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Engaging learners with mobile devices


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This half day workshop event explored the use of mobile technology to engage learners in the classroom

This half day workshop event explored the use of mobile technology to engage learners in the classroom

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  • targetILT practitionersadmin, support staffanyone with an interest for working smarter and engaging in 21st century lifeSupporting document with links to tools links, YouTube video tutorials
  • Transcript

    • 1. Engaging learners with mobile devices Lyn Lall and Gordon Millner - RSC East Midlands ILT advisors
    • 2. 2 Session overview • Opportunity to explore effective use of technology to support teaching and learning  Signpost to apps for particular activities and show examples  Discuss how apps can be used to enhance teaching and learning  Opportunities to share
    • 3. 3 It’s not about the technology
    • 4. 4 Session overview and Aims
    • 5. RSC East 5 Midlands
    • 6. RSC East Midlands 6 Typical activities to engage learners Collaborate Assessment Create resources Use images/audio /video Feedback
    • 7. 7 Collaboration tools  Google docs/Office 365/iCloud  Dropbox  SkyDrive  WeVideo  Voicethread  Padlet  Titanpad
    • 8. Padlet 8
    • 9. 9 Share any top tools you are using to engage your learners Padlet or scan this QR code
    • 10. 10 Creating/editing tools  Educreations  Skitch  Showme  Explain Everything
    • 11. Educreations 11
    • 12. 12 Activity • Skitch – take an image and annotate it e.g capture a health and safety issue and explain it or • Use Educreations to take an image, annotate it and narrate over it, or e.g explain how to add fractions • Or Explain Everything
    • 13. 13 Which assessment tools are you using and how?
    • 14. 14 Portfolio tools  Pinterest  Wordpress  Evernote
    • 15. RSC East Midlands Activity Assessment and polling Mentimeter Polleverywhere Socrative InfuseLearning Nearpod 15
    • 16. RSC East Midlands Mentimeter Vote at Enter voting ID 89 51 20 or Scan this QR code 17
    • 17. RSC East Midlands Polleverywhere • • Anonymous • Can add images • M/C or free text responses Respond at 18
    • 18. 19 Assessment tools  Socrative  Nearpod  Infuselearning
    • 19. Socrative Web address Spontaneous questions e.g via PowerPoint Quizzes MC, T/F, short answer Games option Tracking Exit ticket
    • 20. Socrative Student login Or via Student app Room number to join trivia quiz: 23312
    • 21. Socrative 22
    • 22. RSC East Midlands Nearpod If you want to adapt an existing Powerpoint make sure you save it as a pdf Create presentation e.g. on PC/laptop or ipad Add video, images, weblinks, questions Finish with a non interactive slide Publish Share Download nearpod app to your iPad and launch Students download Nearpod app and enter pin number 23
    • 23. Nearpod 24
    • 24. January 29, 2014 | slide 25 Next steps Resources and links to further resources on RSC East Midlands Moodle
    • 25. Infuse learning • Only works in Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers (not Internet Explorer) • Push questions, weblinks, quizzes to students • Answer in a variety of formats • MC/True/False/free text/draw • Accessibility options »Multiple languages translation »Audio narration of questions • Can create and manage classes
    • 26. Infuse learning room ID: 38602
    • 27. Infuse learning Choose pen colour Choose pen style Add a picture Download a picture Teacher asks a question
    • 28. Infuse learning 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Draw a quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides Draw a right angled triangle and label the hypotenuse Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? The square root of 625 is 25 (True or false)? Place these words in the order they would appear in a dictionary A. B. C. D. E. Element Sausage Aardvark Earwig Fish