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This presentation for Jisc Collections gives a review of some of the content licensed for the FE and Skills sector. Part of the "Insight into using digital media" webinar. All the resources are available at

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Insight into using digital media - Jisc Collections

  1. 1. JISC CollectionsContent for FE and Skills• June 2013• Scott Gibbens
  2. 2. Who are Jisc Collections?• JISC Collections licence and purchase resources for HE and the FE sector, to savetime and money• Our JISC Collections website has a comprehensive catalogue of the resourcesavailable to subscribe to – usually the college librarian is person who manages thisprocess.• Our resources sometimes have access restricted – usually by IP Address (so werecognise the address of the computer) or by Federated Access (sometimes knownas Shibboleth or OpenAthens)• This year we have added a number of new resources as well as some low costsubscriptions that I would like to highlight to you now
  3. 3. JISC Collections Resources for FEJISCeCollectionsEbooks for FEPrimalPicturesCommercialResources
  4. 4. Commercial Resources• These resources are not free but we havenegotiated a discount for FE• General OneFile and InfoTrac (241 collegessubscribing)– Content includes more than 7,800 full-text titles;more than 3,600 refereed journals; and hundreds ofnewspapers total of in excess of 12,500 titles in all• Britannica Online (121 colleges)• E-law Student (88 colleges) – material aimed at ALevel Law students
  5. 5. E-books for FE• 3000 titles bought – free of charge until 2014• 35 million pages viewed• Currently undertaking a procurement exercisefor more titles that will be available by theend of the summer• Looking to see if we can extend the free ofcharge access to the collection for anotheryear
  6. 6. Primal Pictures• Primal Pictures has been licensed nationally onbehalf of all FE institutions.• The resource features medically accurate 3Dimages of human anatomy, and helps teachersand learners in medical science, healthcare andsports studies, amongst others.• Free for all FE Colleges until August 2015 (centralpurchase by JISC Collections)• Over 230 colleges have registered for access,which would ordinarily cost them £1000 a year.
  7. 7. Journal Archives• Archive of over 600 journals titles in full text• Publishers: Brill, CUP, ICE, IOP, OUP, PAO, RSCand T&F• Not a rolling archive – all journals have fixed startand end dates• Can search interface of browse by A-Z• Can also link in to link resolvers if you have one.• Quick Look:
  8. 8. JISC Historic Books• 350,000 books from 1475 – 1900• Original scanned images of the books – withsearchable full text included.• Images of the books can be downloaded asPDFs – no limit on the download amount• Subscription fee to gain access to JISC JournalArchives AND JISC Historic Books. AnnualSubscription based on JISC Banding – From£104 (Band J) to £305 (Band C)
  9. 9. Questions?If you want any more information on any of theresources or anything else about JISC Collectionsresources for FE please contact me•
  10. 10. Questions?If you want any more information on any of theresources or anything else about JISC Collectionsresources for FE please contact me•