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RSC EM Mug 2012 11-13


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Agenda and issues discussed at the latest meeting of the group

Agenda and issues discussed at the latest meeting of the group

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  • 1. Moodle User Group Phil HardcastleGo to View > Header & Footer to November 15, 2012 | slide 1 RSCs – Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning
  • 2. Agenda 9:30 – 10:0 Coffee 10:00 – 10:15 Welcome 10:15 – 11:00 Moodle 2.3 and Private Files 11:00 – 11:20 Coffee 11:20 – 12:00 The Lesson Module in 2.2 12:00 – 12:30 Catch up - what have you been doing? 12:30 Lunch November 15, 2012 | slide 2
  • 3. Moodle 2.3 New features: – Improvement to file systems • Drag and drop, file picker improvement, icons, thumbnails, alias/shortcuts – Repository improvements • Equella supported – Course pages • Courses can show sections on individual pages • AJAX editing cleaned up • Direct editing of course element names – Assignment, Book, Quiz, SCORM and Wkshop updated. November 15, 2012 | slide 3
  • 4. Private Files New to Moodle 2.x Allows personal storage of files – could be for use in courses, but not necessarily so - learners could store files on the system also Issues: – Control of amount of files stored on the system – Moodle becomes its own repository Potential benefits – one file can be stored and linked to. Changes to this file will be replicated elsewhere (2.3) November 15, 2012 | slide 4
  • 5. Administration of Private Files The size limit for each users private files area is set by a site administrator in Settings > Site administration > Security > Site policies. If a file is uploaded into your private files area, it is possible when using it elsewhere on Moodle to select it as an alias/shortcut. This means that if you update the file in your private files area, it will automatically update elsewhere on Moodle. Issues regarding a transient tutor population – their/other courses may depend on private files. November 15, 2012 | slide 5
  • 6. Structured Lesson The Lesson activity – Allows content – text, pictures or video, to be mixed with questions and branching. – Needs planning before and testing afterwards Could be used – as a revision aid for a particular topic – as an introduction to a topic – to recap material already covered in a session Takes time to plan and set up – Only invest time and energy in a Lesson activity when it is going to be re-used November 15, 2012 | slide 6
  • 7. Lesson Module Demo from: – November 15, 2012 | slide 7
  • 8. LTI Learning Tools Interoperability The future for Moodle? – Moodle as a bridge to wider web tools – Don’t create more tools – Simplify and add external tools as needed November 15, 2012 | slide 8
  • 9. Moodle 2.2 supports LTI v1.1  LTI is a standard way to securely and seamlessly integrate an external learning application with a VLE  A user logged into Moodle can connect to, say, an external wiki or blog and be automatically authorised  The blog/wiki and account can automatically be provisioned  There is a plugin for Moodle 1.9+: basiclti4moodle9
  • 10. How does this work?  LTI is simple to use, it is just an activity in a course. As a teacher, turn on editing and add an “External Tool”  Three items are required – Launch URL – Consumer key – Consumer secret The above are supplied by the learning tool provider10
  • 11. Add External Tool11
  • 12. Privacy  LTI can send user’s role (e.g. student or teacher) and so remote tool can use this information, e.g. different privileges in WordPress12
  • 13. Some LTI enabled Tools13
  • 14. Benefits  Benefits for learners and teachers: – seamless integration of VLE and external products – empowerment of teachers  Benefit for administrators and developers: – administrative efficiencies – single integration will support any VLE  Scale Benefits  LTI Demo with Noteflight: –
  • 15. Anchors Returning in 2.4? Alternatives for avoiding the long scroll to a topic: – Collapsed topics: It allows students to collapse or expand the topics’ contents so that all the list of topics can be easily identified. – Tab course format: This is probably not good if you have 15 topics, as it creates a tab for each topic. – Grid format – but has problems – fouls up the backup system – You might consider creating your own links using hyperlinks and adding the section number by adding "#section-3" or "#section-16" etc in the URL, e.g. November 15, 2012 | slide 15
  • 16. What’s been happening? What have you been doing over the summer? November 15, 2012 | slide 16
  • 17. Next Term Next Meeting: Wed. March 6th Venue Topic suggestions: Linking to Google Docs November 15, 2012 | slide 17