling cycle. Many times the very first thing the buyer or seller does after they have made a mental decision to make a move is to look on the Internet to see how much properties are selling for.
  • If you found the right property today, how fast would you be comfortable with writing an offer?


  • 1. Building Your Business Pipelines
    From Internet to Commission Checks
    Jason M. Jakus, REALTOR
    Peak Performance Strategist, Consultant & Business Coach
    Leisure American Realty, LLC
  • 2. Conversion
    (Commission Check)
    Fuel (SEO/PPC)
    Lead Capture
  • 3. Get Into The Mindset
    It is not about doing a hundred things, it is about doing 7 things 100 times better!!
    Be Open to new ideas
    Take notes
    This is an interactive presentation
    Build your strategy from today on
    Take action
  • 4. Our Mindset VS. Our Buyers Mindset
    Build Business on Name
    Try to Be Everything to Everyone
    Buyers Want the Expert
    Buyers Want Access
    Buyers Want It Now
    Buyers Want what they Want
  • 5. The TestA Review Of Agents Websites
    Had 20 Executives Review 30 Realtor websites in Fort Myers and Naples
    Asked them to look at websites (10 were given) and 20 though Google from their search
    Provided 40 questions for feedback on Survey Monkey
    Collected “common thread” feedback
  • 6. A Review In Agents Websites
    Many of the realtor profile photos look like they were taken in the 70′s.
    Only 1 utilized Virtual Tours
    Only two sites were leveraging video.
    90% of the listings had no more than four photos.
    Many of the photos were blurry.
    Photos did not highlight the positive benefits of the house.
    Basic descriptions didn’t exist on many listings.
  • 7. A Review In Agents Websites
    Very few included any selling features such as if the home has a sunroom, den or pool.
    No real call to action on most realtor sites.
    Many sites had broken links.
    No content of real value for me, their audience and prospective buyers.
    Only one site included links to content about the community.
    None were leveraging social media or even invited me in a way that was noticeable to join their social platforms.
  • 8. Tracking Progress
    We must TRACK everything we do
    If you can’t afford to track it you can’t afford to do it.
    Four Things To Track
    Return on Investment ($ 145,000 Revenue / $ 6,000 Exp. = ROI of 24 times)
    Conversion – (4000 clicks/231 signed up = 5.8%
    Spoke To Rate (100 Leads / 74 spoke to = 74% STR)
    Close Rate (100 listings Yr. / 34 closed = 34% CR)
  • 9. Selecting a Powerful Domain Name
    What is in a Domain Name?
    Personal Branded URL Domain
    Unbranded URL Domain
    Location in Domain Name
    Make the Connection Between Domains
  • 10. MLS Search
    New Listing Alerts
    Map View
    Property Info
    List View
    Virtual Tours
    Save Listings (Favorites)
    Schedule Showings, Make offer, More Info
    Social Media (Ability to SHARE)
  • 11. Lead Capture
    Getting information for potential customers
    Capturing Buyer Leads
    Capturing Seller Leads
    Using “Squeeze Pages”
    Items of Value in Exchange
    Lead capture Forms
  • 12. Content Management
    Must be EASY to add content
    Ability to Add pages
    Photo Galleries
    Videos (VERY CRITICAL)
    Flexible Widgets
  • 13. Property Details Pages
    Featured Listings on Your Website
    Ability to directly pull from MLS is best
    The more photos the better
    Ability to add virtual tours
    Form to set up a showing appointment (lead)
  • 14. Search-Friendly Site Maps
     Is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users
    Google introduced Google Sitemaps so web developers can publish lists of links from across their sites.
    Make sure your website has one – Your developer should include it.
  • 15. Social Media
    Include Social Media
    Facebook (BBQ)
    Twitter (Networking Event)
    YouTube (Video)
    Flicker (Pictures)
    Enable Add To Any
    Share info to Social Media
  • 16. Blog Network
    Build a community resource that becomes a prospect magnet.
    Expand your sphere of influence online by creating a dialogue between willing participants
    Reinforce all of your drip marketing campaigns
    Improve your search engine placement and drive free traffic to your website
  • 17. Client Management
    Contact Management
    Email Marketing
    To-Do List
    Schedule Events
    Schedule Showings
  • 18. Hosting & Security
    Beef Up Your Passwords
    Know what kind of site you’re linking to
    Select a host that takes your security seriously
    Verify Data Back Up Protocol
  • 19. Extras
    Foreclosure Information Packet
    Payment (Mortgage) Calculator
    Agent Contact Information (Vcard Export)
  • 20. Selecting a Web Site Company 11 Tough Questions to Ask
    Is my website naturally optimized for search engines? (site mapping?)
    What SEO services do you offer?
    Is my website centrally hosted or can my website be easily hosted anywhere?
    Where are your developers located?
    What platform do you build your sites on?
    Do you support all major web browsers?
  • 21. Selecting a Web Site Company 11 Tough Questions to Ask
    Who owns the intellectual property behind my website?
    Do you provide after sales support?
    Should I have Macromedia Flash on my website?
