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The Future of Research: Reputation
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The Future of Research: Reputation


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Presented by Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow at the JISC Future of Research conference, 19th October 2010

Presented by Professor Dame Julia Goodfellow at the JISC Future of Research conference, 19th October 2010

Published in: Education

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  • 1. Future of Research: Reputation
    Professor Dame Julia M Goodfellow
    University of Kent
  • 2. Nobel prizes - sets international reputation
    Robert Edwards for IVF
    Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov, University of Manchester for Graphene
    Christopher Pissarides (LSE) for economics
    Page 2
    Future of Research
  • 3. Reputation of the UK research base – being part of a strong sector
    4% of OECD gross expenditure in R & D produces 14.4% of the most cited papers
    Leading OECD country on citations per gross domestic product and per researcher
    Research contract income to HE from business nearly doubled between 2001- 2006
    PhD awards per million population are increasing in the UK and are second only to Germany
    Page 3
    Future of Research
  • 4. Strengthof UK research base:
    Health and medically related
    Social science
    Page 4
    Future of Research
  • 5. Institution and discipline level
    Research Assessment Exercise –
    Alone and as part of a more general league table
    Important for institution - Kent (24th or 30th in UK)and for individual discipline – History second in UK; Law 5th in UK etc….
    Making sure that you include all the relevant data
    International League tables
    Malcolm Grant (UCL) has highlighted some of the arbitrary nature of rankings
    UK has four in top 10
    Warwick not in top 200 in one table
    Page 5
    Future of Research
  • 6. Reputation of UK research base
    Strong reputation
    Strong on evidence
    Efficient and not complacent
    But ............ the world is changing
    Page 6
    Future of Research
  • 7. The Future – the international challenge
    Future of Research
    Page 7
    China has increased its research output four-fold over ten years overtaking all but USA. India and Brazil have both doubled their output.
  • 8. The national challenge
    After ten years of growth in public sector investment in research base (both in HEIs and research institutes), we are below OECD average.
    We are expecting cuts when most other developed countries are still investing.
    How will this affect our reputation?
    Page 8
    Future of Research
  • 9. Technological and social challenges
    Technology is changing fast – can we afford to invest? Can we afford not to ?
    Research data management – clearly important for our current researchers but also on potential researchers and potential partners
    Social challenges require interdisciplinary solutions across sciences, humanities and social science - can we afford to keep a broad research base?
    Page 9
    Future of Research
  • 10. People – secure our reputation
    Our students well respected for their training
    Country of choice for training of non-UK
    UK trained students able to go worldwide
    Maintenance of this base is essential for the future
    Page 10
    Future of Research
  • 11. Partnerships – Will we be partner of choice?Do we have the right support mechanisms for collaborative research?Do we use European initiatives enough?
    Page 11
    Future of Research
  • 12. Effectiveness – we will have to continue to be efficient in our use of resources; good track record in sharing Communication - we will need to communicate our successes much more if we are to maintain our world wide reputation. Use of modern technology will be essential.
    Page 12
    Future of Research
  • 13. Future imperatives
    People - strong in producing skilled, competent and able researchers
    Partnerships - strong links between quality of research and collaborations
    Page 13
    Future of Research