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Intro To Tendenci - JJ Lassberg
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Intro To Tendenci - JJ Lassberg


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Introduction to the Tendenci Web Site Software. Tendenci 101 & Beyond. Getting Started and Taking It to the Next Level.

Introduction to the Tendenci Web Site Software. Tendenci 101 & Beyond. Getting Started and Taking It to the Next Level.

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • Tendenci is the motor – the branding is the frame of the car. Tendenci makes the site go.
  • Breaks them into 3 groups – each with its own level of security and permissions
  • Viewed your site or maybe filled out a contact form. DO NOT have a username and password.
  • Anyone who has registered with the site and has a username and password. May submit content.Maintian their own profile – update their own contact information
  • Total access to all areasApprove content and membersManage invoices and site settings
  • Up to date, interesting and accurate content keeps your audience coming back – hopefully leading to recurring sales.
  • Not to worry – all content from users go into pending mode until approved by an admin
  • And really any where in the world that has internet connection
  • One of the newer features of Tendenci – allows you to create forms to gather any kind of data you want
  • Custom fields – choose what type on input you want - text field or drop down listDonation forms for a particular campaignUpload files like word docs or pdfExport submissions as well
  • The final way I want to talk about Tendenci helping you manage your content…
  • Using the CMS to have site users to submit content & admins to approve content… Sending content that is relevant to the interest of the user – helps with conversions…
  • Simply due to the inherent Search Engine Optimization build into the Tendenci software – with title, descriptions and tags.
  • Some of the newest additions to Tendenci
  • Transcript