    Will my web site need ongoing maintenance?
    What secondary services do you offer?
    Consulting, Email marketing, social media solutions, product training (examples)
  • 22. Fueling Your Website
  • 23. The TEN ingredients Made EASY
    Have web analytics in place at the start
    Include a site map page
    Do keyword research
    Use a unique and relevant title and meta description on every page
    Create great, unique content
  • 24. The TEN ingredients Made EASY
    Use social media marketing wisely
    Start a blog and participate with other related blogs
    Use your keywords as anchor text when linking internally
    Broaden your scope to include video, podcasts, news, social content and so forth
    Use keywords and keyword phrases appropriately
  • 25. Maximizing Pay Per Click (PPC)
    Set a budget for the month, be smart with your PPC spend through bids
    Google Adwords – the dashboard of PPC
    Cost per thousand impressions (CPM)
    Cost per click (CPC)
    Click Through Rate (CTR) – response of ad
    Goal is 3% or higher
    Use the “Keyword Tool”
  • 26. A few Tricks & Tips
    Mis-Spelled Words can pay off in bidding
    Bid “HIGH” on quality key words
    Use Specific Key Words to lower bid cost
    Measure ROI before getting professional help
    Use a catchy headline for your ad that will get people to click through – RELEVANCE
    Track your progress. How many clicks
  • 27. PPC Comparison
    March 2010 Campaign
    $ 400 Budget Mo.
    3.1% CTR
    7% Conversion Rate
    $ 1.18 cost per click avg.
    338 clicks
    23 Leads
    11 Qualified Leads
    3 Closed Transactions
    $ 10, 669 G.C. dollars
    ROI = 26 Times
    Feb. 2011 Campaign
    $ 200 Budget Mo.
    3.9% CTR
    29% Conversion Rate
    $ 1.08 cost per click avg.
    169 Clicks
    19 Leads
    8 Qualified Leads
    3 Closed Transactions
    $ 12,130 G.C. dollars
    ROI = 60 Times
  • 28. Lead Capture
    & Brand Marketing
  • 29. What Would You Rather BE?
  • 30. Image Marketing = The Hamster Wheel
  • 31. Personal Brand Lessons
  • 32. Personal Brand Lessons
  • 33. Build Systems for Your Business
    Capture System
    Social Media System
    Buyer Lead System
    Seller Lead System
    Transaction System
    Contact Mgmt. System
  • 34. Lead Capture Philosophy
    Key is Call To Action
    More Traffic More Leads
    Landing Page Capture Box
    How you Incubate a Lead equals conversion
  • 35. Sign Rider and Flyers Generate Leads
    QR Code on Sign & Flyer
    Track QR Codes
    Mobile MLS
    Listing # On Rider
    Listing SideKick
    Requires Email Address
    Member Benefit
  • 36. Listing SideKick
  • 37. Marketing 201
  • 38. Building Your Marketing Brand
    the types of services you offer
    how you position and package your services
    your marketing materials such as ads, websites, brochures, and newsletters
    how you present yourself in meetings
    how your staff treats clients through phone and email
    networking such as lunch, golf, or organizational events
    how you get referrals
  • 39. Unique Selling Proposition
    who your target audience is
    what you will do for them
    why that is different from what others are offering
    why that solution matters to your target audience
  • 40. Conversion
  • 41. Reverse Engineer from Tracking
    It all comes down to traffic goals
    Increase Traffic
    Work on CTR
    Work on Conversion
  • 42.
  • 43. Many agents receive leads; few have a system to convert them to buyers
    Have follow-up materials ready
    Customize your email and phone follow up to each lead
    Find out what they want
    Utilize a quality Customer Relations Manager
    Understand Your Strategy to Build the System
  • 44. Responding to Leads
    Phone calls within 1 hr.
    Your Value Proposition
    Making it mobile
    Reply instantly by email
    Track lead quality and cost
    Incubate Leads
  • 45. Create a professional follow-up package
    A cover letter / thank you letter recapping your initial contact
    Your resume, including professional accreditations such as REALTOR®
    Relevant reports, such as CMAs and Neighborhood Reports
    Sample marketing materials, including flyers and newsletters
  • 46. Following Up On Aged Leads
    Did they buy or sell a home (or are they still in the process)?
    If so, ask them how it went and thank them for their time.
    If not, ask them if they are still interested, their time frame for moving, and what they have been waiting for (or what has been preventing them from moving)
  • 47. No Such Thing as a Bad Lead
    Identify Buying Timeframe – Script Question
    Keep Incubating the Lead with drip mail with CRM
    Keep In Touch with All Leads
    Never throw out a lead – A lead is money!
    Again, Drip Marketing to keep contact with lead
  • 48. Social Media
  • 49. Facebook
    Fan Page Set Up
    Increasing Your Circle of Influence
    Using iframe welcome pages with force like
    Auto-posting Solutions
    Content is King
    Weekly Schedule (in your free book)
    Over due it = UNLIKE
  • 50.
  • 51. LinkedIn
    Set up for professionals to network
    Professional Circle of Influence
    Join Groups to interact