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Audio and video in assessment

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  • Link to JDM event on 19 Febhttp://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/training/webinarsThis event has four planned speakers  Peter Shukie will give an overview of what’s being developed at Blackburn College- http://www.blackburn.ac.uk/college-news/blackburn-college-celebrates-technology-talent/Student use - Simon Lancaster, Senior Lecturer, Chemistry, UEA will look into the use of digital media by studentsNigel Jones, Cardiff Metropolitan University will share his experiences with screencastsSimon Thomson, Leeds Met University will give an update on the sounds better project
  • the effectiveness of learning outside learning sessions through technology, reviews and tutorialshow effectively and creatively staff use resources, including accommodation, equipment and technologythe effective use of technology in assessment
  • Audit assessment within your programme. Is there parity? Is there variety? Does it all happen in a short period of time and the end of the semester?Often overlooked is: Is it stimulating? Is it progressive? Jisc Design Studiohttp://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com/w/page/12458422/Welcome%20to%20the%20Design%20Studio
  • Solihull College: Crazy talkhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUUqzmV2x-Y&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA&index=8Loughborough College: Xtranormalhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pGCpRHY-X8U&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA&index=13
  • Newcastle Universityhttp://jiscdesignstudio.pbworks.com/w/page/42428200/Student%20Produced%20Podcasts%20-%20Assessing%20the%20Pedagogy%20of%20PodcastingTyne Metropolitan case studyhttp://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/node/25819 Loughborough College Soundcloudhttps://soundcloud.com/jez-smith-loucoll
  • Photostory at Derby Collegehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDUmfN0OHyw&feature=youtu.bePhotostory at Loughboroughhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsVZZz6h20o&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA
  • Coach’s Eyehttp://www.coachseye.com/Silicon Coach Time Warphttp://www.siliconcoach.com/Products/Timewarp/#introductionSilicon Coach Livehttp://live.siliconcoach.com/Soundcloudhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQT50ZoNhJw
  • Audio feedbackhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=add3WyPb27Y&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA&index=34
  • Youtube clip:youtube in Maharahttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tthl-Bykg24
  • Improving confidence:Dancehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ8RXjCYQEA&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunAKaraokehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IfDmOg4iayE&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunAStephen Krashen’s affective filter http://www.sk.com.br/sk-krash.html Learning an second language dependent on:MotivationSelf confidenceanxiety
  • Opportunity for group workProducer – planning the whole assignmentDirector – making the creative decisions on the goEditor – cleaning up the footage to create maximum impactScript writersDocumentarian – records how the group worked together
  • Post match interviewshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xLTTw_bUJHg&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA&index=36
  • Crazy talk for presentation (William)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0duXgacnIk&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA&index=11
  • Jisc Digital Mediahttp://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/guide/getting-started-with-creating-your-own-videoEgyptvidcasthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0duXgacnIk&list=UUOJyXtr4HCykrNUbCQHUunA&index=10
  • Link to JDM event on 19 Febhttp://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/training/webinars
  • The idea is not to make all assignments use video and audioRather it should be an option that provides a greater variety of assessment


  • 1. In Brief: Video and Audio for Assessment Steve Saffhill and Lyn Lall support@rsc-em.ac.ukGo to View > Header & Footer to editwww.jiscrsc.ac.uk/eastmidlands February 6, 2013 | slide 1 RSCs – Stimulating and supporting innovation in learning
  • 2. Summary• Quality and assessment• Common issues• How we have used audio and media• Ideas• Making it work better• Putting it all together
  • 3.  Getting started with digital media for assessment 19th Feb 2013 February 6, 2013 | slide 3
  • 4. I have a microphone and am willing to talk February 6, 2013 | slide 4
  • 5. CIF Inspectors’ Handbook Learning outside classroom through technology Effective use of resources including technology Effective use of technology in assessment – “Institutions encourage assessment practice that promotes effective learning (QAA)
  • 6. Issues with assessment Assessment type February 6, 2013 | slide 6
  • 7. Use of media in Pre-course information Video assist
  • 8. What experience do you have of using audio and video for learning?a. I have used it with success in the pastb. I have used it, but it did not work as intendedc. I haven’t used it yet, but will be soond. I haven’t used it yet. February 6, 2013 | slide 8
  • 9. Simple ideas for using audio and video for assessment Podcasts Slideshows Video demonstrations Video diaries Feedback February 6, 2013 | slide 9
  • 10. Podcasts Newcastle University – History – 10-minute podcast Tyne Metropolitan College – Aiding recall of sessions through learner voice Loughborough College – Assignment advice for learners February 6, 2013 | slide 10
  • 11. Slideshows Derby College – Construction – Reflection on skills Loughborough College – Sport – Reflection of outdoor activities February 6, 2013 | slide 11
  • 12. Video demonstrations February 6, 2013 | slide 12
  • 13. Feedback Speed up the process – Enhance learning February 6, 2013 | slide 13
  • 14. Sources of reference information NotAllowed allowed
  • 15. Youtube as a source of information Assignments managed through e-portfolio February 6, 2013 | slide 15
  • 16. Krashen’s affective filter Learning a second language dependent on: – Motivation – Self confidence – Anxiety
  • 17. Opportunity for group work Producer Director Editor Script writers Documentarian
  • 18. Assessment ideas 2.0 Podcasts and vidcastsor Journalism Radio show Newscast Storytelling Advertisement Documentary
  • 19. Learner’s video Help the disengaged learner Fun tools February 6, 2013 | slide 19
  • 20. So what do you need?
  • 21. Tools Soundcloud Audacity Youtube Podomatic Switchpod Garageband Explain everything
  • 22.  Getting started with digital media for assessment 19th Feb 2013 February 6, 2013 | slide 22
  • 23. Variety is the spice of life steve.saffhill@rsc-em.ac.uk http://bit.ly/rscem-inbrief http://www.jiscdigitalmedia.ac.uk/