    • 1. Tendenci 101 & Beyond
      Getting Started and Taking it to the Next Level
    • 2. Why Tendenci was developed the way it was
      What Tendenci is
      How Tendenci can help you manage your site and increase your sales
      What We Will Talk About Today
    • 3. Does Your Site Increase Your Sales?
    • 4. The Goal of Business…
      … is to make a profit.
    • 5. Great Product
    • 6. Outstanding Customer Relations
    • 7. Amazing Company Story
    • 8. Profit
    • 9. Non-Profit
    • 10. Profit
    • 11. Change
    • 12. Great Change
    • 13. Outstanding Community Relations
    • 14. Amazing World-Changing Story
    • 15. Profit
    • 16. BIGGER
    • 17. Better
    • 18. Faster
    • 19. Sales Eye for the Non-Profit Guy
      Kelsey Ruger
      11-11:45 a.m.
      The Art of Creating Movements for your NPO
      Joe Solomon
      1:15-2 p.m.
      For More on Non-Profits
      Getting the most out of SchipulCon
    • 20. Profit
    • 21. Increase Your Sales
    • 22. What is Tendenci
      Manage Your Site Users
      Manage You Site Content
      Manage Your Story
      Manage Your Google Love
      How Can Help
    • 23. What is it?
    • 24. Software that Powers Your Site
    • 25. Permission Based Content
      Content Management
      Story Module
      And much, much more…
      Tendenci Console
    • 26. Manage Your Site Users - 101
      Permissions, Contributions, Memberships
    • 27. Any person who connects with you through the web site is a User.
      1. User Module
    • 28. Non-Interactive
    • 29. Site User
    • 30. Admins
    • 31. Site Users can add content and are the “owners” of those content records
      Eases the burden on the site admin to keep all data current
      2. Ownership
    • 32. Admin Approval
    • 33. How do I differentiate
      my Members?
      Site Users with Member ID#
      3. Memberships
    • 34. Content
    • 35. Pricing
    • 36. Profiles
    • 37. 3 Levels of User Permissions
      User Contributions and Approvals
      How Do I Take It to the Next Level?
      Manage Your Site Users
    • 38. Multiple Contributors & Curators with Security User Groups
    • 39. Organizing your People withTendenci: Let's talk Memberships!
      Albert Hughes
      (Day 1) 1:15-2 p.m.
      For More on Memberships
      Getting the most out of SchipulCon
    • 40. Manage Your Content - 101
      Content Management System, Custom Forms, Newsletters
    • 41. Update your site content at any time!
      1. Content Management System
    • 42.
      • Click the Pencil icon to get started
      • 43. Use the WYSIWYG interface to format
      • 44. Upload images
    • 45. 2. Create Forms on the Fly!
    • 46. Create Custom Fields
      Make Donation Forms
      Attach Files
      Always Find Submissions
      Get that Data
    • 47. The best way to stay
      in front of your
      members and clients!
      3. Newsletters
    • 48. Dynamically pull the newest site content
      Email different groups of users
      Several different templates to chose from
      Deliver Content
    • 49. Content Management System and the WYSIWYG Editor
      CMS Forms and Submission
      Newsletter with the Most Up-To-Date Content
      How Do I Take It to the Next Level?
      Manage Your Site Content
    • 50. When it comes to SEO…Content Is King!
    • 51. Keep your members in the Know with Newsletters
      Jason McElweenie
      Kim Hodgson
      (Day 1) 11-11:45 a.m.
      For More on Newsletters
      Getting the most out of SchipulCon
    • 52. Manage Your Story – 101
      Story Module, Photos, RSS
    • 53. 1. Your Story, Illustrated by… You.
    • 54. Preserve Real Estate
    • 55. Engage Your Audience
    • 56. Control Your Own Destiny
    • 57. The most popular content on the site
      Permission Based Views
      Group Contributions
      Powerful SEO Tool
      2. Photos Module
    • 58. SEO + Photos Album = Awesome!
    • 59. Distribute the content of your site well beyond just those visiting
      3. Real Simple Syndication
    • 60. Don’t wait for them to come to you, push new content out
      Customize your feed
      Use RSS in Emergencies
      Pull in a feed from another site
      Take Your Story to Your Audience
    • 61. Story Module with Graphics and Captions
      Photos with Titles, Descriptions and Tags
      RSS Feed to push content out.
      How Do I Take It to the Next Level?
      Manage Your Story
    • 62. Pull your most recent photos to the home page
    • 63. Storytelling through Social Media
      Ed Schipul
      (Day 1) 2:15-3 p.m.
      For More on Storytelling
      Getting the most out of SchipulCon
    • 64. Manage Your Google Love - 101
      Built it SEO, Control Your SEO, SEM Control Panel
    • 65. Top of The List
    • 66. Unique, Editable & Automatic!
      1. Default SEO
    • 67. 2. Control Your SEO
    • 68. SEO Muscle
      In addition…
    • 3. Your SEM Toolbox
    • 72. Find & Tweak the Primary and Secondary Keywords
      Add & Edit Google Analytics
      Free SEM Tools
      Analytics Dashboard
      SEM Panel
    • 73. Adding Content and Using the Default SEO
      Controlling Your Own SEO
      Search Engine Marketing Panel
      How Do I Take It to the Next Level?
      Manage Your Google Love
    • 74. Track your success with Event Logs
    • 75. Understanding your Site Analytics: What do those numbers mean??
      Jonti Bolles
      John Michael Oswalt
      (Day 2) 10-10:30 a.m.
      For More on Analytics
      Getting the most out of SchipulCon
    • 76. Tendenci was built to help you increase your sales
      Tendenci is the software that powers your site
      Tendenci helps you manage:
      Your Site Users
      Your Site Content
      Your Story
      Your Google Love
      Let’s Review…
    • 77. Any Questions?
    • 78. That’s a Wrap!
    • 79. Help Files
      Understanding User Levels -
      Creating a usergroup-
      Edit CMS Page -
      Custom Forms-
      Adding pages to your site -
      Help Files CMS -
      Newsletters -
      Photos Module -
      SEM Tools-
      Membership Module -
      Events Logs-
    • 80.
    • 81. Thanx for the Pics!
      All the photos used in this presentation are Creative Commons licensed and can be found here: