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Insight into Video Conferencing and Streaming


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One of a series of webinars delivered during the RSC-EM Insight event

One of a series of webinars delivered during the RSC-EM Insight event

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • Users can book easily and plan their session in advance, allowing them to focus on the meeting, not how to make it work
  • Key points to note: Top right search will find most things Big Book & launch Buttons Left sidebar: Booking search with lots of options (mostly for site admins) Your profile: Changes your settings/details Admin tasks not there for standard users Directories allow you to see a directory
  • Transcript

    • 1. Go to View > Header & Footer to edit June 19, 2013 | slide 1RSCs – Stimulating and supporting innovation in learningInsight intoonline video conferencing and streamingBlend IT, Mix IT, Flip IT!
    • 2. June 19, 2013 | slide 2Insight intoonline video conferencing and streamingGordon MillnerTechnical Infrastructure Advisor, Jisc RSC East MidlandsPhyllis CallinanNetwork Services Coordinator, Janet
    • 3. Using video – quick poll Who’s using video of some sort in the office?Vote yes or noJune 19, 2013 | slide 3
    • 4. Using video – quick poll Using video in the classroom?Vote yes or noJune 19, 2013 | slide 4
    • 5. Using video – quick poll Using video of some sort at home?Vote yes or noJune 19, 2013 | slide 5
    • 6. Did you know?June 19, 2013 | slide 62012 the London Olympicswas the biggest streamingevent of the year24 HD streams with100’s millions of viewsBBC iPlayer200 million contentrequests per monthAs of 11 June 2013, themost viewed video onYouTubePSYs "Gangnam Style”with over 1.6 billion views
    • 7. Using video – the world is changingIn the home,the traditional set-top boxes are goingJune 19, 2013 | slide 7
    • 8. Using video – the world is changingReplaced withmulti-room and multi-device setupsJune 19, 2013 | slide 8
    • 9. Using video – the world is changingViewing streaming media fromNetflix, Lovefilm, iTunes, Apple TV, Amazon etc.Seamless integration of live and on-demand TVeg. BBC iPlayer, 4OD, Sky Now and Sky Go, etc.June 19, 2013 | slide 9
    • 10. Using videoWe are becoming multi-tasking consumers of mediausing it for:EntertainmentEnrichment of information and knowledgeBusinessLearningJune 19, 2013 | slide 10
    • 11. Using videoAnd we’re in control of …When and how we consume this mediaAnd none more so than our current generation of studentsSo we MUST start to use video more in what we do in theworkplace and the classroomJune 19, 2013 | slide 11
    • 12. Quick Question? How many of you sit with your smartphone, tablet or laptopwhilst you watch tv / video and browse the web, checkemails, facebook etc ?Vote yes or noJune 19, 2013 | slide 12
    • 13. June 19, 2013 | slide 13So what have we got?Video Streaming’ll come back to streaming laterVideo Conferencing
    • 14. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 14A few reasons to video conference:Hold meetingsWork remotelyShrink your office spaceReduce travel and timeConduct training and classes onlineConnect with expertsCollaboration with otherorganisations and studentsAnd perhaps record those sessions to re-use them time and time again
    • 15. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 15So how big do you want to go …. Or more to thepoint how much money have you gotTelepresence Systems
    • 16. More likely the cheaper optionsJune 19, 2013 | slide 16Desktop or mobile / BYODand it’s going to get even better with 4G comingSkype FacetimeGoogle Hangouts
    • 17. A bit more professional  butmore expensiveJune 19, 2013 | slide 17
    • 18. June 19, 2013 | slide 18Rating and comparison of onlineconferencing and webinar software
    • 19. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 19So back to streaming:Creating or using contentIn-house consumption – create your own, perhapsgenerate income from your specialist areasStore it on your VLE or video server system anduse systems such as ClickViewOr take it out to the cloud insteadUser Generated Sites (UGC) – Youtube Channels, VimeoOnline Video Provider (OVP) - Brightcove
    • 20. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 20You might want to REALLY get into generating your own …again could be an income stream …..When you get time look at
    • 21. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 21So things to consider when starting to create your ownvideos and video streamingConsider the output devices: eg. Flash, Apple IOSNo of video/audio inputs and Multicamera switchingHow many streams do you want to deliver?Encoders:video format (codec eg. MPEG, H264)size (640x360, 960x540, 1280x720, 1920x1080 HD)software or hardware or cloud-based encodersLive Streaming Providers … Livestream, Ustream, Bambuser
    • 22. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 22
    • 23. Using videoJune 19, 2013 | slide 23
    • 24. VideoconferencingwithJanetVideoconferencingPhyllis Callinan Network ServicesCoordinator
    • 25. • SupportingVC since 1995 for UKeducation & research• Live support 08:00 to 21:00weekdays, 08:00 to 17:00Saturdays• Secure, web based system tobook or launch aVC with anyone,anywhere.• Feature rich service which iscontinually being enhancedJanetVideoconferencing Service
    • 26. • Remove the need to use complexremote controls in rooms• System dials out to remote sites, sousers just answer incoming call• Live telephone support means usershave more confidence• Support team can access diagnostics toeach site so can quickly help with anyissue• Web interface allows users to simplifymaking a call, even if they have neverused a particular roomWhy use JanetVideoconferencing?
    • 27. • 3 Step sequence to launch or schedule aVC• Bridging to any standards basedVC system• Desktop PC client available• Multi-partyVC capability easy to setup & manage• Telephone participant capability• Streaming• Recording• Live conference management via web interface• Ability to change venues / setup before or during the sessionFeatures of Booking Service
    • 28. • Impartial advice about VCequipment• room setups, layouts• Technical queries – firewalls,gatekeepers, connectivityissues, failed QA testsVideo Technology Advisory Service (VTAS)
    • 29. • Desktop PC client forWindows (ConferenceMe)• In use since 2008• Can be added to anysession• Desktop sharing capability• Download & self testavailable 24/7 client
    • 30. & test
    • 31. • Janet connected service• Collaboration client• Windows & Mac• Free trial download at• Can talk directly to the Janet system or any traditionalVC kitVisimeet
    • 32. • Presence• Instant messaging• Audio &/or video• Multiple participants• Connects to H.323 or SIP• Video scales up to HD*• Desktop/Application sharing innative resolution and choice offrame rates*• File sharing• Conference moderator• Free basic license available formost users* Subject to your systemcapabilitiesVisimeet Features
    • 33. Uses of JanetVC in FE• North Wales – Llandrillo Menai• Facilitated college merger• broadcasting lectures to colleges within the network, staffinterviews, open evenings (distance learning, distanceworking)• 2,000 staff; 34,000 students• Wiltshire College - multi-campus college• used a recorded videoconference to deliver a talk from aNew Zealand based engineer and entrepreneur• useVC mainly for internal meetings and occasionallyexternally; reduced travel
    • 34. Key News 21 - Page 19 - FE Colleges in Wales using JanetVC
    • 35. June 19, 2013 | slide 35Insight 2013If you want to discuss options available to you forvideo conferencing and streaming theneither contact me at the RSC or Phyllis at JanetJisc Regional Support Centres work with morethan 2,000 UK learning providers helpingthem to improve performance and efficiencythrough the use of
    • 36. June 19, 2013 | slide 36Insight 2013That’s it for this Insight webinar!If you have any questions then please contact us: 01509 618120