Federated Futures (Nicole Harris)

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Federated Access: Future Directions Day, 30 Jule 2008, Birmingham

Federated Access: Future Directions Day, 30 Jule 2008, Birmingham

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  • 1. Looking Back
    • "What did we fail to account for in the design of the Internet? As the CTO of Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC), I would be expected to say security. It’s not. Frankly, if security had been built into the fabric of the Internet it would have curtailed its rapid growth and many of the conveniences we enjoy today. Instead, I would have factored in identity." 
    • Mark Bregman, CTO Symantec Corp.  
  • 2. Looking Forward
    • "Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements continue to propel growth in the market for identity management software. Governments worldwide are enacting regulations that protect information for safeguarding privacy. Helped along by positive trends, the market is projected to reach $4.9 billion in 2012." 
    • Global Industry Analysts. 
  • 3.
    • Identity 2.0 is Web 2.0
  • 4. Right Now
    • As more and more of our business and personal lives move on-line, the need for not only identity, but identity that is assured and attested to becomes more and more valuable (especially as the value of the interaction rises). Most "identity thinkers" have argued for "trusted identity providers" -- or entities that can attest to that assured identity - much like companies like VISA attest to your ability to pay.
    • The problem has always been: who will BE that trusted identity provider?
    • Eric Nolan
  • 5. Influencers?
    • The word identity does NOT appear in the Innovation Nation paper from DIUS.
    • Harnessing Technology: only mentions need a shared platform for identity information for children (MIAP, ULN).
    • NOT high on the list of concerns published by UCISA.
    • New JISC Strategy??
  • 6. Funding and Rules
    • Capital Funding: 2008 – 2011
    • Approximately £2.5 million
    • No Access Management Team
    • Large chunks of funding
  • 7. Proposed Areas
    • AIM1: Embedding Federated Access
    • AIM2: Institutional Processes and Support
    • AIM3: International Developments
    • AIM4: Domain Integration and Requirements
    • AIM5: Supporting Studies and Tools
    • AIM6: User-Centric Identity
    • AIM7: Cross-Sector and Cultural Identity