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EAM2BCE Case Study Template

  1. 1. Extending Access Management The purpose of this exercise is to describe one significant group of resource users (at your institution, or of your resource) who fall outside of the ‘simple’ categories of ‘staff’ or ‘student’, and work out the business, licensing and technical issues to be solved to include this user group in a consistent Identity & Access Management infrastructure. Background What is the situation or activity that involves this group with your organisation? (please provide as much detail as you can) Is there an organisational business case for this activity? (can it be quantified by income, turnover or other non-financial benefits?) Who is responsible for registering individuals as members of this group? (organisational role/job-title will do) How are people registered/enrolled in this group? EAM2BCE Case Study template Nov-2010 p1 of 4
  2. 2. Is any kind of IT system used to list current participants? (please describe it if possible) How long is an individual typically involved in this activity? How are people removed from the group (or access revoked) when they stop participating? How many individuals are typically involved in this activity at any time? (or during a year) Do participants have (or need) use of your organisation’s IT network? How is this provided? Do participants have (or need) access to the Internet via your network? How is this provided? (e.g. via normal JANET connection) What non-public online resources does the group need to access? (even if this access is not possible at present) EAM2BCE Case Study template Nov-2010 p2 of 4
  3. 3. How do resource licences cover use by the group? (or how should they be extended to allow it) What ad-hoc methods are used now to provide resource access? (e.g. shared username/password, temporary registration as students, access only from specified workstations) Is there any other information about this group / activity that may be relevant to Identity & Access Management for them? ( - what questions have we forgotten to ask!) EAM2BCE Case Study template Nov-2010 p3 of 4
  4. 4. All information provided will be kept secure and anonymous unless you are willing to allow publication and/or identification. I consent to the information I have provided being used for case studies to be published by JISC and/or CILIP:_____ (please enter YES or NO) I am happy for my organisation to be identified in any publication based on this case study: _____ (please enter YES or NO) I am happy to be credited personally as the contributing author in any publication based on this case study: _____ (please enter YES or NO) Name: ____________________________________________ Email: ____________________________________________ Organisation: ______________________________________ Signature: _________________________________________ Questions? Comments? Email: JISC-identity-management@JISCmail.ac.uk Thank you very much for your participation. John Paschoud John@Paschoud.org EAM2BCE Case Study template Nov-2010 p4 of 4