60 Apps in 60 Minutes

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Learn the best in cutting edge technology APPS that will allow you to be more productive and efficient. From basic APPS to some powerhouse APPS, you will increase your productivity, efficiency and …

Learn the best in cutting edge technology APPS that will allow you to be more productive and efficient. From basic APPS to some powerhouse APPS, you will increase your productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in your real estate business.

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  • Use for walkthroughs
  • Be able to recommend places to eat, gyms, etc. to clients
  • Your Signature Is More Powerful in the CloudDocuSign Ink lets you sign and send any kind of emailed document — all in the cloud.Need to sign a permission slip for your child’s school? An estimate from the plumber? No problem. You no longer have to waste time printing, scanning, faxing, or mailing. Simply open your email attachment with DocuSign Ink, sign it, and send. It’s that easy.Works on Any DeviceOut running errands? Now you can sign and send documents from any device, including your iPhone or iPad.Sign Any DocumentDocuSign Ink allows you to open any document, sign your name, fill in forms, and email it back anywhere in the world without printing, faxing, or mailing—all 100% secure.No More Printer or FaxDon’t waste valuable time looking for a printer or a fax machine. Instead, finish any day-to-day business with DocuSign. 100% SecureDocuSign secures your transaction, to ensure your documents are sent quickly and safely. You can also link to your DocuSign ID card to verify what you have signed.Trusted WorldwideDocuSign Ink runs on the DocuSign Global Network serving more than 13 million DocuSigners, and growing at more than one million a month. FREE for everyoneDocuSign Ink is FREE with unlimited signing and cloud storage.
  • Use this APP when taking buyers out – especially when they ask – “What’s up with that property?”


