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Internet2 Fall MM 2007 - Jane Charlton
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Internet2 Fall MM 2007 - Jane Charlton


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A presentation given by Jane Charlton of JISC at the International Task Force Meeting at Internet2 Fall member Meeting 2007.

A presentation given by Jane Charlton of JISC at the International Task Force Meeting at Internet2 Fall member Meeting 2007.

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • I work for JISC, one of the two organisations that is funding the UK Access Management Federation.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Joint Information Systems Committee Supporting education and research International Task Force Meeting Internet2 meeting, 8 October 2007, San Diego Jane Charlton, JISC
    • 2. Inter-federation policy: enabling collaboration Jane Charlton Access Management Outreach Co-ordinator, JISC
    • 3. JISC
      • Provides world-class leadership in the innovative use of ICT to support education and research
      • Funded by UK further and higher education funding councils to provide:
      • National services (network, content, advisory)
      • R&D programmes and projects
      • Themes: network, content, e-learning, e-research, access management , information environment, e-admin, business & community engagement
    • 4. What is an access management federation?
      • A group of organisations that sign up to an agreed set of policies for exchanging information about users to enable access and use of resources and services.
      • Trust relationship between identity providers and service providers, devolving authentication to the user’s home institution.
      • Authorisation – secure exchange of information through the use of attributes.
    • 5.  
    • 6. The UK Access Management Federation
      • Launched November 2006
      • Jointly funded by JISC and Becta
      • Hosted by JANET (UK)
        • Schools, FE, HE and Research
        • Organisations and institutions providing services to these sectors
      • Policy Board and Technical Advisory Group
    • 7. Supporting the transition
      • Becta – schools sector
      • JISC – further and higher education
      • JISC 2 year transition programme
      • Access Management Outreach Team
        • Further and higher education
        • Service providers (eg. publishers)
        • National and international organisations
    • 8. Supporting the transition
      • From Athens legacy system (centralised system) to federated access management (devolved system)
      • More choice and flexibility
        • 3 rd party providers
        • Open source or commercial
      • Security
      • Institutional readiness
    • 9.  
    • 10. UK Access Management Federation
      • Find out more about the UK Access Management Federation
      • Internet2 meeting, Sunset room
      • Tuesday 9 October, 1.15 – 2.30pm
      • Nicole Harris ( and Mark Tysom (
    • 11. International Task Force Meeting Enabling collaboration: Current issues and International work
    • 12.  
    • 13. The International scene
      • Federations in operation: Croatia, Finland, France, Norway, Switzerland, UK, USA
      • Federations in development or testing: Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Sweden
      • This number likely to grow…
      • All except Norway, Netherlands, New Zealand and Spain are Shibboleth-enabled (interoperate with Shibboleth)
    • 14. Drivers for inter-federation policy
      • Service Providers currently required to join each federation because of licensing laws
        • Time consuming: differences in legislation and federation set-up
        • Not scaleable
    • 15. Drivers for inter-federation policy
      • Collaboration and shared access to institutional resources
        • Research
        • Institutional repositories
        • Learning environments
    • 16. Knowledge Exchange
      • Partnership between Denmark (DEFF), Germany (DFG), Netherlands (SURF) and UK (JISC)
      • Content working group
        • International licensing agreement funding 4 publishers
      • Access Management working group
        • JISC study on federation policy agreements
    • 17. Terena
      • Terena (Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association)
      • A forum to collaborate, innovate and share knowledge in order to foster the development of Internet technology, infrastructure and services to be used by the research and education community.
    • 18. Terena: 1 st International Confederation Workshop
      • Define inter-federation models
      • Identify and co-ordinate use cases of major research projects that would benefit from inter-federation connections
      • Legal aspects - JISC study on federation policy agreements
      • Attributes, levels of assurance
      • Watching brief: eGovernment, OpenId, CardSpace
    • 19. International Task Force Meeting JISC study: Feasibility of a cross-jurisdiction Common Access Management Federation Agreement
    • 20. JISC study on federation policy
      • Follows on from earlier study on International aspects of federated access management
      • JISC Legal
      • Project acronym
        • JISC Legal FACT (Feasibility of a Common Template)
    • 21. JISC study on federation policy
      • Led by Mahesh Madhavan, Legal Information Specialist
        • Master of Laws, Australia
        • e-Repositories, e-collections, service agreements & templates
      • Managed by Jason Campbell, Service Manager
        • European and contract law
      • Supported by 2 other Legal Info Specialists, Research Assistant and Senior Librarian
    • 22. JISC study on federation policy
      • Aims:
        • To identify common elements between federation policies and agreements and
        • To determine the feasibility of creating a template agreement to make it easier for publishers and service providers wishing to join multiple federations.
    • 23. JISC study on federation policy
      • Intended outcomes:
        • If feasible, to allow the development of a template agreement for use across multiple access management federations and ultimately:
          • To encourage more publishers and service providers joining federations
          • To make access to online resources easier for users through publishers joining federations
          • To enable inter-federation collaboration and exchange of information
    • 24. JISC study on federation policy
      • Objectives:
        • Analyse 9 countries’ federation policy agreements and legal documentation including: the Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden), France, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, USA
        • Identify commonalities between federation policies and agreements
        • Evaluate whether a common template is possible and consider if it could be used in peering federations or confederations
        • Consider how a template could be updated and adapted as legislation changes and new technologies emerge
    • 25. JISC study on federation policy
      • Policy differences in:
        • Rules and regulations of membership
        • Legal requirements
          • Data protection, privacy, IPR, liability
          • EU and US law
        • Fees for joining
          • No fee (Switzerland, UK and France)
          • Full fee (Norway and US)
          • Subsidised by government (Finland)
    • 26. Countries involved in the study
      • Six operational federations:
        • Finland, France, Norway, Switzerland, UK, US
      • Three in test/development:
        • Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands
      • “ Kalmar Union” confederation: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
      • Norway and Switzerland – earliest federations
      • UK – potentially one of the largest federations
      • The Netherlands and US have other national federations
    • 27. JISC study on federation policy
      • Stakeholders include:
        • federation staff
        • publishers and other service providers
        • relevant international organisations eg. Terena
        • Institutional staff from two JISC projects
      • Outputs will include:
        • Website:
        • final report
    • 28. JISC study on federation policy
      • Timescales:
        • August: project plan and website in place
        • September: survey of federation agreements
        • October: analysis of common elements, frameworks and mechanisms for updating
        • November: draft report available
        • January: final report published
    • 29. JISC study on federation policy
      • Further information
      • Website
      • Blog
      • Email list
    • 30. International Task Force Meeting Defining inter-federation models
    • 31. Inter-federation models
    • 32. Inter-federation model: Peering UK Federation Swiss Federation Bi-lateral policy agreement
    • 33. Inter-federation model: Confederation UK Federation Norwegian Federation French Federation US Federation Swiss Federation Multi-lateral policy agreement
    • 34. Inter-federation model: Leverage Smaller Federation
    • 35. International Task Force Meeting Identifying inter-federation use cases
    • 36. Use case: Potential for cross-federation collaboration
      • Proposal for a small scale inter-federation demonstrator that will enable collaboration on a research project between UK and Australia
      • Focus on practical issues of peering federations
        • Series of use cases for researchers
        • Exchange of data between the two federations
      • More information: James Farnhill, JISC ( Patty McMillian, AAF (
    • 37. Why explore federation peering model?
      • Many federations still being set-up and uptake of membership is currently slow, therefore global confederation model unlikely in next 3 – 5 years
      • Easier to establish than confederation
      • Testing ground for confederations, particularly for establishing use cases
    • 38. Inter-federation policy: enabling collaboration
      • Thank you for listening – any questions?
      • Jane Charlton, JISC
      • [email_address]
    • 39. What is an attribute?
      • Identity information about a user
      • eduPersonScopedAffiliation ( – user’s relationship with institution
      • eduPersonTargetedID (r001xf4rg2ss) – persistent psuedonym for personalisation
      • eduPersonPrincipalName (charltonjl) – mostly used for internal services
      • eduPersonEntitlement (Universal Resource Identifier) – restrict access to specific groups