  • 1. Jason M. Jakus60 APPS in 60 Minutes
  • 2. • FREE & Upgrade• www.sugarsync.com• Sync to the cloud – online file access• Restore all your data• File version control and recovery• Sync shared folders for seamless online file sharing• Works on all platforms including Blackberry and Android• Secure file uploading and downloading
  • 3. The Autograph• For iPhone• Lets you add your signatures• Digital signature captured on device is then put on documents.I am able to sign off on pertinent documentsfrom that signature created through thisAPP.
  • 4. Shoeboxed• FREE (app is FREE)• www.ShoeBoxed.com• Andriod and Apple platforms• Scan business cards & receipts• Packages starting at $ 9.95 per month• Send paper to be scanned in postage paid envelope• Track your expenses = better organization at tax time
  • 5. Evernote• FREE• www.evernote.com• Android, Blackberry & Apple platforms• Take Notes, capture photos, create to do’s• Sync all of your notes across all devices• Record voice and audio notes• Searchable• Organize your notes
  • 6. Cards• FREE APP - $ 2.99 per card• iTunes• Apple platform• Custom Letter Press cards• Thank You Cards for Clients with photo of new house or SOLD house• Location integration
  • 7. PS Express (photoshop)• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Basic crop, straighten, rotate & flip• Exposure, saturation, tint, b&w, contrast• Filters, Effects and Borders• Manage your photos on the go
  • 8. GE Supra Key APP• For iPhone or Android• Wireless updates and alerts• Obtain Listing Keys• Manage and Program Lock Boxes• iPhone adapter plugs into the 30 pin dock connectorI like it because our phones are almostalways charged and the adaptor is alwayswith my MLS token
  • 9. YouMail• $ 4.99 per month and up• www.Youmail.com• Android, Apple & Blackberry platforms• Voicemail transcription by human operators• Get your voicemails transcribed as text
  • 10. HootSuite APP• FREE• www.hootsuite.com• Andriod and Apple platforms• Manage your social media on the go• Web version interface• Schedule your tweets and facebook posts in advance
  • 11. Videolicious• FREE• www.videolicious.com• Apple platform• Videos and Photos in your phone library• Outputs video in a documentary film style• Auto saves video to your phone• Easy uploading to facebook and YouTube• Quick and easy for virtual tours
  • 12. Dragon Dictation• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Easy Voice Recognition APP• Speak and instantly see your text or email• Status updates on social networking sites• Short text to long emails
  • 13. Drop Box• FREE to Upgrade• www.Dropbox.com• Share large files with customers• Back Up Your System• Works on most platforms• Admin Controls• Sync with several devices including your desktop
  • 14. Google Voice• FREE• www.google.com/mobile/voice/• Andriod, Blackberry & Apple platforms• One Number• Voicemail Transcription• Free Text Messages• Integrates natively with your Google Contacts• Custom Greetings
  • 15. Skype• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Free Skype to Skype Calls• Call, Video Call & Instant Messaging• Save called numbers to your contacts• New iPad version is out
  • 16. iRecorder PRO• $ 2.99• iTunes• Apple platform• Pocket Voice Recorder• Highest Quality Records• Wi-Fi sync to transfer recordings• Email Recordings• Pause, fast-forward and rewind
  • 17. iMovie• $ 4.99• iTunes• Apple platform• Make HD Movies anywhere• Made for Multi-Touch• Edit videos on the go and include your own titles
  • 18. LinkedIn• FREE• www.LinkedIn.com• Android and Apple platforms• Syncs with your LinkedIn account• Social Media for Professionals• Great way to get referrals
  • 19. MID Calc• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Real Estate calculator• Buying Power calculator• Buying Benefit calculator
  • 20. Foursquare• FREE• www.FourSquare.com• Android, Blackberry & Apple platforms• See what your friends are doing• Share your experience• Create check in points for open houses• Put your office as a check-in point
  • 21. FaceBook• FREE• Andriod and Apple platforms• Your Facebook account on the go
  • 22. Messenger• FREE• iTunes• Apple Platform• Message with friends on Facebook• You can actually message with multiple people at one time
  • 23. YELP• FREE• www.Yelp.com/yelpmobile• Android, Blackberry & Apple platforms• Search for businesses near you• Check out deals to local places• Make reservations through open table• Leave reviews• Get your office on YELP and have your customers leave a review of your service
  • 24. Habit Maker Habit Breaker• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Easy to use tool to acquire good habits• Allows you to break “bad” habits• Track your progress• Can use to do something new in your business today
  • 25. i-nigma• FREE• www.i-nigma.com• Andriod and Apple platforms• QR Code Reader• Website has QR Code generator• Can manage QR Code campaigns
  • 26. Apple Store APP• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Make appointments from your phone• Search for product• Check in for appointments• Make Orders
  • 27. Flashlight APP• FREE• Can find for Andriod & Apple• Bright LED Light• Change Colors• Instant light wherever you are
  • 28. KAYAK APP• FREE• www.Kayak.com• Apple platforms• Search flights• Hotel search & Booking• My Trips itinerary management• Flight tracker• Buzz Deals
  • 29. DocuSign Ink• FREE• www.Docusign.com• Andriod and Apple platforms• Manage your docusign account• Sign any document (word, jpeg, pdf)• No More printer or faxes• 100% Secure
  • 30. Realtor.com APP• Available on both Android and iPhone• Create private notes• Multiple photos and high level of details• Most listings updated every 15 minutes• Use GPS for nearby homes for sale• My Real Estate section
  • 31. HomeSnap iPhone App A new iPhone app from online brokerage company Sawbuck Realty reveals details on more than 90 million homes in the country -- including current value, last sale date and price, and local schools -- simply by snapping a picture.
  • 32. MINT• FREE• www.Mint.com• Andriod and Apple platforms• Manage your money on the go• Track your finances wherever you are• Create budgets, check accounts• Up to date information• Secure
  • 33. Moby• FREE• www.mymoby.com• Android, Blackberry & Apple platforms• Locate family members and see location• Check in ability by family members• Great for showing property or open houses• Tap of a button notify users of where you are
  • 34. GoDocs• $ 4.99• iTunes• Apple platform• Access your Google Docs quickly• Easy navigation panel• Create and share Google Docs
  • 35. CardMunch• FREE• www.cardmunch.com• Apple platform• Convert Business cards to address book contacts• Add contacts as LinkedIn contacts
  • 36. ScanBizCards• $ 6.99• www.scanizcards.com• Android, Windows & Apple platforms• Scan business cards, quick email intro• Add notes, supports double sided cards• Address book groups• Export to Excel• Evernote integration
  • 37. Scanner Pro• $ 6.99• iTunes• Apple platform• Scan documents, business cards and receipts• Upload to MobileMe, Dropbox or WebDAV• Evernote integration
  • 38. Mobile PHAX• $ 4.99• iTunes• Apple platform• Use camera to take picture of document and fax it.• Automatic PDF conversion• Purchase additional Phax Packs @ 10 cents each page
  • 39. i-Nigma App• FREE• www.i-nigma.com• Android & Apple platforms• QR Code Reader• Save information right to your phone
  • 40. Email Signature Pro• $ 4.99• iTunes• Apple platform• Multiple signatures for business and personal situations• Add photo, business logo, social networking and links
  • 41. Zosh• $3• iTunes• Apple platform• Fill out and sign documents on your iphone• Insert text, dates, images and signatures• Sign documents
  • 42. Tweet Deck• FREE• www.tweetdeck.com• Andriod & Apple platforms• Twitter updates supported and multiple accounts• Fully flexible and customizable
  • 43. Text ME• FREE• iPhone• Apple platform• Free unlimited Text Messaging to any US, Canada & 40 Countries• Real and Free Phone # and voicemail• Send pictures, voice and video messages• Turn iPad into a texting machine
  • 44. Bump• FREE• Bu.MP• Andriod & Apple platform• Share contacts info, share photos by pumping two phones together• Connect on social media as well• Sync Devices
  • 45. Voice Text Pro• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• Voice Text APP
  • 46. Skype• FREE• www.skype.com• Andriod & Apple platforms• Skype video conferencing• Call skype-to-skype• Used to do out of town walk through or communications with out of town clients
  • 47. Google +• FREE• www.google.com• Andriod & Apple platforms• Google + On the go
  • 48. Around Me• FREE• www.AroundMeApp.com• Andriod and Apple platforms• GPS App that finds key things around you• Great for letting clients know where things are at.• Find a place to eat, closest hospital, etc.
  • 49. ScanBizCards• FREE• iTunes• Android & Apple platforms• Scan Business cards on the go• The only business card reader with cloud backup & sync across multiple iOS and Android devices + web-based access to cards from any browser.
  • 50. Craigslist Broweser• FREE• iTunes or Android Store• Andriod and Apple platforms• Craigslist at your fingertips
  • 51. Real Estate by Smarter Agent• Free• Android or iTunes• Android and Apple Platforms• Three powerful real estate searches in one
  • 52. Foreclosure Search• FREE• iTunes• Apple platform• New APP for foreclosures• Customers can check out local foreclosures
  • 53. Other FREE Real Estate APPS• Trulia App• Zillow App• Homes.com APP• HotPads APP• Realty Trac APP• Foreclosure Radar
  • 54. Great Travel APPS• Priceline APP• Orbitz APP• Southwest Airlines APPS called Tickets• Trav Tracker APP – track flights• Hyatt APP• Delta APP
  • 55. More Informationhttp://www.slideshare.net/JJakushttp://www.linkedin.com/in/jasonjaku sTech Agent Expert@JasonJakus on Twitter Complete Evaluations Please